Addiction rehab is a long and difficult journey, pushing an individual to both physical and psychological extremes. And while some may seek to undergo the process in a limited, low-cost way, some may choose to spend more for an enhanced experience.

In luxury rehab, individuals pay to not only receive addiction treatment but to receive it in a personal and comfortable manner. It often offers greater access to treatment, a wider range of activities, and an additional focus on relaxation and pleasure.

But what does luxury rehab look like? Why does it cost so much more than regular rehab? To answer that, here is a guide to the key components which set luxury rehab apart.

Location and atmosphere

Before treatment has even begun, luxury rehab stands out with the location in which it takes place. Whereas regular rehab provides seclusion in the sense that it takes occupants away from the triggers of their addiction, luxury rehab does this with an element of glamour.

Instead of simply taking place in a center, rehab is located in lush and beautiful settings, such as in the mountains, in a forest, or by a beach. This intends to maximize an occupant’s relaxation, putting them somewhere where they can escape the problems of their life, stay clear of their triggers, and focus on getting better.

In addition, luxury rehab looks to instill an atmosphere predicated less on clinical progress and more on personal growth and comfort. Living in their own personal livings spaces and eating delicious food, occupants are made to feel more like guests than patients, further enhancing their relaxed state.

Range of activities

Whereas regular rehab looks solely to tackle an individual’s addiction, luxury rehab takes a more holistic approach. These centers look to help addiction, but also an individual’s entire wellbeing through a broader approach to treatment.

This stems from the variety of activities and treatments they tend to offer, which far exceed the range provided by regular rehab.

Such activities might include:

  • Sports, such as tennis or golf
  • Meditation sessions
  • Yoga classes
  • Gym facilities and exercise classes
  • Massage sessions
  • Dietary therapy

In providing these activities, luxury rehab employs different types of therapy to boost overall health. If an individual feels good, they are better able to engage with and make progress in their addiction treatment.

High-quality care

Luxury rehab is not, however, all about the expensive extras. At its core, it is also about providing top-quality treatment to occupants.

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The price of luxury rehab often means that the facility hosts some of the best medical professionals around. In addition to this, medical professionals also outnumber occupants in luxury rehab.

These two things generally guarantee that individuals who go there for addiction treatment receive personalised and frequent therapy sessions.

With more access to professionals, individuals can not only have more therapy, but they can work through different aspects of their addiction with different people, further enriching their recovery process.

Picking the right luxury rehab

The important thing to remember about luxury rehab is that each programme will have a slightly different emphasis on what kind of addiction treatment they offer. While all will aim to help an individual beat their addiction, they will each go about it in a different way.

As a result, it is essential to find a treatment centre that is going to help the specific situation of an individual. For example, an individual with a long-term addiction will need more of an emphasis on tailored therapy than on relaxation, but someone with a relatively new addiction may not.

When considering luxury rehab centres, it is important to think about whether they provide any of the following things:

  • Substance-specific treatment, such as alcohol-specific therapy
  • Medical detoxification services
  • Mental health services
  • Group support sessions
  • Medicinal treatments

The effectiveness of a certain luxury rehab’s approach will largely depend on the individual’s circumstances. To get the most cost-effective method of luxury treatment, ensure that the rehab facility can offer treatment for your specific addiction before considering the additional activities it may offer. An alternative to luxury rehabs could be also a wellness retreat program.