Celebrities, movie stars, athletes, business persons, and politicians have had their struggles with alcoholism and drug abuse. Here we take a look at sober celebrities and actors who are sober in 2023 and how famous sober people have fought for decades to abstain from alcohol for good.

Sober Celebrities In Recovery

In the entertainment industry, there are numerous sober celebrities. Actors who have been affected by addiction in the past and are currently sober understand that sickness doesn’t make exemptions. It is neither discriminating nor choosing the wealthy and famous. And, like many Americans, many talented actors and athletes are in recovery and leading happy, productive, and healthy lives.

Let’s examine a few prominent sober celebrities before and after alcoholism in 2023 who have offered their voices of hope to motivate others on the path to recovery.

Brad Pitt

In a recent conversation with The New York Times, Brad Pitt disclosed that he regularly attends 12-Step meetings as part of his rehabilitation program.

He further mentioned that he had gone as far as he could with the situation, so he revoked his drinking privileges. It was quite liberating for him to expose his darkest parts, he said. That has a great deal of value for him.

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps, the swimmer with the most Olympic gold medals ever, sought addiction rehabilitation programs in 2014 following his second DUI conviction. After receiving treatment, he returned to the pool and went on to win five gold medals in the Summer Olympics of 2016 in Rio. He told NBC News: that he honestly felt like he didn’t wish to see another day at one moment. He initiated a downward spiral for himself. He believed that was a sign more than anything else. That I needed to gain control of whatever it was. He checked himself into therapy because he believed he had reached a moment in his life when a change was necessary.

Jaime Lee Curtis

Jaime Lee Curtis, the legendary “Scream Queen” who has been sober for twenty years, is an ardent advocate for recovery.

She once said that her recovery from substance abuse is the greatest achievement of her life, as it ended the cycle of addiction in her family.  Getting sober was the most courageous thing she has ever done and will ever do. It was never running a 5K but struggling with addiction. Having the fortitude to acknowledge it personally with my family. Working extremely hard to strengthen it, gaining support around it, and being in good health. And then discussing it openly. This is the biggest accomplishment of her entire life, she mentioned.

Samuel L. Jackson

Jackson has already been sober for nearly twenty-five years. He discussed the impact of his therapy and recovery on his career and as a result of his time in recovery, he gained insight into character creation. I realized that producing full people requires understanding our origins, how we can make mistakes, and how we overcome obstacles to become stronger.

Bradley Cooper

At age 29, Academy award-winning actor and director Bradley Cooper sought therapy for drug and alcohol addiction. He explained to ABC News how his recuperation has altered his life and that there is no way he would be sitting there if he hadn’t gotten sober. If he hadn’t modified his life, he would not have had the access to himself or other people, or have been able to take in other people. He would have never been capable to get into a relationship, he further said.

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe has been involved in recovery for twenty-five years. He has been transparent about his alcoholism and his recovery, and he is actively involved in the sober culture. Lowe stated the following in his 2015 commencement address for the Spirit of Sobriety Award that being in recovery has provided him with just about everything of significance in his life. Integrity, openness, courage, a connection with God, faith, and most importantly, appreciation. It has provided him with a wonderful family and an incredible career. He has no delusions about where he would be without the gift of alcoholism and the opportunity to rehabilitate.


Since an overdose in 2007, Marshall Mathers, famously known as Eminem, started his rehabilitation journey. In 2010, he published Recovery, an album motivated by his sobriety. He said that he feels stronger and better than ever before, and nothing can stop him. This is the album’s undertone. He believes that by releasing a record like this, he can show people that no matter how bad things become, they will get better.

Keith Urban

Since entering treatment for the third time in 2006, country music artist Keith Urban has been sober. He opened up about his journey saying that e  was one of those individuals who lived in the past or the future but never in the present. He was never truly present. But now since he has so much to be grateful for in the present, he is enjoying being in the now.

Michael Perry

Before 2001, Friends star Matthew Perry struggled with alcoholism and opiate addiction. He has fought for recovery support programs, given his Malibu house to a sober living program, and spoken before the U.S. Congress on enlarging Drug Courts and treatment facilities for veterans. When he talked about his journey he said that he had a severe problem with alcohol and medications, and he could not quit. Eventually, the situation got so severe that he could no longer conceal it, and suddenly everyone knew. Interestingly, the reason he can now be so helpful to others is that he had made so many mistakes. It’s great for others to observe that a person who once suffered in life no longer does so.

Robert Downey Jr.

Ironman Robert Downey Jr. was a shining star in the 1980s, though, by the 1990s, many believed that his alcoholism and drug addiction had ended his career. Then he discovered recovery. Today, he is sixteen years sober and the world’s third-highest-paid actor. He opened up about his struggles saying that the last time he was in a particular position, he said, ‘You know what? I believe I cannot continue doing this. And he sought assistance and ran with it.

Is Jack Harlow Sober

Jack Harlow no longer has a place in his schedule for hangovers. As per his new Rolling Stone headline story, 24-year-old Harlow quit drinking a year ago and remains sober to this day. He revealed to a magazine he was sick of having to wake up with a dry throat, feeling nauseated and blotted, and making poor decisions when under its effect. He added that he was currently operating as a well-oiled machine. Since he can see his life clearly before him. And he believes that so many people outside of himself depend on him.

This is not the first time he has discussed his new clean lifestyle in public. Back in August 2021, he announced on Instagram his decision to stop drinking and the reasons why it may be a permanent decision. He said that he had not consumed any alcohol in 2021. He stated that the remainder of the year would be spent without it. Perhaps he’ll never drink again. He said that his preferred vice was drinking, but if he has learned anything this year, it is that he no longer needs it.

Jessica Simpson Sobriety

Jessica Simpson disclosed to Entrepreneur, a media outlet, the reason behind her decision to stop drinking. She said that she had lost the ability to hear the voice she trusted the most, and she was lost without her.

Since November 2017, the actor has already been sober, and she just finally opened up about her recovery process.

Jessica Simpson began the majority of her days in 2017 by drinking vodka and flavored Perrier from a glittering tumbler. She would then drive her children to school. The problem culminated on Halloween of that year when she celebrated a bit too much and forgot to dress her children for the evening. That was her defining moment; she realized she had to quit.

Simpson elaborated on this insight in her upcoming memoir, Open Book, in which she describes how ashamed she felt about the Halloween incident, particularly about her children. She was frightened of having them see me in that condition, she wrote, according to a People excerpt. Therefore, she took an Ambien (a sleeping drug) to try to sleep that night and remained in her cave till they left for school the following morning.

Is Miley Cyrus Sober

It is a well-held concept that relapse can be a component of recovery for many people battling addiction, so even knowing this does not always make relapsing less embarrassing. This is why Miley Cyrus’ recent decision to reveal her epidemic relapse is so crucial. The artist, who launched her seventh album, Plastic Hearts, discussed overcoming addiction in an interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music.

Cyrus stated that she slipped off and discovered that she is now back on sobriety, 2 weeks sober, and she feels like she has accepted that moment. One of the sayings she has used is, ‘Don’t get furious, get curious. So instead of being angry with yourself, ask yourself what went wrong. 

Cyrus was sober for 6 months as of June, and she stated in her Apple Music talk that she is now sober for two weeks. Anyone who has struggled with alcoholism will be able to relate to the difficulties of “getting back on the wagon” after a relapse; however, perhaps a portion of this difficulty stems from the deeply established cultural expectation that anyone in an active period of addiction is “evil” or inferior.

Is Will Smith Sober

Smith refrained from drinking his route to becoming a major Hollywood actor. In his Facebook Watch series, Will Smith’s Bucket List, he discussed his ascent to popularity while preparing to run a marathon.

He didn’t drink for nearly a decade. During his climb to fame as a movie star, he was “very disciplined.”

He said that he was willing to die to become the biggest film star in the world, and nothing else was more important.

Is Post Malone Sober

Post Malone disclosed that he fought alcoholism with the assistance of his fiancée.

During an interview on The Howard Stern Show, the King of All Media inquired as to the sobriety of the “Sunflower” vocalist.

Malone stated that while he isn’t sober, he’s “responsible now” after a hard spell in which he “couldn’t get up off the floor for weeks” and consumed screwdrivers recklessly. He stated that he did not receive standardized treatment for alcoholism, depending instead on his home-based support system.

He further mentioned that he never received any professional assistance with it; he just have incredibly beautiful folks around him, and he met an incredibly beautiful lady who made me feel human again. Though he never mentions his fiancée by name (and he never has), he exclaimed that she saved his life and it is quite epic.

Eva Mendes Sobriety

Eva Mendes had a roller coaster struggles with alcoholism. In 2008, Eva Mendes made headlines when she entered a drug and alcoholism detox and rehabilitation program, which was considered a huge surprise by the majority of the public. Mendes attended Cirque Lodge in Utah for a suspected alcohol problem, which was startling to her fans and those close to her due to her lack of previous addiction issues or legal issues. 

While Mendes was in rehab, her representative released a statement that Eva has worked tirelessly over the past year and decided to consider taking some much-needed time off to identify and respond to some personal problems that, while not life-threatening, she felt required outside professional support. To date, there have been speculations that Eva has relapsed many times and it is unsure whether she is sober at present or not.