Boca Recovery Center Facilities And Treatment Options

Boca Recovery Center is a popular chain of rehabilitation centers providing excellence in clinical and medical treatment of alcohol and substance addiction. The team members at Bocca are highly passionate about working with addicts to seek recovery. The main objective of these treatment facilities is to equip clients with the necessary tools for rebuilding their lives on a solid foundation of overall well-being and health.

Using a highly individualized process, the care team at Boca Recovery rehabs works to curate the right treatment plan for each client separately. The clinical teams working at these rehabs are highly trained at Doctoral or Master’s level with each professional contributing to the program with their unique skills and training. Collectively, the entire team at Boca takes pride in their firm determination to support clients towards a life of sobriety and a happier and hopeful future.

Levels of Treatment at Boca Recovery

Treatment is available at Boca Recovery Center on the following levels:

Medical Detox

The highly trained teams of clinicians and therapists at Boca help clients get through the uncomfortable detox process under constant supervision. The strategy aims to cleanse their body and stabilize their mind while ensuring safety and health. Medication may be prescribed to help clients deal with withdrawal symptoms and intense cravings. Using the appropriate detox protocols and standards approved by the relevant authorities, the detox center of Bocca makes the withdrawal process as comfortable as possible for each client. The ultimate goal of this process is to manage the severity of symptoms while providing emotional, therapeutic, and medical support.

Residential Drug Treatment

Residential drug treatment at Boca Recovery Center is suitable for clients with severe addictions that cannot be managed at home. Such clients move to the on-campus accommodation for the entire length of duration and seek therapy in a supervised and supportive environment free from all triggers. Some standard components of Boca’s residential drug treatment program include:

  • Counseling and education regarding addiction
  • Dual diagnosis treatment, i.e., treating primary addiction along with all co-occurring mental illnesses simultaneously
  • Psychotherapy
  • The use of maintenance medications

Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient treatment programs at Boca Recovery Center best suit clients with mild addictions that do not warrant admission. Individuals willing to seek treatment for their addictive behaviors but are unable to commit to a residential program because of their daily obligations may join outpatient treatment. This program includes almost all components of a residential program, with the only difference being that clients can return to their homes every day after getting therapy.

Paying for Boca Recovery Center

Through Insurance

Fortunately, Boca Recovery Center verifies and accepts most of the major insurance providers, including:

  • Anthem
  • Magellan Health
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • Humana
  • Amerigroup Real Solutions
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Beacon
  • Healthspan
  • Aetna
  • Community Healthcare Network

Getting in touch with the rehab right away is advised to find out how much of your treatment will be covered by a certain insurance plan. Alternatively, clients can fill out their insurance verification forms, and a representative from Boca Recovery will get back to them to explore their options.

Boca Recovery Center has a mission to make treatment for addiction as accessible and affordable as possible. Hence, a dedicated financial team verifies the clients’ insurance and determines their needs. The team is highly experienced in working with different insurance providers and can relieve the clients from the treatment costs as much as possible.

 Apart from insurance, payments at Boca may be covered through:

Private Pay

For clients whose insurance is not enough to pay for all their treatment needs, Boca offers flexible treatment plans to manage the cost of care more affordable. The rehab also offers to counsel to all clients before their treatment’s commencement so they can develop a sound understanding of their financial obligations. If a client’s needs change during the course of the treatment, the experts may adjust their payment plan in accordance with these changes.


Financial Assistance

Clients who cannot afford to pay out of their pockets and do not have insurance can be entitled to financial assistance scholarships at Boca Recovery Center. The eligibility for these scholarships varies on a case-by-case basis.

Speciality Therapy at Boca Recovery Center, Florida

The following specialty therapies are available for clients to benefit from:

Eating Disorder Treatment

The therapists at Boca Recovery aim to manage eating disorders with custom-tailored treatment plans depending on the type of illness and symptoms. A typical program includes a combination of nutritional assessment and counseling, medication treatment, medical monitoring, and psychotherapy. The clinical team also performs detailed reviews to identify any co-occurring complications and provide management accordingly.

Family Therapy

Family therapy is offered to all clients with complicated family situations. The team responsible for delivering this therapy is culturally competent and sensitive to catering to all clients with diverse backgrounds. Moreover, the therapists at Boca are skilled enough to attend to issues related to racial, gender, sexual, and cultural orientation.

Trauma-Informed Therapy

Trauma-informed therapy at Boca Recovery Center uses a series of highly sensitive practices to establish a trusting bond between clients and therapists. The approach to addiction recovery in people with a traumatic past is understanding, open-mindedness, and compassion. The rehab provides a safe emotional and physical environment for these recovering addicts to heal. With highly customized addiction management programs, experts ensure to meet the unique needs of all clients. The goal of trauma-informed therapy is simple: to enable trauma survivors to overcome addictive behaviors and self-harm and replace them with self-care.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

The experts at Boca Recovery Center take a hands-on approach to manage addiction with CBT. This problem-focused and goal-oriented therapy helps clients identify all negative behaviors and patterns and replace them with healthier ones.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Boca Recovery Center uses evidence-based BDT to help clients overcome their chronic addictions. DBT usually involves individual counseling, skills coaching, group therapy, and collaborative consultations to achieve measurable outcomes.


What are the locations of Boca Recovery Centers?

Boca Recovery Centers are working from three different states at the moment. These include: 

  • Pompano and Delray Beach (Florida)
  • Bloomington (Indiana)
  • Galloway (New Jersey)

How long is the detox program at Boca, and what does it include?

Detox at Boca is different for every client depending on: 

  • The type of substance they are taking
  • How long you have been using a substance
  • The typical dose
  • When their last dose was consumed
  • Any previous history of seeking treatment and their outcomes

What is the cost of treatment at Boca Recovery Center?

The cost of treatment at Boca is highly variable depending on the client’s presenting issue, severity, and treatment goals. To get an individual quote, get in touch with an admissions specialist.