RósGlas Recovery provides bespoke one-on-one rehabilitation for emotional issues and addictions as an exclusive luxury treatment center. Operating from a private setup in Ireland, the rehab treats one client at a time while assuring complete discretion and privacy. This approach also allows the team to emphasize the provision of the best possible treatment plan for every client separately. Every individual who chooses RósGlas stays at luxury accommodation in Dublin and the surrounding areas, where they get a chance to explore and experience the Irish hospitality and charm.

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With a bespoke addiction treatment along with tailored psychiatric care for a broad range of issues, RósGlas rehab welcomes clients battling: 

All treatment programs offered at RósGlas are designed for each client individually, meaning no treatment retreats are the same. Each of these programs follows a therapeutic model that addresses all direct and indirect factors leading to the underlying behavioral, psychological, or emotional concern. Moreover, clients at RósGlas Recovery also get to undertake additional recovery programs, including biochemical restoration and other holistic approaches.

Treatment Approach at RósGlas Recovery

As an exclusive treatment provider offering bespoke one-on-one treatment for addiction and emotional issues, RósGlas employs a large team of experts to deliver comprehensive care. The treatment process includes the identification of all underlying social, biochemical, and psychological causes leading to the presenting problem and treating them successfully. This method ensures that every client who attends the rehab enjoys long-term recovery.

The team at RósGlas Recovery understands the client’s concerns regarding privacy and confidentiality. Hence, it assigns a pseudonym to each resident and uses it to address them throughout treatment so that no real names are revealed to anyone.

For every client, the experts at RósGlas perform comprehensive assessments of their situation to devise an appropriate treatment plan. A typical treatment plan at the rehab may include biochemical restoration, psychological therapies, lifestyle and nutritional programs, and multiple complementary therapies. The client’s care team delivers each program component in a comfortable and safe environment. Since the experts at RósGlas work with one client at a time, they can focus entirely on every case with undivided attention.

Following is an overview of the RósGlas recovery facilities typically included in a treatment plan: 

  • Biochemical restoration
  • Personal training
  • Psychotherapy
  • Family therapy
  • EMDR therapy
  • 24/7 live-in therapist
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Massage therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Equine-assisted therapies
  • Luxury accommodation
  • Alpha-Stim therapy
  • Leisure activities
  • Acupuncture
  • Personal butler, chef, and driver

RósGlas Recovery Cost 2024

The cost of treatment at RósGlas Recovery varies depending on your treatment type. The rehab is currently offering the following treatment plans to its clients:

42-Day Therapy Program

Priced at a total cost of €295,000, this treatment plan includes:

  • In-depth assessments of individual circumstances, carried out by a team of experts to create a tailored program for the underlying issue
  • Six to eight hours of daily individual therapy to cater to the client’s needs. The rehab also provides a live-in therapist to stay with clients 24/7 throughout the duration of treatment
  • A personalized Biochemical Restoration Program that aims to balance the client’s biochemistry for overall health and wellness
  • Providing treatment with complete discretion and privacy
  • Ensuring client comfort through luxury accommodations that come with a private housekeeper, chef, concierge, and limousine services
  • A continuing care plan personalized to optimize recovery for every client. This includes assigning a therapist to clients at their homes to help maintain recovery

2-Week Program

Priced at €110,000, this program includes the following features:

  • An evidence-based approach to recovery for two weeks in a luxurious residence with 24/7 supervision and care from a live-in therapist, maid, driver, and private chef
  • An individualized Biochemical Restoration Program to rebalance the body’s biochemistry
  • Comprehensive assessments of the client’s health and ongoing recovery
  • Regular therapy sessions provided by a team of more than ten specialists
  • A continuing care plan personalized to best meet each client’s needs

VIP Program

The VIP programs at RósGlas Recovery suit clients who require specialized security, accommodation, or hospitality services. The team designs a custom package tailored to specific situations depending on client demands. The program’s cost depends on any special adjustments and requests from the client.


What kind of problems does RósGlas Recovery treat?

The team of experts at RosGlas Recovery center is trained to treat all psychological problems, including mental health issues, eating disorders, and addictions.

How can I convince a loved one to join the RósGlas rehab center in Ireland?

Convincing a loved one struggling with a psychiatric issue to seek professional help can be difficult, especially if they are reluctant to confess that they have a problem. The staff at RósGlas Recovery encourages the caretakers of such people to get support for themselves at first, as this support will provide them with the best opportunity to support their loved ones. Next, gain their trust and slowly convince them to seek treatment without judging or forcing them. Remember, you cannot force someone to enter a rehab unless their condition threatens their own life or that of others.

Who is included in the treatment team at RósGlasRecovery rehab?

The treatment team at RósGlas rehab consists of uniquely qualified staff and experts that treat a broad range of psychological issues and substance addictions. The team also includes functional medicine and biochemical restoration experts to deliver a more comprehensive care plan. The team at RósGlas also includes psychotherapists with at least a Masters’s or Doctorate level degree who offer a wealth of expertise and experience to clients. The medical doctors at the rehab are leaders in their relevant field and carry a passion and dedication to providing the best possible treatment and recovery options for trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship issues, and other psychological issues.

Where will I stay during inpatient treatment at RosGlas Ireland?

RósGlas addiction treatment center operates from a beautiful private location in Ireland. The treatment facility also includes confidential and fully luxurious accommodations for clients where they can live and work towards recovery under expert supervision. The accommodation at RósGlas comes with the following features:

  • Television, Wi-Fi, and audio systems
  • Peaceful spaces to reflect
  • Beautiful scenes and views of Ireland
  • Luxurious and contemporary décor
  • A high level of privacy and security
  • 5-star bedding options
  • Access to pool, sauna, gym, spa, and steam rooms

  • Address Mike's Bike Shop Fermoy, Unit 4 Blackwater Centre, Dublin Road, Fermoy, Co. Cork, P61YE89, Ireland