The Greenhouse Treatment Center residential treatment facility in Grand Prairie, Texas, near Dallas, is housed in a stunning former luxury spa. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff can help you or a loved one escape the chaos that substance misuse has brought in your life as part of the American Addiction Centers family of treatment centers. We provide a comprehensive continuum of research-based customized therapy for adult men and women who are battling addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders in this serene setting.

The Greenhouse Treatment Center team has extensive experience in the field of addiction and mental health. Their therapy staff consists of sympathetic, caring, and qualified clinicians. They exclusively work with you on your long-term treatment plan with appropriately credentialed physicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, therapists, nurses, and support staff.

Our facilities are of the finest quality, and they were created by professionals to help with the rehabilitation process. The structures create a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere while also providing a rich and sophisticated experience. The Greenhouse Treatment Center facility can be thought of as a true escape in a beautiful Spa-Like setting. Our accommodations are quiet and relaxing. We also offer a variety of services and activity centers. You can improve your physical health by going to the gym, doing some mind-clearing yoga, swimming, or socializing at our community center. We also provide a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational activities.

Our employees are known for their dedication and professionalism. Experts and therapists who practice quality, compassion, and patience are brought together by us. Our team shares our viewpoints on persons, thus they approach each person individually, taking into account their unique situation and past. Each client will be assigned to a multidisciplinary treatment team that will assess his or her situation and develops a treatment plan based on the findings.

They are committed to assisting you in your recovery and will work to understand and meet all of your requirements. They will not only address your health problems and challenges, but they will also try to make your stay enjoyable and luxurious.

Greenhouse Treatment Center will accept everyone regardless of ethnicity, religion, gender identity or expression, sex, age (must be 18 years or older), sexual orientation, country origin, physical or mental disability, or source of referral.

Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment, Safe Medical Detox, Intensive Medical Rehab, and Live-in Rehabilitation are some of the services we offer.

At Greenhouse Rehab Day Treatment (6+ hours per day), Intensive Outpatient (3+ hours per day), Telehealth Addiction Treatment, and Outpatient Therapy are some of the options available. CBT, EMDR, DBT, Rational emotive therapy, motivational interviewing, medication-assisted treatment, and a variety of holistic and expressive treatments are also among the therapies we offer.

We treat all types of addiction including:

Cyclobenzaprine (Flexeril)
Ecstasy (MDMA, Molly)
Over-The-Counter Drugs
Prescription Drugs

Greenhouse Treatment Center specializes in providing assistance to LGBTQ people who are suffering from addiction. We provide services to the LGBTQ recovery community through a variety of programs and subjects, as well as a staff with years of expertise working with this group.

Throughout your 90-day stay, we are entirely committed to your recovery. In the case of a relapse, we will provide you with a complimentary 30-day stay. We offer an aftercare plan to aid you after you leave our rehab center to ensure a long-term recovery. Greenhouse Rehab recognizes that recovering from addiction takes time and that transitioning from inpatient to outpatient care can be difficult. Sober living at Resolutions Arlington is an excellent option for those who require a smooth transition following their recovery. People who are transitioning out of a higher level of care might consider sober living options.

The Greenhouse Treatment Center also provides family counseling and group treatment. The support group that surrounds a client can be very important to his or her well-being, so we try to prepare people who are close to him or her by teaching them to be more sympathetic and supportive.

  • Address Greenhouse Treatment Center
    1171 107th St
    Grand Prairie, TX 75050