The exempt location offer visitors with a unique view of Falésia beach (Albufeira). There are 162 rooms, 24 garden suites, and 43 resort suites at the EPIC SANA Algarve Hotel. All rooms and suites are designed with modernity, complemented by contemporary amenities and the latest technologies. EPIC SANA Algarve is a luxury resort that blends global standards with Portuguese hospitality. Wellness assistants will tailor your entire program to your physical abilities, setting goals and objectives. The EPIC SANA offers clients countless facilities such as the Sayanna Wellness (SPA & Fitness Centre), five outside swimming pools, an indoor swimming pool, a Kid’s room, a sports area, three restaurants, a snack bar, and two bars nearby the swimming pools.

The EPIC SANA Algarve Hotel Conference Centre is already a reference for conferences and events, with over 1,800 m2 of meeting space. The hotel is committed to a high level of safety and thus they developed a strict internal protocol that defines the procedures and measures to be adopted.
At Sayanna wellness, you can experience a journey of rest and relaxation through fantastic SPA and Fitness facilities, a complete range of treatments for body and mind, and personalized luxury service.
The resort features luxurious fitness with a gym center featuring cardiovascular training and weight training equipment. You can also take advantage of the EPIC Vital program, which provides the following group classes:

– Pilates
– Yoga
– Circuit
– Cycling
– Bootcamp

Free daily classes for guests.
(subject to change depending on the availability/booking).
You can customize different fitness programs based on your goal.

4 Transdermal Mesotherapy Sessions
Reshape your body with a needle-free therapy to treat cellulite and resistant fat.
1 Modeling Massage
A Massage that boosts blood circulation relaxes muscles from tension and soreness. A true compliment to the Transdermal Mesotherapy treatment.
1 X Lymphatic drainage
Increase the volume of lymph flow, which improves the system’s ability to eliminate toxins.

1 X Relaxing Massage
This massage combines free and defined movements with muscle relaxation techniques, resulting in total calm and unrivaled comfort.
2x Reshape Massages
Personalized message tailored to the needs of each client aimed at relieving muscle tension and stress.
1x Hotto Stone Massage
When heated and placed on the chakras, basalt stones create a sense of deep relaxation with their steady, deep movements. This relaxes muscle tension.
1x Stretching Session
Stretching exercises to revitalize the body and increase flexibility. It also aids in the reduction of muscle tension.
With the yoga area, you can also improve physical and mental growth.
6 X Yoga Sessions
Yoga practice has physical, mental, and spiritual benefits. Depending on the number of programs reserved, sessions can be held in groups.
1 X Relaxing Massage
This massage combines free and defined movements with muscle relaxation techniques, resulting in total calm and unrivaled comfort.
1 X Deep Tissue Massage
Perfect for people who suffer from muscle tension, this deep movements-focused massage helps in relaxing muscles and reducing the points of greatest tension.
2 X Workshops
1 120-minute meditation workshop and 1 120-minute breathing workshop
You can take part in a mindfulness program designed to help you develop mindful habits and techniques.

Day 1
Welcome and Mindfulness Introduction
Mindfulness of Breath (meditation session)
Mindful Eating
Body Scan (meditation session)
Morning Resume
Reflexology Massage (45′)
Day 2
Mindfulness of Breath and Sound
Mindfulness of Walking
Body Scan
Morning Resume
Day 3
Mindfulness of Breath,
Sensations, Sound, and Thoughts
Mindful Communication
Mindful Movement
Morning Resume
Day 4
Mindful Movement
Mindfulness of Breath
Integrating Mindfulness into everyday life (goal reflection)
Sayanna Massage (90’)
Several of the best deep massage techniques are combined with deep movements and acupressure; the magic of aromatherapy is combined with the healing heat of hot basalt stones.

For individuals who are suspect to stress in their life, the Epic Sana holds the ideal solution for you. The destress retreat will free your mind from all the troubles of work and life.
1 X Mindfulness Sessions
Mindfulness practice and the ability to be present.
1 X Meditation Classes
To heal your body, mind and spirit and assist to balance stress levels.
1 X Oriental Massage
To restore balance and relieve fatigue, apply gentle but deep pressure to energy points.
2 X Reflexology Treatment
Reaches deep to every organ of your body through pressure points in your feet with lasting and instant relaxing effects.
1 X Relaxing Massage
Combines free and continuous movements with muscle relaxation techniques to promote complete serenity and unparalleled comfort.
1 X Sayanna Massage
This unique massage combines a variety of deep massage techniques with deep movements and acupressure; aromatherapy’s healing powers are combined with the therapeutic heat of hot basalt stones.
1 X Osteopathic Evaluation
Points out and gets rid of blockages allowing the body to rebalance and refresh.

  • Address Epic SANA Algarve, Pinhal do Concelho, Praia da Falésia, 8200-593 Albufeira, Portugal