The Original FX Mayr is a luxury retreat located amid a beautiful location On the south shores of Lake Wörthersee, the hotel offers a calm place for relaxation and clarity. Dr med. Franz Xaver Mayr (1875 – 1965) was the founder of the FX Mayr cure. The examination and therapy which are called after him, as well as his medical theories, were already unprecedented at the turn of the century – and remain an indispensable component of the cure at our residence now.

At the FX Mayr Diet Clinic, each room is unique and mixes first-class, contemporary facilities with the homey grace of this historic, timber-frame construction. Throughout your stay, you will be in the trustworthy hands of the medical staff. The members of this staff are recognized experts in their corresponding domains and offer you their undivided attention throughout the curing process.

The FX Mayr method diet therapies at the Mayr combine cutting-edge medicines and aim to nullify the consequences of unhealthy living. With the FX Mayr cure, your digestive system will be closer to its perfect state. The FX Mayr cure stands on the three principles: rest, training, and cleansing.

Per the latest findings, our team of doctors has developed these principles and added two additional principles: rhythm and conscious self-control. Rest: Food consumption is regulated to soothe the stomach and help the digestive system refresh and rest. Cleansing: A mixture of individualized diet, training, and cleansing treatments will aid your body in removing metabolic residues and oversecreted acids. Training: training for dieting and food consumption is an essential cornerstone of the FX Mayr cure.

According to FX Mayr an optimal digestion begins in the mouth. Conscious, slow eating, and proper chewing relieve the digestive apparatus. Conscious abstinence: The answer to the maintenance of sound health is voluntary control of body and spirit. Modest portions, simple recipes, minimal sugar, and little seasonings clarify your sense of taste. Rhythm: food intake and digestive tasks are in constant exchange. Learn to deal economically with your reserves. The objective is a balanced way of life. The retreat offers numerous services and treatments.
The doctors create a treatment plan that is unique to you. Based on the most recent data, an overall approach to nutrition, training, and treatment has been developed. The crew will look after you from the beginning to the finish of the examination and assist you as needed.

– Initial Medical Examination
– Final Medical Examination
– Medical Abdominal Treatment
– Medical Check-Up
– Review Results
– Medical Consultation
– HRV Stress-Resistance Monitoring Incl. Consultation
– ECG in Rest
– Applied Kinesiology Test
– Acupuncture
– Neural Therapy
– Nutritional Coaching
– Colon Hydrotherapy with Intestinal Flora Boost
– Analysis of Food Intolerance
– Altitude Training (IHHT)
– Alkaline Detox Bath
– Warming Mud Pack
– Nasal Reflexology
– Mayflower Detox Wrap
– Inhalation
– Alternating Foot Baths
– Classic Massage
– Abdominal Massage
– Original Mayr Detox Massage
– Stress Release Massage
– Osteopathy
– Physiotherapy
– Ortho-Bionomy
– Shiatsu
– Mayr Hot Stone

The FX Mayr method diet retreat focuses on nutrition as part of the healing process and thus it prepares healthy meals that are also delicious. Natural and light ingredients are used with the emission of unhealthy foods. Wonderful calm during meal times. The view takes in the sparkling water of Lake Wörth. Every bite, every swallow is an experience. Gently and consciously satiate yourself in the fragrances and flavors.

FX Mayr views training as critical, and the resort’s views on this are reflected in the workout program. The exercise sessions should stimulate, motivate, and lead to inner balance by increasing mobility and balance. They help you move about more freely and unclog your blood vessels. You let rid of old patterns to make place for a new equilibrium. Strengthening through lightness Moderate exercise increases muscle strength and respiration.

You mobilize your energy, generate internal spaces and explore new agility. Healthier digestion + activated metabolism. Individual exercises promote digestion, stimulate metabolism and result in higher efficiency. The glands in the intestinal region are stimulated and blood circulation throughout the liver, stomach, and intestines is improved. Digestive and detoxifying functions receive proper stimuli at the FX Mayr method diet.

Body awareness has improved You increase body awareness and begin to listen to your soul and body through specific workouts. Light cardio and respiratory workout improve blood circulation, strengthens the body, and so supports the internal organs while also lowering stress levels. You can unwind even more in the beauty spa.

  • Address The Original FX Mayr, Golfstraße 2, 9082 Maria Wörth, Austria