Driftwood Recovery is a renowned rehabilitation center that combines courage and compassion with clinical excellence to create a personalized experience for its clients. Specializing in treating addictions, chronic pains, and co-occurring disorders, this Texas-based facility extends to 85 acres of land with a high-quality residential facility and beautiful residential quarters providing modern comfort. The vast campus of this rehab is equipped with luxury amenities, such as a spa, free-form limestone pool, a serenity garden, outdoor dining, biking and hiking trails, and a fireplace for gathering. The expansive coverage also gives clients a mesmerizing landscape for rope courses and golf.

With a broad range of services provided under the supervision of a multidisciplinary team, Driftwood treatment center aims to help client strengthen their minds, bodies, and spirit on the whole. Let’s take a closer look at this rehab to find out what services it offers.

Driftwood Rehab: What Levels of Care are Available?

Mentioned below are the levels of care available for every client who chooses to enroll in Driftwood Recovery Austin:

7-Day Comprehensive Assessment Program

Available in outpatient and inpatient settings, this comprehensive assessment program helps friends and family members of a client to understand the need for a change. The highly trained staff at Driftwood will collaborate with clients and their families to provide well-structured medical, psychological, and family assessments. These assessments aim to identify all treatment issues and offer solutions for them. The results attained from these assessments serve as a blueprint for choosing the right level of care and the best-suited treatment approaches.


Depending on client needs, Driftwood Recovery provides a safe and healing environment for undertaking a detox from drugs and alcohol. A comprehensive medical team supervises the entire process to ensure that clients get through this difficult time with as much comfort as possible. Medication-assisted therapies are also used as required to ease withdrawal symptoms.

Residential Treatment

The residential center of Driftwood calls itself a place of reflection and refuge where clients can overcome their addictions and equip themselves with the skill set to navigate their path to recovery. As a part of this program, clients remain in dedicated accommodations and focus on achieving physical and psychological wellness through evidence-based programs.

As a part of residential treatment, a client can choose from one of the following programs:

  • Dual Diagnosis Program, which incorporates therapies and medications to address all co-occurring mental health issues in addition to substance addiction.
  • The chronic Pain Recovery Program has been designed to help clients explore their psychological pain and connect it to their physical pain. It makes use of multiple psychological, holistic, and medical approaches to reduce psychological tension, manage inflammation, etc.
  • Wellness Programs in which a certified instructor and fitness trainer help clients make progress towards their goals through massage, exercise, swimming, and other holistic therapies

Community Integration

Community Integration Program (CIP) at Driftwood has been designed to help clients put their newly-developed insights into action to make a recovery possible. Following are the elements of a CIP at Driftwood: 

  • Partial Hospitalization Programs- which involve five days per week of therapy and engagement in volunteer work to help clients progress in recovery
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs- which involve three days per week of therapy and vocational counseling to help clients maintain sobriety, continue progressing towards recovery, and manage meaningful roles in the community.
  • Supportive Housing featuring comfortable properties in Austin helps clients learn to live a life without the use of substances in a controlled environment.


Why should I choose Driftwood Recovery center?

The Driftwood Recovery center is a privately-owned small organization that provides genuine care in multiple ways. It offers clinical freedom to all its clients to collaborate with experts and contribute to their treatment plans. Another benefit of choosing this facility is its aim to practice transparency with its team, clients, and clients’ families. The team of experts at Driftwood believes that allowing clients to make decisions for themselves leads to better outcomes and faster recovery. Lastly, Driftwood Recovery does not operate under any time constraints, unlike standard rehab, which allows its clients to recover without any pressure fully.

How can I know if Driftwood rehab accepts my insurance?

Driftwood rehabilitation and nursing center currently work with many insurance providers to minimize the overall costs and make treatment more affordable for everyone. If you are not sure about your insurance coverage, the insurance verification program by Driftwood can help you determine the exact costs it will cover. For insurance verification, all you need to do is talk to a representative at the rehab and provide them with your insurance details. The representative will liaise with your insurance provider on their own and come back to you as soon as possible with the results.

How can I choose the best program for myself at Driftwood Recovery?

The best way to get an idea about the most appropriate program for yourself is by availing of Driftwood’s complimentary phone assessment. This assessment will connect you with a professional who will gain insight into your current situation and help you go through different programs to decide which level of care would benefit you the best.

What does Driftwood rehab treat?

Driftwood rehab provides treatment for four categories of psychiatric and physical problems, including: 

  • Chronic pain conditions, such as neck pain, lower back pain, oro-facial pain, opiate hyperalgesia, pelvic floor dysfunction, arthritis, traumatic brain injury, fibromyalgia, botched surgery, etc
  • Mental health conditions, like anxiety, depression, schizophrenia, personality disorders, substance use disorders, bipolar disorder, PTSD, mood disorders, trauma, thought disorders, agoraphobia, oppositional defiance disorder, etc
  • Miscellaneous symptoms, such as anger, frustration, grief and loss, irritability, aching pain, mismanaged medication, emotional dysregulation, sleeplessness, hallucinations, and more
  • Underlying trauma, including childhood neglect, sexual abuse, and adolescent abuse

What is the Courageous Family Program?

The Courageous Family Program at Driftwood rehab aims to include the entire family during the treatment of their loved one to build a solid foundation of recovery and restore balance within relationships. For this purpose, the staff members dedicate two and a half days every month to helping friends and families of their clients reclaim their cherished connections. For the Courageous Family Program, they invite the entire circle of family, colleagues, and friends to take part in educational sessions and learn healthier ways to live together. Some common components of this recovery program involve: 

  • New strategies for better communication
  • New methods to practice self-soothing and self-care
  • Reinforcement of the importance of maintaining boundaries
  • Information about the treatment program and delivery and Driftwood Recovery
  • Educational sessions on chronic pain and addiction
  • Provision of first-hand experience of what treatment might be like for their loved ones
  • Address 1905 Elder Hill Rd.
    Driftwood, TX 78619