The world has noticed a steep rise in the prevalence of mental health and addiction issues during the past decade. The United States has unfortunately been the worst country to get affected by these issues with millions of individuals going down with one or more of these problems. Luckily, help is readily available in the form of thousands of rehab centers across the country offering exclusive treatment programs. Among these options, it can particularly get difficult to choose which one to attend for mental health support and help.

Finding the Best Rehab Centers in the US

Whether you require inpatient addiction treatment, an outpatient mental health program, or a safe detoxification experience, it is possible to find multiple rehab centers offering services tailored to your individual needs. However, choosing the one with credible programs, trained staff members, and high authenticity can be a challenge, especially for people who are seeking treatment for the first time. This article provides a list of the top ten rehab centers in the US based on the core components that make up effective and high-quality rehab programs for mental health and addictions.

Banyan Treatment Centers

The Banyan Treatment Centers offer 24-hour residential and outpatient programs to provide positive mental health and support addiction recovery. Clients can opt for both short- and long-term treatment plans and aim to achieve sobriety with the help of an extremely experienced and equally supportive staff team. With a modern interior and an upbeat vibe combined with plenty of luxurious amenities, clients can easily feel like they are at home in an environment with tranquility at its finest.

All clients who choose to join Banyan Treatment Centers get treatment in a 2-story luxurious building located in Boca Raton, Florida. This 54-bedded facility is located 48 miles north of Miami and 27 miles South of West Palm making it convenient for people coming from either direction of I-95. The facility has been up and working since 2017 and has managed to help several celebrities achieve sound mental health and sobriety. This network of treatment centers is spread across Palm Springs, California, and Chicago in addition to Florida to cater to as many individuals as possible without forcing them to travel hundreds of miles away from home. The Banyan Treatment Centers are also accredited by the AHCA, one of the many reasons why it can be a top priority for people seeking addiction help.

Malibu Detox and Residential Treatment Center

As a network of three dynamic recovery centers, Malibu Detox and Residential Treatment Center have three fully functional rehabs on the ridgelines of the highest peaks in the Santa Monica Mountains. Each of these facilities provides unparalleled confidentiality and privacy and a chance to enjoy breathtaking mountain and ocean views while receiving top-of-the-line treatment. All three facilities are spread over acres to provide anonymity, comfort, and safety to all residents as they embark on the journey of addiction or mental health recovery.

All treatment programs at Malibu Detox and Residential Treatment Center are evidence-based and include multiple residential and outpatient options to fit the needs of each client in the best way possible. The rehabs are accredited by the Joint Commission and willing to work with health insurance providers including those covered by the Affordable Care Act to make the treatment more affordable and cost-friendly for everyone.

Journey Pure

With a high success rate of 84% across three different states, including Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida, Journey Pure runs a total of six rehab centers and 12 clinics to cater to as many people in a mental health crisis as possible. The rehab attributes Suboxone as the magical elixir responsible for its high success rate and has success stories from more than 6,000 people to back their claims of quality treatment and comfortable experience.

Each resident of Journey Pure is given access to the accountability app to track their progressions and record them for others to see. The rustic vibes given by the facility reach out to the surrounding wilderness and allow all residents to seek treatment in peace while distancing themselves from negative influences. Journey Pure is in-network with multiple insurance providers to make the treatment programs accessible to the majority. It also holds a CARF Gold Seal which makes it among the top 20% of the finest rehabs in the United States.

Landmark Recovery

Landmark Recovery has spread to different locations across the United States and has a wide array of staff members who are experts at preventing overdoses in their residents. Established in 2016, Landmark Recovery aims to extend individualized health recovery care with the help of psychologists, counselors, and other healthcare personnel with talent in holistic healing and 12-step activities. It offers different forms of payment, including insurance, cash, credit, direct deposits, and financing to entertain its clients as conveniently as possible. With accreditations from the Joint Commission and LegitScript, it can be a good option to seek help for an ongoing mental health issue.

Alo House Recovery

Alo House Recovery has a compassionate and dedicated team of staff members that takes a safe and effective approach to their treatment formula by helping all residents build life skills through simple activities like music, art, meditation, and yoga. This Joint Commission-accredited rehab has been going strong for more than 75 years and has tons of testimonials from its happy clients that prove the high success rate of their therapies and 12-step philosophies. Alo House Recovery is particularly famous for providing care to celebrities such as Aaron Carter who stayed in this 74-bed facility and successfully beat his addiction. For clients who cannot visit the rehab in person every time, the rehab provides remote consultations through FaceTime and Skype to facilitate them conveniently.

Promises Austin

Promises Austin specializes in substance abuse treatment and mental health. Previously known as Spirits Lodge, it was acquired by Elements Behavioral Health in 2012 after which it was renamed. The rehab treatment center exclusively provides residential services to patients older than 25 years who suffer from substance abuse disorders or mental health issues. Located in Spicewood Texas, just outside of Austin, the rehab occupies a space of nine acres to provide residents with a sense of privacy and openness. The rehab adopts a 3-step approach for the treatment of each patient which includes holistic, psychological, and psychotherapeutic elements.

All services at Promises Austin are tailored to meet the specific needs of each patient. Every program at this rehab is well-structured and each day is utilized in the best possible way through predetermined schedules. There is a specific time to wake up, have breakfast or lunch, study, use electronic devices, have group discussions, and do multiple other activities. What includes Promises Austin among the top ten rehab centers in the United States is the fact that it only entertains up to 24 clients at a time. This limited client-to-staff ratio makes personalization and one-to-one care possible. Clients have the choice to choose between shared rooms and private accommodations while enjoying a family-like setting in common spaces. The kitchen staff at the rehab is considerate and available to take into account any specific dietary restrictions of all residents during meal preparation. Promises Austin has been accredited by the Joint Commission, LegitScript, and SAMSHA, adding bonus points to its credibility.

Sunflower Wellness Retreat

Sunflower Wellness Retreat is a small wellness center with private rooms for up to 20 patients at a time. It offers an initial treatment setting for people wishing to seek inpatient and outpatient services for their substance abuse disorder and co-occurring mental health illnesses. Located just outside Kansas City, it offers the best place to recover in tranquility, peace, and freedom from the distractions of city life. With a 12-acre of private land, residents can freely engage in treatment for opiate addiction, alcohol abuse, substance abuse, and cognitive-behavioral interventions with the best treatment team and no crowd. The rehab accepts insurance and offers a self-pay option to those without insurance benefits.

Recovery Unplugged

Recovery Unplugged is located in Austin Texas and offers mental health treatment with a unique twist in its rehabilitation approach. It uses music as the base of its treatment approach for patients with addiction and associated issues. The rehab has a quiet and peaceful atmosphere with medical staff available to every patient around the clock. Recovery Unplugged believes that each patient can use music to remove the barriers preventing them from overcoming their substance use addictions. The recovery process at this rehab is quicker, generally lasting for seven days. Recovery Unplugged also takes pride in its state-of-the-art facilities, such as acoustic guitars, vibration rooms, walking trails, full-sized beds, and delicious food menus to make their clients’ experiences pleasant and memorable.

Ambrosia Treatment Center

With more than ten thousand success stories backing up its credibility, Ambrosia Treatment Center is undoubtedly deserving of a place in the top ten rehab centers in the US. The rehab specializes in rehabilitation, detoxification, and advanced therapies to help patients get their life back together. All treatment programs offered here are covered by insurance and have a general rating of 4.9 out of 5 on different websites. At Ambrosia, experts utilize other methods combined with the 12-step model and complementary holistic therapies. At this facility, clients have access to multiple licensed and registered professionals. With a staff-to-client ratio of 3:1, the rehab only accommodates up to 36 residents at a time. Apart from the regular treatment programs, it also provides several recreational facilities, such as swimming pools, fitness centers, large standard rooms with TVs, and comfortable rooms.

Hazelden Betty Ford Treatment Center

Betty Ford Treatment Center specializes in the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction, psychiatric services, opiate detox, and virtual services. The foundation was established decades ago in 1982 by the combined efforts of three co-founders, including the former First Lady to the U.S. Betty Ford.  In 2014, the rehab merged with Hazelden to form Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation which allowed it to acquire a spot in the leading non-profit foundations in the United States. Currently operating from 17 different locations in the US, it caters to adults, adolescents, and young children. All professional facilities of the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation are accredited by the Joint Commission with licensed staff members having expertise in different disciplines of mental health treatment.


How long will I need to stay in rehab in US?

Most individuals requiring mental health treatment needs to be in rehabilitation for at least three months. However, there is no way to fix a timeline for treatment for everyone as different people have different intensities of issues and personal circumstances. A good rehab center typically assesses all these factors before determining the most appropriate time a client needs to spend in a rehab

Does insurance cover addiction treatment in the US?

Yes, most rehab centers in the United States are in-network with multiple insurance providers, such as Cigna, Aetna, Humana, United HealthCare, TRISTAR, and more. Some of them also accept Medicare and Medicaid. The best way to confirm if rehab will accept your insurance is by calling them directly.

What is the visitation policy in rehabs?

Each rehab has a different visitation policy. While some of them allow and encourage the family members to visit their loved ones in recovery, others may prohibit these visits due to concerns related to COVID-19. Some rehabs offer virtual visitations for their clients to connect with their families through online video platforms.