Based in Germany, Buchinger Wilhelmi is a nutritional rehab that offers a unique program built around a personalized fasting method developed by the rehab’s founder. The method has continually provided benefits to people for the past three generations. This program aims to preserve, restore, and promote the health of their guests. At Buchinger Wilhelmi, experts use a purely holistic approach that envisions the mind, body, and soul as one in the growth and healing process. The focus of the treatment program is on therapeutic fasting along with personal medical care. Spiritual inspiration, physical fitness, and conscious nutrition are a part of the services provided and play an important role in helping teams achieve their goals.

Services Available at Buchinger Wilhelmi

Individuals planning to join Buchinger Wilhelmi can expect the following services to be offered at Buchinger Wilhelmi Fasting Clinic Germany:

Therapeutic Fasting Program

The founder of the rehab originally developed this fasting program, and it has been based on over a hundred years of experience. The aim is to help people regain and preserve their quality of life, inner harmony, and functional capacity. In addition to unlimited water, all clients enrolled in this fasting program are offered freshly made vegetable consommés, herbal teas, and freshly pressed fruit juices. Vegetarian meals are offered on the first day of fasting, followed by a digestive rest day. Once the fast is completed, clients work on gradually building up their nutrition over four days. This experience can be intense yet pleasurable and vital to treatment success. Those who cannot fast or choose not to opt for it can enjoy the gourmet cuisine at Buchinger Wilhelmi or go for a special diet tailored to their nutritional requirements.

Integrative Medicine

The medical services available at Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic combine complementary medicine with modern diagnostics from Western and Eastern cultures. It also blends the concept of psychosomatic medicine in between for better outcomes. The treatment program’s main focus is prevention while encouraging a healthy lifestyle for clients to adopt in the long run.

Nutrition and Dietetics

People who cannot fast or do not wish to do it can enjoy alternative options, such as a calorie-reduced diet with whole food options from the rehab’s gourmet cuisine. Experts at Buchinger Wilhelmi believe that nutrition has a major influence on preserving vitality and health, which is why they offer a range of suggestions and incentives that help guests start a new lifestyle when they return home.

As a part of regular discussions, experts tell clients about the association between health and diet and use cooking demonstrations to teach them how to prepare healthy yet tasty dishes. Individual cooking lessons are also available that allow clients to put the skills they have learned into practice.

Physical Therapy

External therapies, such as wraps, physiotherapy, and massages, are available alongside fasting to support healing further. Buchinger Wilhelmi has many outstanding therapists who specialize in different treatments. These therapists belong to different parts of the world, such as Japan, China, India, Thailand, and Europe, offering different treatments to benefit clients.

Exercise and Relaxation

Buchinger Wilhelmi offers various sports and relaxation programs that help clients improve their strength and stamina. These programs are available as individual and group sessions and may include meditation, yoga, or autogenic training under expert guidance. The personal trainers available at the rehab allow clients to indulge in physical workouts in addition to cycling, golf, or tennis.

Inspiration and Spirituality

Staying at Buchinger Wilhelmi helps clients support their physical health and lets them focus on their soul and mind and reveal their true needs through fasting. The rehab also offers a chance to participate in literary evenings, art trips, concerts, daily meditation sessions, and panel discussions.

Beauty and Skin Care

Feeling beautiful and feeling good have close associations with each other. Hence, Buchinger Wilhelmi also provides professional skincare and beauty programs so guests can feel good about themselves. Guests can pamper themselves in the in-house cosmetic studios while enjoying the treatments they offer for a radiant appearance and greater vitality. The experienced team also offers individual treatments catering to each client’s needs.

Psychotherapy and Coaching

During the stay at Buchinger Wilhelmi, a client will have many positive experiences that they can take back when they go home and use in their daily life. To ensure this happens, the rehab incorporates many practical courses related to psychology, nutrition and fitness, sports, and medicine. Additionally, clients also have a chance to seek individual personal coaching to help themselves utilize the skills they learn in rehab when they go back to their normal lives.

What Sets Buchinger-Wilhelmi Clinic Apart?

Following are some salient features that set Buchinger Wilhelmi apart from other rehabs offering similar services:

ISO certification

All services and treatments delivered by the Buchinger Wilhelmi clinic team have been designed according to modern quality management and have been ISO certified. This certification applies to all processes, from supplier relations and employee development to quality assurance.

Recognized teaching clinic

Buchinger Wilhelmi has been labeled a teaching clinic by the German Academy for Nutritional Medicine. This means the clinic conducts regular scientific studies on nutrition and related topics while promoting the evaluation of newer dietary forms. It also provides training opportunities to its regular employees so that they can keep themselves updated.

High-quality food

Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic Germany has been a passionate advocate of high-quality food along with regional farming. The facility has only used certified organic products to create healthy meals for its customers for the past two decades and continues to do so. The clinic is the first to be awarded the Demeter certification for its unique cuisine. Moreover, the rehab is also a smoking-free healthcare institute for the health and safety of its clients.

Some other notable features of Buchinger Wilhelmi Germany include the following:

  • It has been bio-certified as per the EG organic farming regulation
  • It has been labeled as a rehabilitation and preventive care facility as per the German Social Welfare Code section five
  • It has been termed a model clinic by the German Academy for Nutritional Medicine
  • It offers 24-hour on-call medical service in addition to all-day care
  • It carries the status of a sanatorium for clients eligible for government allowance


What are the medical services offered by Buchinger-Wilhelmi in their packages?

Medical services offered by Buchinger-Wilhelmi Clinic as a part of their packages include the following:

  • Basic medical treatment and care are delivered in the form of two consultations every seven nights
  • Daily morning health assessment by a trained nurse
  • Comprehensive lab diagnostics followed by a detailed discussion of the findings
  • Intestinal cleansing every second day during a fasting program under a nurse supervisor
  • 24-hour delivery of holistic care by the nursing team
  • 24-hour on-call service provided by the on-duty doctor

What are accommodations like at Buchinger-Wilhelmi Germany?

The Buchinger-Wilhelmi clinic offers a variety of rooms that clients can choose from according to their needs, requirements, and budgets. From basic rooms to luxury retreats with beautiful lake views, all rooms are available for patients to enjoy. These rooms have local colors and materials fitted to provide a beneficial and relaxing environment.

Who is included in the treatment team at Buchinger-Wilhelmi Fasting Clinic Germany?

The Buchinger clinic branches in Marbella and Überlingen have a team of more than 20 doctors and 60 nurses with expertise in the following areas:

  • Internal medicine
  • Diabetology
  • General practice
  • Nutritional medicine
  • Preventive medicine
  • Primary psychosomatic healthcare
  • Naturopathy
  • Sport medicine
  • Orthomolecular medicine
  • Homeopathy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine

The clinic also provides treatment in nutritional therapy, physiotherapy, art therapy, medical massages, sports and exercise therapy, and psychotherapy.

What is Buchinger Wilhelmi cost of treatment?

The cost of treatment at Buchinger Wilhelmi Clinic varies according to a person’s plan. The best way to determine the estimated cost is by telephoning the rehab directly and asking them for a quote.

  • Address Wilhelm-Beck-Str. 27
    88662 Überlingen