At Crossroads Treatment Center Antigua, addiction is defined as a compulsive dependence on alcohol, drugs, people, or behaviors despite detrimental consequences. Addiction is a disease that worsens unless it is properly treated, and our treatment approach is a tried-and-true strategy that works.

Crossroads rehab feels that there are two primary objectives that must be met in order to be successful: A commitment to abstaining from alcohol, drugs, and self-harming behaviors; a lifestyle adjustment that encourages abstinence, and personal growth in recovery. Their comprehensive group and individual treatment approach is aimed to discover self-destructive behavioral patterns and their triggers, assisting in the development of new coping skills for life’s various obstacles. Their mission is to release clients from the shackles of addiction and provide them with a fresh start in life.

Crossroads Centre offers a 30-day program or as long as you need it based on your specific circumstances. Clients are admitted based on the suitability of their needs, and everyone is assessed to ensure that the program they are enrolled in offers them the highest chance of success. The programs provide effective and comprehensive levels of care that result in improved quality of life, relationships, careers, and emotional and physical well-being. From detoxification to physical and mental recovery, the staff will be with you to support your healing and improve your experience.

Crossroads treatment center is situated in a beautiful and remote location where green scenes and the beach collide to give a breathtaking view. The nature around you will help you relax and release the tension of your life. The facilities are cozy and comfortable to give you a calm and private stay.

You can enjoy several activities including full gym access, a pool, a terrace, among many others. The ocean will offer you an escape and the blue sky will absolutely calm your mind.

The Crossroads Centre staff is joined by a passion for providing excellence and top-tier services. Our therapists will provide you with the most effective forms of therapy. A team of medical experts will assign a program specifically for you to help minimize the troubles of withdrawal and detoxification. Moreover, they will work on your overall health and well-being. Their chefs will provide you the nutritional and delicious meals that will support your mind and body.

Their services go beyond our facilities as they provide a top-class after-care program to support you post-recovery. Their admission team will look to facilitate your admission.

They have launched an online substance misuse program to assist folks all around the world. Evidence-based therapies such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness are incorporated. Addiction education, relapse prevention, holistic goal setting, journaling, and anger control will be offered to clients. This program has the potential to be incredibly effective because it allows you to receive assistance while going about your everyday routine. It can serve as a suitable bridge between more intensive treatment programs.

Online substance abuse counseling is ideal for you if you:

– Live in remote locations and are challenged to travel to the onsite facilities for services.
– Busy with family or work commitments that make it difficult to leave your life behind for an extended period of time.
– Work in the entertainment industry or a traveling executive who is always on the go.
– Work best Within a safe and supportive home environment.
– Are motivated to start your recovery but scared to do this alone.
– Are completing a residential treatment and establishing a healthier routine.
– Undergoing recovery but is faced with recent environmental or situational triggers such as the Coronavirus pandemic.

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