Clinic Les Alpes is located in the mountains near Montreux, Switzerland, in a stunning setting of remarkable natural beauty. From the Clinic house, take in a 360-degree view of alpine pastures, woodlands, snow-capped mountains, and Lake Geneva. It’s a beautiful, serene, and peaceful location. Our site was chosen specifically to provide the best atmosphere for healing and maturation for our clients.

Clinic Les Alpes offers a complete service of outstanding excellence and personalized therapy treatment. We tackle all your needs in our beautifully designed environment to help you on the path to recovery. Fully licensed by the Swiss Department of Health, all the resources are provided for the best inpatient medical clinic.

Our vision is centered around excellence, and our facilities reflect our standards and our caliber. The staff share and spread our values and thus they carry their duties and responsibilities with the utmost care and attentiveness. Consisting of trained medicals and leading therapists, our team is specialized and includes bilingual members who can communicate with clients from different countries to understand their needs and concerns.

We take the mind, body, and spirit and base our plans on their interplay. Our treatment plans cover addictions, burnouts, and mental health issues. Unique individuals require unique plans, which is why we always tailor ours. We aim for an effective and ever-lasting change, and we recognize that no matter the issue, the person is never limited to their struggles.

The Clinic Les Alpes buildings combine the excellence of historic alpine chateaus and the modernity of advanced therapy facilities. Our main rooms guarantee a serene stay. Moreover, our residents can enjoy a luxurious library, our drawing-room, and the terrace. The bedrooms are designed to offer clients quality sleep and relaxations.

A variety of exercises is at your disposal. They include our medical spa, treatment suites, yoga and pilates rooms, a gym and a pool, all to improve physical and mental recovery. In terms of food, our restaurants prepare delicious and savory meals that are sure to satisfy the senses and the nutritional needs of the client. To support the body through recovery, different meal plans will be implemented. We ensure freshness by buying our ingredients from farmers.

As for the aftercare program, we deliver an excellent one that will sustain your recovery outside of the clinic. We don’t leave the client alone and organize returns visits to refresh the commitment towards healing. We are devoted and thus we are there till the end of your recovery. Not only do we offer individual care, but we also help families create a supportive environment. Our therapists will also offer a program that specializes in supporting co-dependent family members.

  • Address Route de Sonloup 37, 1833 Avants, Switzerland