Bluff Plantation is one of only a few addiction treatment centres in the United States that has a high calibre, multidisciplinary clinical team on-site that can expertly assess, diagnose and treat every aspect of addiction.

They take a comprehensive approach that combines expert medical care with evidence-based treatment modalities including counselling, behavioural therapy, nutrition, wellness and relapse prevention. No single treatment is appropriate for all individuals at all times. By matching treatment settings, medications, and services to each person’s particular needs, they offer the best chance for lifelong recovery.

Spanning over 178 beautiful acres just outside Augusta, Georgia, Bluff Plantation fosters an environment conducive to recovery. Many of their therapeutic activities at our drug abuse treatment centres in Georgia are held outside, in serene settings that make the most of the healing properties of nature. Patients can hike our nature trails, enjoy equine therapy, or practice gentle yoga and meditate on an expansive patio overlooking rolling green hills. During their stay at our rehab facilities in Georgia, patients reside in comfortable cottages that are furnished simply yet elegantly to feel like home

The Bluff Plantation brings together a group of renowned medical experts. Each staff member shares our values and ethics and strives to offer the best medical care in the world. Their multidisciplinary team includes board-certified physicians and addiction medicine fellows, psychiatrists, psychologists, physician assistants, registered nurses, licensed therapists and counsellors who have dedicated their careers to helping individuals achieve lasting recovery.

Before they proceed with the treatment, the Bluff staff will run a comprehensive evaluation of each individual. This allows them to draw a clear picture of what they are dealing with and diagnose any possible condition or conditions. Bluff Plantation adopts a thorough approach to substance abuse assessment. They take interviews with patients and family members to understand their medical history. They also perform lab tests, physical exams and psychological testing to covers all psychiatric, medical and psychosocial factors impacting addiction and recovery. The evaluations are conducted by a multidisciplinary team.

Components of the Assessment
– Complete medical history, including previous diagnoses of addiction, co-occurring disorders and other health conditions.
– Psychological and personality testing to provide insights into behaviour, emotions and motivations.
– Psychiatric evaluation to diagnose dual disorders.
– Physical exam with a family practice physician.
– Neuropsychological evaluations to assess brain function.
– Toxicology tests and lab work.
– Consultations with additional medical specialists from the Medical College of Georgia, if needed.
– Consultations with family members.
– Follow up with medical boards or other professional boards if required.

After the assessment, the staff will have gathered all the necessary details to provide you with an effective treatment based on your individual needs and condition. They rely on evidence-based methods and treatments which involve individual and group counselling. During individual therapy, patients receive personalized, one-on-one counselling to gain a deeper understanding of the disease of addiction, learn healthier ways to manage stress, build a stronger sense of self, identify underlying issues fueling the addiction and ultimately, change destructive behaviours. In a confidential, judgment-free environment, patients can feel safe expressing their feelings and emotions and talking about highly personal experiences that have contributed to their addiction. Group therapy aims to build trust between members by sharing their struggles and work collaboratively to understand one another. Group therapy is an opportunity to practice new skills for dealing with their thoughts and emotions, and for responding to the thoughts and emotions of others.

Their holistic approach focuses on nutrition as they believe that a healthy diet contributes to a healthy and full recovery. The Bluff Plantation offers personalized meals full of nutritions and benefits. In addition, they integrate physical activities to rebuild the muscles that are weakened by addiction. Physical activity benefits the brain directly as well. Exercise is an incredibly effective way to improve the mood and promote relaxation by raising levels of dopamine. The activities involve yoga and meditation to energize the body and relax the mind. Their program also focuses on spiritual care and provides activities that help you connect with your inner self.

The Bluff plantation specializes in treating addiction. Their onsite medical staff plays a major role in the client’s recovery as they tend to all physical damage caused by addiction such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and mental health disorders, respiratory illnesses, skin infections and other conditions.

The treatment focuses on more than just the individual and looks to prepare family members as well. The family therapy helps family members support the patient by building an aware and helpful circle around them.

The Bluff plantation also provides a relapse prevention program. After residential treatment, patients can step down to the outpatient programs offered through Rivermend Health Centers of Augusta, Georgia. Our outpatient programs include a partial hospitalization program (PHP) and an intensive outpatient program (IOP), both of which help those in recovery build resilience, practice mindfulness, and develop the communication and coping skills to sustain sobriety and encourage long-term good health.

  • Address 963 Bennock Mill Rd, Augusta, GA 30906, United States

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