The Kusnacht Practice has a reputation as the world’s most exclusive treatment centre, offering high-quality health care to private individuals in luxurious surroundings. They prefer to treat one client at a time, rather than in therapy groups, as this enables us to tailor a unique care plan to the personal requirements of each individual.

Clients at The Kusnacht Practice stay at an exclusive luxury residences, each of which is attended to by a private butler who provides Swiss 5-star levels of service. This allows to discreetly deliver the very best health care in total privacy. Their residences allow clients to recuperate in a truly relaxing environment, with magnificent views nearby. Villas and apartments are fully equipped with modern facilities. Residences can even be modified to meet your personal needs.

Customers can tranquilly relish the unique spa facilities at the hotel’s partner, The Dolder Grand. Located near an extraordinary perch surveying the beauty of Zurich, the Dolder also offers excellent food and a novel art collection.

The Kusnacht Practice is famous for their high-quality clinical care for international clients who require the very best psychological and dependency treatment services. Each member is highly educated, qualified, and trained and is devoted to giving you support and help throughout your stay.

The Kusnacht Practice high-end staff and facility allow The Kusnacht Practice to treat a wide variety of conditions.
-Nicotine addiction
-Drug addiction
-Sex and love addiction
-Pathological gambling
-Mental Health
-Anxiety disorders
-Chronic pain
-Eating disorders

In the treatment of any condition, The Kusnacht Practice looks beyond the surface to identify the root causes of a problem. Therefore, a well-founded diagnosis is essential to their programme. Only when the underlying problem has been diagnosed, is it possible to successfully achieve lasting recovery. Their approach is unique and intensive. Each client has their personal care team that treats the client individually.They utilize a special approach that combines the latest scientific advances and clinical therapy along with complementary treatments. This sees clients benefitting from a wide range of highly effective procedures.

Among the used treatments are:
-Biomolecular Restoration
-Clinical hypnotherapy
-Psychotherapy / Cognitive therapies
-Family Systems Therapy
-Mindfulness work
-Positive psychology
-Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
-Satori Chair Sessions
-Somatic Experiencing
-The 12 Steps

Among the best and latest treatments is Biomolecular Restoration.Bio-R® involves in-depth laboratory analysis of an individuals biochemistry. Through blood samples, saliva, stool, nutrigenetics and other tests the staff draws a detailed understanding of the issues that impact a person’s health and emotional well-being.

They then use this valuable insight to set up a formulation of micronutrients, which is tailored to match the precise requirements of each client so that all of his or her nutritional needs are met. Hypnotherapy is also extremely effective as it results in an altered state of consciousness, which is associated with a very pleasant state of relaxation. Hypnotherapy enables clients to explore difficult thoughts, feelings or memories, which are otherwise hidden from the conscious mind.

Besides, they offer high-quality psychotherapy delivered by qualified psychiatrists and trained psychotherapists. This includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), a discussion-based treatment that is delivered in one-to-one situations with a psychotherapist over several sessions. The therapy will help clients identify problems and issues and will teach them the necessary skills to cope and adapt to their daily challenges.

Your experience at the Kusnacht Practice will be nothing short of a life-changing journey. You will receive the highest degrees of medical care and the best of evidence-based treatments. The Practice provides you with a live-in counsellor to offer support on a 24-hour basis. If you prefer to remain incognito, you need rarely leave the grounds of the residence. Alternatively, you can choose to participate in activities and enjoy the beauty of Switzerland. Each client has exclusive use of one of our luxury villas or apartments, which are serviced by your own private butler, who is also a trained gourmet chef. Their continuing care program will also help you maintain your progress and implement the teachings that you received as a residence in the luxurious Kusnacht Practice.

  • Address Zollikerstrasse 60, 8702 Zollikon, Switzerland
  • Mike J.

    Rating: 4 / 5

    I spent there 4 week. I had nice food and fitness activities. The team was very welcoming. Although they say they treat only one client, hey had several client during my stay. Good to relax, but my deep issues are unfortunately still around..

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