Caron’s experienced clinical staff is trained to recognize and treat not only the patient’s substance abuse, but also co-occurring disorders, Addiction Interaction Disorder (AID), and trauma-related issues. Their core purpose is to ease the pain of individuals and families by restoring health, hope, spirituality and relationships.

Caron’s mission is to transform lives impacted by drug and alcohol addiction through proven, evidence-based, comprehensive and personalized behavioural healthcare. At Caron, they understand that addiction is complex – as complex as the people and families it affects. Physical, psychological, and spiritual dimensions all play a role in substance abuse disorders. That’s why Caron doesn’t just treat drug and alcohol problems, but every related issue that patients and their families face. More than just a rehab centre, Caron is a leading provider of integrated behavioural health treatment. Richard and Catherine Caron’s legacy launched the passionate dedication and spirit of innovation that continues to permeate our work today.

Drug and alcohol problems are rarely isolated. They go hand-in-hand with co-occurring disorders, like depression, anxiety, trauma-related disorders, and eating disorders, to name just a few. At Caron, they address these issues together with substance abuse, because treatment of co-occurring disorders is vital to patients’ success in treatment and long-term sobriety.
With the help of a specialized dual diagnosis treatment, Caron can help you overcome all the complications that are disturbing your life.

The Caron foundation has 3 different locations in The Renaissance in Florida, Pennsylvania, and the Ocean Drive in Florida. They are all located in a calm and secluded area. The locations were chosen near a natural and calm environment to help patients maintain a clear mind away from noise and pollution.

Their staff is made up of highly-regarded experts, dedicated to excellent, compassionate care. They share the same passion and strive to provide help and excellence to struggling individuals. To provide a full and comprehensive treatment Caron recruited the leading therapists for individuals and family. In addition, Caron established a research centre to help advance the industry with evidence-based solutions for substance use disorders. Caron has a diverse group of researchers with a wealth of experience that works together and collaborates with external partners to conduct research propelled by out-of-the-box thinking. The Caron foundation also set up support groups and communities so that patients can share their experience and feel that they are not alone.

They also set up a signature program to address the unique clinical, medical and psychological needs of certain populations who require and desire a specialized, concierge level of care. Caron also offers specialized services for LGBTQ members.

Their philosophy for recovery is simple: Achieving Recovery For Life. Their mission is to transform the lives of their patients. To achieve such results, the Caron team tailors individualized treatments based on the person’s specific case and needs. The treatment is based on evidence-based practices from medicine and psychology with historically proven addiction treatment methods like cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behavioural therapy (DBT), 12-Step integration, motivational interviewing, addiction counselling, and positive peer culture. Being a modern centre, Caron uses neurofeedback therapy to alleviate mental health symptoms that may block a patient’s progress. Neurofeedback is a brain-based therapy that provides patients with a way to regulate dysfunctional behaviour and reinforce healthy brain function. It can help patients:
-Reduce levels of general stress and discomfort.
-Increase attention and the ability to focus.
-Process and reduce levels of anxiety.
-Manage moods and emotions better.
-Adopt new, healthy behaviours and deal with the triggers that may lead to relapse.

Every patient has an integrated, multidisciplinary team of highly trained and credentialed staff members who are full-time and on-site. They have a specialized detox program that looks to minimize the troubles of withdrawal. In addition to therapy, they integrate activities for physical wellness that intend to teach clients how to achieve optimal health. Caron’s Clients learn about nutrition as it a crucial part of health and recovery. Caron also accommodates each patient’s dietary needs including vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets. Additionally, we accommodate personal needs/restrictions associated with food allergies or health issues, food addictions, eating disorders, or specific religious guidelines.

They also have offer services for spiritual health and wellness as spirituality can have a profound impact on recovery. Caron’s renowned respect for spiritual care supports individuals and families in creating healthy connectedness. Spiritual practice programs are created as part of the treatment to guide patients into meaningful and sustained recovery.

As a final procedure to maintain recovery, Caron also established a post-treatment program intended to keep clients connected. The Alumni services provide people with regional support with the help of loyal Caron individuals and families.

  • Address 243 N Galen Hall Rd, Wernersville, PA 19565, United States

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