Kusnacht Practice Switzerland 

Nestled close to the pure waters of Lake Zurich and enveloped by clean air and pure nature, Kusnacht Practice is a renowned Swiss rehab for people fighting all types of mental health disorders. The facility takes pride in its honesty, transparency, and dedicated attention to its clients in an empathetic and supportive environment. The luxurious treatment center also offers a 360-degree restoration of the mind, body, and energy balance through holistic approaches and treatments.

Established on a state-of-the-art campus at Zollikon, Switzerland, the Kusnacht Practice combines the highest standards of Swiss excellency with luxury and cutting-edge technology. It offers the most promising and highly-trained medical experts from across the world. They can help you overcome your mental struggles in a five-star environment under the highest discretion, care, and professionalism standards.

Elements of Treatment at Kusnacht Switzerland

A generalized treatment plan at Kusnacht luxury psychiatric hospital comprises the following four elements:

Biomolecular Restoration

Biochemical restoration aims to revitalize and recalibrate the mind, body, and energy to make clients feel young and attractive. At Kusnacht luxury mental hospital, the dedicated experts assess each client to locate their individualized keys for longevity and rejuvenation on a cellular level. The methods they use to perform these assessments include laboratory tests and specific examinations. Their results help these experts evaluate what they need to construct a comprehensive treatment plan unique to each client.

Psychiatric Care

Psychiatric care at Kusnacht aims at personal growth in a highly individualized setting. Each client goes through an in-depth medical checkup to find any underlying relevant issues. Another important goal of these checkups is to get to know each client more personally and learn how they occupy their lives. The psychiatric team will then use these pieces of information to tailor-make a treatment plan catering to their mental needs. The team overlooking the psychiatric care element is highly trained with more than 15 years of experience.

Medical Care

The medical care wing at Kusnacht Practice is responsible for investigating any current medical issues from which a client might be suffering. It also screens them for any possible risks and prevents them from diseases in the future. The first step in medical care for any client involves a full physical examination by a personal doctor to yield any vital insights or clues into their health status. Sometimes, the doctor may take help from extensive laboratory tests and genetic testing to assess the physical state in more detail. Based on the results of these assessments, each client may be assigned one or more programs, including detoxification, weight management, and metabolic stress improvement plan.

Swiss Excellence Services

Regardless of the type of treatment a client opts for, the program comes along with multiple Swiss excellence services such as private villas, a personal chauffeur, luxury concierge services, housekeeping, and a live-in counselor. Moreover, each client has access to multiple complementary therapies and has a private butler to their service.


How do I know if I need to join The Kusnacht Practice?

Suppose you are worried that you or someone you love suffers from an addiction or has developed a harmful psychiatric disorder. In that case, the Kusnacht Practice has a series of different self-assessment tests available to confirm whether you or your loved one needs treatment. However, remember that these self-assessments only serve as a guideline and must never be used to confirm a diagnosis. For confirmation of a diagnosis, contact an expert at the facility.

If the results of these assessments indicate that you might be suffering from a particular disorder, joining Kusnacht might be a good idea to start treatment immediately.

How do I convince someone I love to join the Kusnacht Practice for treatment?

An essential element for achieving recovery is the willingness to overcome a particular harmful behavior or addiction. Unlike some other rehab centers, Kusnacht Switzerland does not rehabilitate clients against their will. However, the facility does recognize how convincing a loved one that they have a problem that requires treatment can be pretty challenging at times. Hence, the experts advise the family members and friends of such people to educate them about their behavior and give them enough space to understand their disorder. The staff at Kusnacht also arranges interventions in all parts of the world to help you convince your loved one about seeking treatment before their behavioral issue destroys their life. For more information, you can directly contact the team.

How long will it take to complete treatment at Kusnacht?

Since every client has a different treatment plan unique to their needs, the length of their stay at the Kusnacht dramatically varies. In general, it takes the medical team between one to seven days to complete their medical examinations. Following this examination, primary treatment may commence, typically lasting between six to twelve weeks. During this tenure, the clients stay at the luxury 5-star accommodations and undergo various therapies to facilitate recovery. At the end of treatment, the team of experts usually has an aftercare plan ready for each client that continues to provide support even after they leave the rehab. This aftercare program may continue for a few days up to two years.

How much will the treatment at luxury mental health retreat Kusnachtcostme?

The treatment at Kusnacht begins at CHF 103,000 per week, which includes all aspects of the programs except:

  • Transportation to and from the client’s home to the treatment facility
  • Continuing care
  • Medical issues not related to the treatment plan


The rates for treatment can also vary depending on the specialists involved, the frequency of treatment, its duration, and when and where it is provided.

Is the treatment at Kusnacht covered by insurance?

The Kusnacht Practice does not accept Swiss health insurance; hence, the treatment cost must be covered by the clients themselves. Clients domiciled in Switzerland and covered by mandatory health insurance may get reimbursement by their health insurance companies as per the Federal Law on Health Insurance.

Can my existing therapist offer suggestions about what my treatment plan at Kusnacht should include?

Yes, the team at Kusnacht receives regular client referrals from their previous counselors and therapists and welcomes their input to improve their current treatment.

Will anyone know that I am receiving treatment at Kusnacht?

No, the team at Kusnacht is extremely careful about maintaining client discretion and privacy. They treat clients one-on-one and in separate accommodations so that one client never gets to meet another during their stay at the treatment facility. Moreover, the care team also holds experience in dealing with anonymized details of clients and connecting with their representatives while maintaining discretion.

  • Address Zollikerstrasse 60, 8702 Zollikon, Switzerland