AToN is an exclusive addiction rehabilitation center working closely with addicts to transform their lives. Established in 2009, the facility combines holistic and medical services with top-of-the-line care and delivers this amalgam to clients in a tranquil and homely environment. Patricia and Jim Brady founded the rehab as a memorial to Jim’s late brother, who succumbed to the complications of alcohol addiction. The purpose of establishing AToN was to provide a sanctuary to people fighting similar battles.

Throughout its history, the AToN treatment center has dedicated itself to forming a highly private and individualized experience for those requiring addiction help. The goal is to set up a treatment center as transformative for its clients as it has been for the founders.

AToN Center San Diego: A Tour of the Facility

AToN Center currently comprises five homes situated on a secluded residential street. With a vast 10-acre campus, it has multiple pathways connecting all the homes while ensuring tranquility and privacy at the same time. The rehab is nestled between the upscale neighborhood of Rancho Santa Fe and the Pacific Ocean. It offers expansive and refreshing gardens along with multiple decks that clients can use to enjoy the beautiful views of the nearby coast and the mountains.

Other key highlights of the AToN treatment center include:

  • Fire pits
  • Fountains
  • Dry sauna
  • Saltwater pool
  • Sand volley court
  • Peloton bikes
  • Onsite gym
  • Tennis court
  • Multi-jet outdoor shower
  • Cabana
  • Multi-hole putting green

Being small by design is a crucial feature of the AToN center that places it on the list of top-rated rehabs. It provides an ideal getaway for people seeking exclusive treatment in peace and privacy. With a total capacity of only 30 clients at a time (up to 6 in each home) and the availability of private suites, it becomes even easier to maintain discretion throughout the treatment. Lastly, each client is offered organic cuisine specially prepared by gourmet chefs and highly comfortable accommodations.

AToN Rehab Programs

At the moment, the AToN center offers the following programs to its clients:

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment at AToN requires clients to stay onsite for at least 30 days. Once they begin this program, they are first taken through a detox process that helps them flush out the traces of drugs and alcohol from the body. Clients can officially begin their recovery journey through a multidimensional approach after detox. During a typical residential addiction treatment program, a client may be asked to:

  • Participate in physical exercise
  • Attend counseling sessions
  • Join group therapies or support groups
  • Attend sessions that help them build coping skills to resist cravings


A comfortable detox is integral for successful treatment. All new admissions to AToN are screened in advance to assess their need for a detox process through the intake staff and other professionals. Once a client enters the process, the team monitors them 24/7 to ensure maximum comfort and safety. During the first 36 hours, the supervision is very tight. After this, each client is observed every 30 minutes until the end of the detox. The 3:1 ratio of staff to clients in AToN allows the team to provide all necessary help and support to everyone without any delays. The rehab is also equipped to provide medical care for complications.

Discharge Planning and Aftercare

AToN considers discharge and aftercare planning as the most crucial aspect of treatment. Hence, this planning usually begins within days after a client joins the rehab. The experts keep educating the clients on all levels of care to help them understand their medical necessity. These residents are then provided with several recommendations regarding their discharge and aftercare to ensure long-term recovery.

Relapse Prevention Skill Building

Relapse prevention skill building is another crucial aspect of treatment at AToN to minimize the chances of returning to drugs or alcohol when the treatment ends. Throughout the treatment program, experts consistently work with all residents to help them identify their triggers and warning signs that may threaten their recovery. Using this information, clients can easily detect an anticipated relapse and take timely measures to avoid it.

Evidence-Based Therapies

Irrespective of the level of care, all treatment programs conducted on the premises of Aton rehab use evidence-based therapies to help clients achieve recovery. Some of these therapies include:

  • EMDR
  • Assertiveness training
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • HRV biofeedback
  • Trauma treatment

Holistic Therapies

Along with the standard evidence-based therapies described above, the staff at AToN also focuses on additional holistic therapies. These therapies aim to balance the connection between the mind, body, and spirit to make a recovery easier. Some examples of holistic treatment offered at AToN include:

  • Energy healing
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Breathing and stress reduction
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Watsu
  • Personal training


How long will my treatment last in the AtoN center?

The alcohol and drug treatment programs at AToN San Diego are specially designed to cater to the needs of individuals. Most of these programs last for a minimum duration of 30 days, during which they closely work with their treatment team to achieve individualized objectives and learn skills for successful recovery. The experts at the AToN center believe that the client’s chances of long-term sobriety and success significantly increase when they continue their care following a formal treatment program through outpatient services, extended care, or sober living. Research also indicates that getting treatment for up to 90 days is more likely to produce better outcomes. However, the duration you may need to spend in this rehab may vary according to your needs and requirements.

 How can I pay for my treatment at the AToN center?

Fortunately, the AToN treatment center is an out-of-network insurance provider, meaning it can bill the insurance directly if it is eligible and provides enough coverage. The intake staff at the rehab is happy to guide clients more about their insurance benefits and verify them on their behalf. Moreover, they can also explain more about deposit requirements, co-insurance amounts, and deductibles copays if applicable. The alternative method is cash payment if you do not have valid insurance. Although many people with addictions struggle financially, their family and friends are often willing to offer support by financing their treatment. In such circumstances, you can pay the cash upfront or use a credit card.

How to know if Aton rehab accepts my insurance?

AToN center is committed to helping anyone battling addiction and understands that getting treatment in a rehab can be pretty expensive. To make treatment accessible for the majority of people, it accepts the majority of PPO plans. Also, it verifies and works with Health Net Insurance, MHN Insurance, and Anthem Blue Cross. The staff at AToN is specially trained to assist the clients in determining which option best suits their circumstances after analyzing their financial limitations. Moreover, they also provide insurance verification services to let them know about their expected payments beforehand. To get your insurance verified, you must visit the official website, fill out the insurance verification form and send it to the specialists. These specialists will assess the nature of your insurance policy and get back to you with all details as soon as possible.

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