Facilities  At Clinic Les Alpes Montreux

Located in the vicinity of the town of Montreux, Clinic Les Alpes is a fully-accredited Swiss medical treatment center. The facility offers a brilliant team of doctors, nurses, counselors, and medical personnel available round the clock for comprehensive patient care. Surrounded by beautiful snow-capped mountains, the clinic offers spectacular views of the alpine meadows, forests, and the famous lake Geneva.

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Clinic Les Alpes is the result of a man’s constant effort and personal investment and his long-held dream to establish an internationally renowned center for excellence in mental health management. As the founder of this clinic, it took Patrick Wilson ten years of hard work and endeavors to set up the facility and open its gates to the world. Today, Les Alpes Klinik is considered among the top luxury rehabs in the world that offer the highest level of commitment to excellence in all aspects of service.

Services Offered At Clinic Les Alpes Luxury Mental Hospital

Clinic Les Alpes takes pride in offering its clients multiple programs and treatment services, depending on their individual needs and requirements. Some of its popular services include but are not limited to:

In-depth psychiatric assessment

Before admitting a patient to an inpatient program, the medical team at Les Alpe closely liaises with the patient’s family members and doctors to assess the issue they are presenting with in detail. Moreover, the medical team also conducts a one-on-one discussion with each client to understand the nature of their issue from their own perspective. The discussion includes taking a recent psychiatric history, personal history, family history, and history of any addictive behaviors.

Full medical checkup

Upon arrival, each client undergoes a medical checkup conducted by experienced doctors. This health check aims to assess their needs and use the assessment results to curate a personalized treatment plan. A complete medical checkup may include urine screening, ECG, food blood count, examination of the heart, kidneys, and brain, nutrition assessment, and genetic testing if required. All test results are processed in a reputed Swiss laboratory to minimize the chances of errors.


Clinic Les Alpes has all the necessary resources and expertise to help clients detoxify their bodies from the substances of dependence as quickly and safely as possible. The clients deemed fit for this program remain in special detox suites specially designed to combine safety and comfort with the highest levels of medical care. These suites are very close to the nurse’s stations for ease of access and are discreet to give clients enough privacy to recover peacefully. Depending on the circumstances, experts may provide clients with medications to manage withdrawal symptoms effectively.

Psychiatric care

The psychiatric care wing helps clients overcome their addictions and other co-occurring disorders simultaneously.

Clinical psychology

Clinic Les Alpes also provides a clinical psychologist to assess and manage any psychological dysfunction in clients, such as cognitive impairment.

Nutrition management program

The experts at Clinic Les Alpes undertake multiple tests to understand the requirements and deficiencies of each client. This information enables them to formulate personalized programs for supplementation with suitable minerals, vitamins, micronutrients, and amino acids.

Nutrition management program

As a part of the nutrition management program, experienced dieticians determine each client’s micro-nutritional profile. The goal is to support patients in regaining life balance by learning new dietary habits. Executive chefs then act on the menus designed by expert nutritionists to prepare meals with fresh, seasonal, and local products.

Facilities at Clinic Les Alpes Psychiatre Montreux

In addition to offering a variety of treatment programs, Les Alpes also offers the following facilities to make their clients’ stay as comfortable as possible:

Beautiful Building

The clinic has been established in a historic refurbished chateau equipped with state-of-the-art treatment facilities and enough space for clients to relax and unwind. The building is secluded and can be reached by traveling through a tunnel carved out of the mountain only. This seclusion allows clients to enjoy tranquility and peace among the spectacular views of the surrounding Swiss mountains.

Lavish Bedrooms

Les Alpes comes with 27 private bedrooms with comfortable bedding and a variety of luxurious amenities. All bedrooms are ensuite with antique decorations and offer magnificent views of the surrounding meadows, forests, mountains, and lake. Each patient gets their own private room for the entire duration of their stay.

High-Quality Restaurant

Nutrition plays a vital role in the recovery of a person. The Clinic Les Alpes chefs are dedicated to creating unique menus containing organic and fresh products. The meals are nutritious and delicious at the same time and prepared with ingredients taken from local farmers and suppliers to maintain freshness.

Wellness Spa

The medical spa at Clinic Les Alpes is vast and occupies an entire floor with separate rooms for Pilates, yoga, and gym. Additionally, it also features relaxation rooms, saunas, and hammams, along with an infinity pool for guests to enjoy outdoor views.

Serene Environment

The spectacular Swiss mountains surround Clinic Les Alpes, providing beautiful views to clients who want treatment in this facility. Being close to nature also makes this facility a perfect place to reflect and meditate away from the world’s distractions.


What conditions does Les Alpes Klinik treat?

Clinic Les Alpes offers treatment for the following issues and conditions:

  • Exhaustion
  • Burnout
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stress-related behavioral issues
  • Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • Addiction to alcohol, opiates, stimulants, depressants, THC, club drugs, hallucinogens, inhalants, nicotine, and more
  • Behavioral addictions, including gambling, pornography, kleptomania, compulsive buying, excessive risk-taking, social media, overworking, and codependency

What is the price of treatment at Les Alpes clinic Montreux?

A standard 28-day-long treatment program and hospitality services can cost from CHF 45,000 per week. The exact figure may vary depending on any treatment duration changes or additional services. The prices of suites and penthouse apartments are available upon request. Remember that all price estimates are exclusive of any medical treatment unrelated to the client’s reason for hospitalization.

What is the brief residential program for codependent family members?

Clinic Les Alpes acknowledges how addictions can not only affect the person in question but may extend its adverse impacts on their families. To help such families recover, the clinic offers a brief residential program to accommodate them. This program aims to help the clients’ families understand addictions and their effects on relationships. It also helps them plan new ways of coping with the current circumstances together and plan for a healthy future.

  • Address Route de Sonloup 37, 1833 Avants, Switzerland