Silver Sands Recovery is a drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation center in Arizona. To prepare patients for long-term sobriety, the expert panel at this rehab includes kind and considerate individuals who understand how addiction can easily ruin relationships and futures. These highly trained experts regularly encourage, help, and support all clients to get through their most difficult times.

With campuses in Prescot, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tucson, Silver Sands Recovery AZ gives all men and women over 18 years of age the tools they need to overcome addiction. Moreover, the expert team also pays attention to underlying co-occurring disorders and manages them in time to support recovery most positively.

What to Expect in Silver Sands Prescot Rehab Centers?

The path to recovery at Silver Sands begins with a confidential assessment long before a client enters the rehab. The rehab runs from a welcoming campus with various teams to assess the biological, genetic, and neurological makeup of addiction in addition to the individuality of each client’s current and past circumstances leading up to the time they joined the rehab. Clients closely work with staff members who understand them and hold them accountable.


If the need for detox is established during the initial screening and assessment, clients enter the process as the first stage of treatment under the supervision of an expert panel. In general, detoxification is offered to people facing addiction to opiates, cocaine, crack, alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs, and heroin. However, remember that the need may vary from one person to another based on the duration of addiction and its severity. In general, a detox program lasts for 5 to 7 days, allowing patients to cleanse their bodies and get rid of all toxic materials before they begin long-term treatment.

Custom Rehab Programs

Following detox, each client gets a customized program to build them back up in preparation for living outside Silver Sands Recovery. Following are some treatment offers that clients are provided with at this stage:

  • Dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder treatment
  • 12-step rehab programing
  • Healing through holistic rehab methods

Each of the programs mentioned above provides clients with insights into what drives their addiction while helping them identify triggers and develop coping mechanisms to carry them forward. Each program has an objective to offer in addition to achieving sobriety. Throughout the long-term programs, experts focus on educating patients on the disease of addiction and what causes it. In doing so, they set a solid foundation for them to overcome addiction and become sober for years to come.

While overcoming addiction is possible, the journey leading to recovery is not easy. Silver Sands Recovery recognizes and understands this and offers everyone a beautiful setting to begin the arduous journey in the smoothest way possible. As a part of long-term programs, patients in Silver Sands will learn and adopt different lifestyle changes and activities that support sober living. They also get to enroll in skills training and educational programs that assist them for the rest of their lives. Some common topics of these sessions revolve around the following:

  • Trauma resolution
  • Healthy eating
  • Clean living
  • Self-awareness

Why Choose Silver Sands Recovery AZ?

Silver Sands Recovery offers various reasons why a person fighting addiction and related issues may consider choosing this rehab for treatment. Some of these proposed reasons include the following:

Highly Trained Experts

The team of highly educated and trained experts at Silver Sands encourages, helps, and supports all clients through their most difficult times without judgment. These experts hold valid qualifications and certifications with enough experience in relevant fields to assist patients with drug and alcohol addiction.

A Family Style Approach

All men and women who choose to enroll in the Silver Sands program receive 24-hour care and support from a highly qualified treatment team. The team offers everyone a chance to focus on their recovery while shielding them from the distractions of the external world. Moreover, they also reduce a patient’s burden of temptation by providing them with a safe, well-structured, family-style environment to improve outcomes.

Comfortable Living Spaces and Experience

Silver Sands Recovery offers clients a comfortable and beautiful accommodation to live in while seeking treatment from rehab. These off-site accommodations are separated by gender but offer incredible supervision and care throughout the stay. All clients live in actual houses to ensure superior supervision through house managers. These house managers are always available to listen to patient concerns and support them during times of crisis. Since supervision is the key to achieving and maintaining sobriety, living in the dedicated accommodations of Silver Sands significantly boosts the recovery process for all clients.

Tailored Programs

Experts at Silver Sands understand that every addiction is not the same; hence, they offer various treatment plans based on the individual they are treating. Sometimes, they recommend a long-term stay, whereas a shorter Silver Sands recovery outpatient program is proposed for others. Treatment choice is based on individual circumstances, rate of progress, and recommendations taken from the clinical team. Anyone enrolled in an extended care plan receives care tailored to their needs; for example, some clients may need attention and focus on specific areas like body issues and physical health.

Involvement of Family Members & Loved Ones

Experts at Silver Sands Prescot rehab centers highly encourage their clients’ family members to participate in their healing process. The rehab offers weekly one-on-one private sessions with families through phone or Facetime to increase family engagement.


What is treatment like at Silver Sands Recovery Rehab?

The drug and alcohol addiction programs in Silver Stone facilities have been specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of every patient. The extended custom-care design that these treatment plans are based on gives clients enough time to be successful in their recovery journey. Each client gets a team of experienced professionals and therapists who plan, implement, and monitor all parts of their recovery. The goal of alcohol and drug addiction treatment at Silver Sands is to take the client through the sobriety process most comfortably and safely. The clinical team also closely looks after each patient to catch any signs of anxiety and discomfort and take measures to alleviate it.

Does Silver Sands accept insurance?

For client convenience, the rehab currently accepts various health insurance coverage plans. Most companies in Arizona offer some level of coverage for treatment at Silver Sands; however, the level of this coverage can vary depending on the company and policy. During admission, the admissions team at Silver Sands can guide clients about the amount of coverage available to them due to their insurance policy. This process is known as insurance verification and takes place with the help of admission coordinators.

Does Silver Sands also offer treatment to veterans?

Founded by a veteran, Silver Sands Recovery understands the mental stress and trauma a veteran goes through and takes extra steps to provide this group of people with the best possible support and care. Treatment programs for veterans may vary based on personal circumstances but are usually an amalgam of various therapies, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, equine therapy, family therapy, EMDR, medication-assisted therapy, relapse prevention courses, and more.

Is Silver Sands Recovery accredited?

The rehab holds The Joint Commission Gold Seal of Approval as proof of its exceptional treatment services aimed at addiction and co-occurring issues.

  • Address 3636 Crossings Drive, Prescott, AZ, United States.