Gold Coast private rehabilitation center is a long-term care facility located on the Gold Coast and provides specialist personal rehabilitation services. By offering a residential alcohol and drug treatment program, which is a part of a continuous package of care, it is committed to bringing freedom, hope, and wholeness to all people adversely affected by illness, burnout, and stress in a relaxed home-like environment. The rehab focuses on addressing the underlying issues from an integrated, holistic approach and helps people build long-term sustainable recovery so that they can thrive, not just survive.

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Treatment facilitators deal with their clients as guests and offer them exhaustive treatment, therapy, counseling, and supervision with holistic recovery strategies. At the Gold Coast addiction and treatment rehab, professionals make the alcohol and drug withdrawal recovery process the best possible experience and offer upmarket retreat-style medical detox with integrated therapies. 

Values of Gold coast rehab include privacy, strictly paper-only service, discretion, and other services. Not only this, but a person can also use an alias name during their stay.

Services Offered at Gold Coast Rehab

Professional services

Drug rehab Gold coast supports its clients through recovery and healing by providing professionals who are available to focus on their acute care. To maximize the outcomes for sustainable recovery, addressing the underlying issues behind addiction is essential. The experienced rehab staff helps people plan their treatment through counseling and education to achieve their goals, freedom, health, and sobriety. The health club team comprises therapists and professionals experts in fitness, health science, counseling, and complementary medicine.

The treatment program of the rehab center Gold coast introduces healthy lifestyle strategies to overcome cravings. Regardless of what stage people are at in their addiction, rehab specialists talk to them and make a plan suitable for their needs. The medical assessment is done with an expert medical consultant outside the rehab before their arrival. 1:1 daily counseling procedures and techniques are completed after admission to support their process with acupuncture, nutrition, massage, fitness, and advice on living throughout the day.

In addition, fun recreational activities, outings in the evenings and weekends, physical detoxification with nutrition, and creating new lifestyle habits are also arranged for individuals during their stay. The treatment facilitators offer medications, advice, and resources if people are looking for alternative options for recovery. After completing the stay at this Fairhaven rehab, 10 free follow-up sessions are conducted with the counseling team, and a client can visit the center anytime for lunch or refreshments (if local).


Rehabilitation counseling at the rehab center Gold Coast is focused on helping people with dependency on psychoactive substances like drugs and alcohol. Highly trained professionals use client-centered approaches to help individuals in substance abuse recovery. Daily therapies in rehab consist of both one-one counseling and group therapy.

The therapists of this Fairhaven rehab offer the following counseling strategies and therapies for addiction management:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Solution Focused Therapy Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Relapse Prevention
  • Brief and Early Intervention
  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Psychology and Psychotherapy
  • Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Narrative Therapy

Medication and pharmacotherapy:

Pharmacotherapy in consideration of rehabilitation includes medication adjustment to reduce adverse drug events. Pharmacotherapy is the treatment of health conditions by using pharmaceutical products as a medication to help minimize the side effects and cravings of clients during the detox phase. 

At Gold Coast detox, an external addiction prescriber advises personalized medication before the arrival of an individual. During the stay, the rehab staff supervises the medication administration to ensure that a person is safe and well. The detoxification process is assisted by natural medicines and recommends a healthy dietary regime for the recovery of the client.

Food & Nutrition Program

Gold Coast Rehab believes that the right food and nutrients can help a body to heal more quickly. The nutrition experts promote good health through proper eating and home-cooked meals. The kitchen of this Fairhaven rehab supervises the preparation and provides healthy gourmet meals that promote detoxification, mental health, and energy, such as salads, vegetables, and fresh fruits. They also provide excellent food service, participate in research, develop modified diets, and educate people and groups on nutritional habits.

Many people avoid food during detox but eating good fats from sources such as foods like raw nuts and avocado is vital during the complex process. This is why the drugs and alcohol rehab Gold Coast also shows care for their patients and offers them cakes for afternoon tea and desserts after dinner. The center also offers coffee and tea with breakfast and decaffeinated beverages after lunch. In addition, Fresh juices and smoothies are also part of the menu in rehab during the day.

If a client has any food cravings during their stay in Gold Crest rehab, for example, craving for chocolate, the center will ensure to look after the food requirements, tastes, and cravings. The menu of drug and alcohol rehab gold coast includes chicken, fish, dairy, and red meat for non-vegetarians.


What is the location of Gold Coast Rehab?

The Australian rug rehab Gold Coast is the best place to detox and complete the course of rehab. The service is a quiet residential retreat-style settlement located 25 minutes from Coolangatta airport, and they believe in the ocean’s beneficial effects on health, welfare, and security. Facilities given by the treatment center consist of free airport pickup and meeting up with clients at a designated drop-off point.

Where do clients stay during treatment at the rehab center Gold Coast?

The length of stay in rehab is different for everyone. Creating a comfortable, healthy, and safe environment during the stay of the client is very important for the treatment center. All steps to a successful and sustainable recovery are provided through live-in stay which is not found in a hospital facility. 

The hospitable staff of rehab welcomes their clients happily and offers private rooms in a large home-style residential retreat with 24-hour professional care. Having a great experience with recovery, they aim to create quality care and a relaxing ambiance without the fear of being n a hospital. The night staff remains on duty to make a safe and comfortable environment for their clients. 

What is the price of the program?

The program’s price depends on the client’s length of stay, starting from $1500 per day with a minimum of 7 days.  The qualified staff of Gold coast addiction and treatment center is addiction specialists who understand the complex journey of rebuilding the lives of people. 

The inclusive daily fee includes food, staff supervision, accommodation, therapies, transport, pickups activities, and other services. Clients are provided with complete anonymity from private health insurance records, Government E-Health records, and income protection insurers. If a person has any particular concerns during their stay, they can discuss them with their specialists at drug and alcohol rehab Gold Coast.

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