Alta Mira Recovery Sausalito is a premier residential treatment center and intense program dedicated to the treatment of addiction and co-occurring illnesses. Alta Mira is a gorgeous and tranquil setting with panoramic views, lovely gardens, and the casual elegance of a historic hotel only minutes from the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito, California, giving a secure and secluded place to begin your recovery journey.

At Alta Mira, you will have access to an amazing dining room, lounge, therapy offices, meeting rooms, and private detoxifying accommodations while staying at the Alta Mira residence, all of which are housed in their luxurious historic hotel. In a double occupancy room, you can opt to remain alone or with another person. In any case, as you advance through your medical and clinical program and receive the best quality of treatment, your lodgings will bring comfort and peace. The rooms are designed to be both luxurious and comfortable. All of their accommodations include everything you need to feel your best while working on your recovery, but the private suites come with extras like a fireplace, a living area, and an extra-large bathroom with a bathtub. The Alta Mira Recovery has a unique feature in that it understands the value of having a pet companion and invites you to bring your pet with you.

Members of the Alta Mira team are chosen for their abilities to serve customers with the most advanced care and commitment to providing an exceptional treatment experience. Their empathy and experience will assist you in achieving a long-term and successful recovery. The team at Alta Mira works hard to make you feel welcome, safe, respected, and at ease from the moment you walk through the door. They will attend to all of your requirements and concerns in order to keep you in a good attitude.

About our experts:

-All primary therapists have a master’s or doctoral degree and are licensed.
-Our clinical leadership team consists of well-known addiction treatment professionals.
-Our psychiatrists and consultant physicians are all board-certified in addiction medicine.
-We provide medically supervised detoxification 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
-Even the most complex dual diagnosis treatment, such as trauma, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and personality disorders, is handled by our staff.

Clients with a wide range of addiction and mental health conditions are welcome at Alta Mira Sausalito. The team is highly trained and equipped to assist clients dealing with a wide range of challenges, including various types of substance misuse and co-occurring disorders. They will assist you in achieving your objective of long-term rehabilitation through therapeutic experiences and individually personalized care.

Their outstanding staff of highly qualified addiction treatment professionals delivers the most advanced level of care for your recovery requirements. The treatment will begin with comprehensive Psychological Testing, Assessments, and Diagnostics, which will allow the team to form a clear picture of your current state and background. You will then receive comments that will assist you in better understanding and addressing interpersonal issues and patterns that might make long-term healing difficult.

Alta Mira Recovery provides completely tailored treatment regimens that show our respect for your distinct characteristics. The team will attentively evaluate your physical and mental status, your needs and objectives, and your personal history based on the conducted assessment before developing an appropriate strategy for you. The Alta Mira offers a 90-day treatment program that incorporates 12-step recovery, spirituality, family dynamics, grief and loss, trauma and resiliency, money and recovery, and other topics.

For less severe cases, a treatment over 30 days is provided. During that period, medically detox, comprehensive neuropsychological testing followed by an evaluation, a 4-day family intensive, and a personalized treatment plan that includes individual and group therapy, educational programming, holistic and experiential therapy, and peer support engagement occur. The staff will use a thorough dual diagnosis approach to treat all existing disorders in cases of co-occurring issues, which are typical in cases of addiction.

Their treatment programs deal with:

-Alcoholism/Alcohol Addiction
-Drug Addiction
-Co-Occurring Disorders
-Opiate Addiction
-Prescription Drug Abuse
-Benzodiazepine Abuse
-Marijuana Abuse
-Cocaine Addiction
-Meth Addiction
-Adderall Addiction
-Chronic Relapse
-Co-Occurring Process Addictions

Members of the Alta Mira can also benefit from family counseling to increase their understanding and skills in supporting other family members and close friends.

The Alta Mira is confident in its programs and proud of its service. They make three promises to you. The staff vows to do all possible to assist you in transitioning to a new life free of addiction. They guarantee to create a one-of-a-kind, all-encompassing treatment plan for you. We understand your objectives and requirements, and we tailor our services to meet them. Finally, they guarantee to provide the best care, setting, and experience possible.

  • Address 125 Bulkley Ave, Sausalito, CA 94965, United States