Selah House is not a traditional institution. Our two lovely cottages create a welcoming environment in which you may heal and be yourself. Upon arrival, you will be greeted by a team that genuinely cares about you and is eager to share life with you, highs and lows included. Each girl and woman on the road to recovery will benefit from our holistic approach to eating disorder therapy.

At Selah House, the time together will begin with a discussion to assist us to customize the ideal program for your needs. Once you arrive, we will provide you with physical, emotional, and spiritual care on a daily basis. We provide a safe and loving atmosphere to place you on the best route for a successful, long-term recovery through our exceptional professional team, specialized therapies, group, and individual counseling sessions, and space to rediscover yourself.

Each client at Selah House develops a unique treatment plan with her primary therapist. Each set of needs and aspirations is efficiently addressed using a variety of treatment modalities and a safe, loving atmosphere. During the rehabilitation process from eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia, therapies have an impact on physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health. Our high staff-to-client ratios provide the necessary support and assistance for a successful recovery.

Selah House’s approach to medical care is particularly personalized and one-of-a-kind. Our board-certified medical staff takes a tailored approach to each client’s treatment and is actively involved in their care. Medical and mental evaluations are done at the start of the program and throughout. We provide 24-hour medical supervision with daily reviews in our highest levels of care.

At Selah House, we believe that treating the whole person is crucial to a complete recovery. We also believe in taking time to address common spiritual questions in addition to treating the mind and body. Despite the fact that the majority of our staff is Christian, our goal is to provide a secure environment for women and girls to discover the truth of who they are and who God is without feeling compelled to think a certain way. We also look at spirituality from the standpoint of love and acceptance. Our program has served clients of all faiths and origins, and they have always felt appreciated and at ease.

We can use a number of therapies to help you overcome your eating issue since we take a comprehensive approach to treatment. Indeed, our crew has the knowledge and experience to ensure your safety and comfort at all times.

Selah House also offers the following programs:

Equine-assisted therapy
Therapy in a group setting

You will have the confidence and resources to grow in recovery as a result of these techniques. Additionally, we will always be at your side.

You will have purposeful time for rest and relaxation in one of our warm homes, as well as outside in the beautiful countryside, as part of your specific treatment plan. Wooded areas, huge pastures, a pond, hammocks in lovely gardens, and other outdoor living options are available on the Selah House campuses.
Selah’s schedule and surroundings were created with purposeful rest in mind – physically, emotionally, and cognitively. Rest can also take the shape of having a good time and retiring with other residents through games, group dinners, movie evenings, and other activities. Relaxation aids healing, especially when done in a safe and accepting atmosphere.

Building meaningful, real relationships with both staff and other Selah clients is the foundation of life at Selah House. You’ll have the opportunity to participate in a number of therapies, including art therapy, body image, and equestrian therapy, as well as other specially created activities and outings. There is an intentional time for rest, relaxation, and personal reflection among the laughing, fun, and camaraderie. Individual and group therapy provides you with a variety of options for support. You’ll also communicate with your family on a regular basis through phone calls, weekend visits, and family therapy sessions.

Leaving Selah House is often one of the most difficult stages toward long-term recovery. You are leaving a location of constant love and support and returning to the outer world in this situation. We understand the difficulty and prepare you for life after our Indiana eating disorder counseling services. We’ll be in touch with you in the future to provide resources, encouragement, and self-care recommendations that reinforce the messages you got during your time with us.

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    Anderson, IN 46016-1761