The Banyan Treatment Center Family believes in delivering completely personalized care for our clients while also encouraging them to grow during their recovery process. In our levels of care continuum, Banyan Treatment Centers offers detoxification treatments and tailored treatment programs. We believe that each person has a distinct personality, history, and underlying issues that can only be addressed with a personalized therapy plan tailored to their specific requirements and goals. At all of our treatment facilities, our addiction treatment services are completely customized and unique, and we take satisfaction in allowing our clients to truly recover and beat their addiction.

As members of the Banyan Treatment Center family, we seek to be a pioneer in the addiction treatment field by prioritizing our clients’ needs. Every person asking about their treatment alternatives is entitled to free insurance verification. The Banyan Treatment Center family understands how damaging addiction can be, not just to the individual, but also to the family and loved ones of those who are struggling with it. We work hard to make getting help for substance misuse and addiction as simple as possible. We demonstrate to our clients that recovery is achievable, and Banyan will be there to help you every step of the way.

The Banyan Treatment Center Family employs a variety of therapeutic approaches to guarantee that each client receives a customized therapy program tailored to their specific needs. We feel that having a clinical staff with experience in a variety of therapy allows us to provide a wide range of options. We have facilities all around the country that provide the best treatment for addicts. You will undergo an initial drug and alcohol assessment before beginning treatment at Banyan, which will clearly define where you are at and allow our team to build a customized treatment plan that addresses your needs.

Many persons who suffer from addiction or alcoholism also have co-occurring mental health problems. Co-occurring disorders, also known as dual diagnosis or comorbid disorders, are illnesses that occur at the same time and frequently interact. Addiction combined with depression, anxiety, or bipolar illness are examples of comorbid disorders. We provide addiction treatment and residential mental health programs at Banyan Treatment Centers to address co-occurring disorders and mental health issues. Whether a patient is dealing with substance misuse, mental illness, or both, we are here to give comprehensive treatment options to help them heal.

A Banyan Treatment Center dedicated Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Program is housed in Banyan Treatment Centers’ Pompano Beach, Florida site (PHP). PHP is a step-down level of care that usually follows residential mental health treatment, though patients who meet certain requirements can alternatively be admitted straight. Before entering the program, all patients are extensively screened to ensure that their medical and psychiatric needs are satisfied. Patients do not live at the facility while receiving care, hence PHP differs from residential programming. Instead, they are transported to and from our mental health community housing, which is designed to look and feel like a real apartment.

During PHP therapy, patients receive full-time therapeutic care as well as medication evaluation and monitoring. Clinical programming is available for 8 hours per day and includes group and individual counseling. Art therapy, yoga, and biofeedback are among the holistic, supplementary therapeutic options offered. At the Banyan Mental Health Partial Hospitalization Program, patients have access to case management, medical care, and aftercare planning. This includes assistance with any ongoing legal challenges, work issues, and finding safe and suitable housing after discharge.

Our mental health, drug, and alcohol treatment programs at Banyan Treatment Centers provide specialized care. Detox programs, group therapy, individual therapy, alumni care, art therapy, and many more therapies are among our specialties. We personalize each patient’s treatment plan to meet their specific needs, including comprehensive mental health, addiction, and dual illness treatment.

Banyan Treatment Center provides a comprehensive range of mental health, addiction, and dual diagnosis problem treatment options. Patients who want to address all elements of their diagnosis should opt for a clinic that offers comprehensive care. We are proud to offer therapies, detoxification programs, and outpatient options that help our clients achieve their goals.


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