Clinique La Prairie has been providing calm and growth to those who seek it for almost 90 years. It offers cutting-edge treatment and technology, as well as innovative well-being and nutrition plans, in the heart of beautiful Switzerland. Learn the secret to living longer, better, and more fulfilling lives. Clinique La Prairie’s famed Revitalization program, which has been a pioneer in the science of longevity since 1931, helps to enhance the immune system, restore vigor, and counteract the ravages of aging.

Clinique La Prairie philosophy is based on the use of holistic medications and treatments. The therapies combine cutting-edge medical knowledge, internationally qualified SPA therapists, and a diverse range of traditional and alternative ideologies. Their programs are based on the four pillars of long-term success. They collaborate to boost energy production and cellular growth as a whole.

The theory and science underpinning our programs are carefully overseen by qualified doctors and therapists. Every day, the Clinic’s team strives for perfection, paying close attention to the smallest details in order to provide the most exclusive experience possible. They value the diversity of the human experience. Clinique La Prairie might be your haven in a fast-paced world where everything happens and grows at breakneck speed. A new and brighter future is awaiting you when you depart.

Being the first holistic health and wellness destination, Clinique La Prairie combines a five-star luxury hotel with a famous private clinic. The natural surroundings provide a lovely backdrop for this unforgettable experience: the 50 rooms and suites provide breathtaking views of the Alps and Lake Geneva.

– Standard rooms 25 m2
– Alcoves rooms 35 m2
– Junior suite 42 m2
– Niehans suite 46 m2
– Le Château – award-winning Spa building
– Standard rooms 25 m2
– Alcoves rooms 35 m2
– Junior suite 42 m2
– Niehans suite 46 m2
– La Résidence
– Standard and corner rooms 31-33 m2
– Alcove rooms 44 m2
– Junior suite 49 m2
– Tsar suite 78 m2
– Medical Center

Medical equipment is available in each of the twenty post-operative rooms. They give hospitalized guests all the means for a thorough recovery in an atmosphere of contemporary luxury and comfort when combined with six suites. The accommodations, which are located on the medical center’s upper floors, have beautiful views of the lake and Swiss Alps.

The master detox is one of the various therapies offered by Clinique La Prairie. This miraculous solution combines the power of genetics, cellular, and nutritional research with cutting-edge medical technology in a treatment plan tailored to your unique DNA and health profile. The benefits are endless, such as:

– Eliminate toxins and cleanse your system
– Boost the immune system
– Slow down the negative signs of age
– Reduce the level of metals in your body while regulating stress
– Promote physiological balance

You can also take advantage of the weight-loss program, which will assist you in achieving your optimum body weight. Clinique La Prairie has perfected a very effective way to aid those who are suffering to reduce weight as pioneers in health culture and healthy-living research. The emphasis is on restoring your fitness and igniting your metabolism in order to get long-term results. Choose the 7-day program or challenge yourself with the 14-day program for better and faster results.

– Medical Expertise
– A state-of-the-art health screening
– Healthy Nutrition
– Menus are designed especially for you
– Getting you moving
– Personalized fitness program
– Slimming Spa treatments
– Sculpt and tone your body
– A future of health & Wellbeing
– Control your weight gain and loss

With its sleep program, the center can assist you in overcoming sleep issues. In just six days, our medical professionals use cutting-edge technology to design this transforming program, which helps people overcome sleep issues including insomnia. Every single night, rediscover the joys of therapeutic slumber.

Another program that can help you reverse the effects of time is Advanced Aesthetic Beauty. At the beauty-focused rejuvenation retreat, treat yourself to a full-body change! This program combines the most advanced technologies with the most effective cosmetic therapies to give you a youthful, radiant, toned, sculpted, and athletic appearance that can last up to two years.

A comprehensive and accurate therapeutic check-up can also help you tap into all elements of your health. Their world-class diagnostic and preventive screening program, which is suggested starting in your mid-thirties, provides you with a complete picture of your health in just a few days.

The Clinique La Prairie also offers the following services:

– Immunity boosting treatments,
– Award-winning spa services,
– Nutritional and delicious cuisine,
– Weight Loss System
– Better Sleep
– Rebalancing
– Energizing 5 days
– Beauty
– Advanced Aesthetic Beauty
– Anti-ageing Stem Cells
– Cell Boost Facelift
– Medical
– Full Check-up
– Better Mobility
– A la carte services

  • Address Rue du Lac 142, 1815 Clarens, Switzerland