Addcounsel is a facility located in the beautiful capital of London in the UK. Addcounsel works closely with victims of addiction and mental health and has been recognized as a leading provider of pioneering treatment.

The Addcounsel facilities are in a quiet, secluded setting where customers can concentrate on their recuperation and growth. The structures are modern, but they also have a homey feel to them. Each room is tastefully decorated and thoughtfully planned to provide comfort. They can accommodate you in any style and size of lodging for the duration of your stay. A comprehensive concierge service is provided by the Addcounsel rehab, which includes a housekeeping crew and a private butler. Nutritional and delectable meals will be prepared by a private gourmet chef. The Addcounsel facilities also offer you a chauffeur service; chaperone; perimeter and close protection security. Our medical staff is available around the clock for all your needs. Complete anonymity and privacy can be found in the secluded accommodation. Clients come from across the UK, Europe, Asia, The Middle-east and America, from the central London base.

London is one of the world’s most accessible capitals, with direct flights to over 130 countries. London also has the biggest concentration of addiction and mental health professionals outside of the United States.

The United Kingdom adheres to stringent clinical and regulatory standards, ensuring the highest level of care in all areas. London is a culturally varied city with an ethnically diversified NHS, providing the Addcounsel rehab with access to world-class specialists who can communicate in a variety of languages. As a result, many people from all over the world can benefit from our treatment.

Like Switzerland, the UK also prioritizes the medical approach to treatment for mental health and substance misuse issues. However, the UK includes holistic treatment approaches alongside medical care.
We assembled a multidisciplinary team to deliver top-notch service and treatment. Our hiring procedure is rigorous, and we only accept those who are competent and enthusiastic about assisting people who are struggling with addiction or mental health difficulties. This assures that our members are capable of handling this enormous responsibility with the utmost professionalism and dedication. Their group consists of medical and healthcare professionals with backgrounds in psychiatry, hepatology, functional medicine, and general medicine. An Integrated Governance system underpins the team’s structure.

The many addictions and issues treated within Addcounsel include but aren’t limited to Alcohol, Cocaine, anxiety, depression, burnouts, Heroin, Marijuana, medication addiction, Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, PTSD.

The treatment at Addcounsel follows a well-defined path that frequently begins with intervention. The intervention begins when the rehab meets with the family to plan the best course of action, allowing for a smooth transition to evaluation. This might be done involuntarily or in times of crisis. The personnel will then conduct a thorough multidisciplinary examination to gain a thorough grasp of the patient’s condition. We reply with a treatment plan and a team to help you get started. A psychiatric assessment is done to both; the mental and psychological aspects of the patient. A Psychosocial assessment along with Genetic Testing Major Physical (GTMP) health analysis – MRI, Ultrasounds, Fitness, and capacities, physical and psychological, will be done with full diagnostic and reporting. The staff gets the results first and then works on a unique plan.

Among the treatments are:

-Family Systems Therapy
-Spiritual counseling
-Somatic Experiencing
-Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – CBT
-Positive psychology

The aforementioned are all evidence-based. This improves the treatment and results of each. This isn’t only limited to the mental aspect, but also health and well-being. With the Bioregulatory program, our team tackles biochemical equilibrium and hormonal balance and aims to restore stability. A personal Addcounsel trainer will be in charge of your personal fitness plan. Not only that, a private chef will handle your nutrition. With nutritionally balanced meals, we are ready to cater to any special medical, dietary, or religious requirements.

Additional activities are also provided in our restorative program to enhance your physical health and boost your mood such as:

-Thi Chi

At the Addcounsel, we care a lot about your progress after you leave our facilities. Thus, we are ready with an aftercare program. Through community support and re-integration, we assist all individuals with academic tutoring, career preparation, and life skills coaching.

  • Address LG, 28 Grosvenor St, Mayfair, London W1K 4QR, United Kingdom