Established in Center City, Minnesota, in 1949, the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation emerged as a holistic, compassionate, and forward-thinking facility for treating alcoholism and addiction. For decades, it has been harnessing the love, wisdom, and science of livid experience to provide hope for people affected by mental health conditions and their families. Hazelden Betty Ford is recognized worldwide as a non-profit organization providing evidence-based addiction treatments and multiple opportunities for addiction-focused training and education.

An Overview of Services at the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

Mentioned below is an overview of the Hazelden Betty Ford facilities available at the moment:

Addiction Treatment Services

At Hazelden, Minnesota, experts follow a patient-centered approach to deliver addiction treatment services at the following levels of care:

  • Inpatient services-that require clients to live at the rehab throughout the entire duration of treatment
  • Outpatient services- that can be availed without shifting into a supervised accommodation
  • Detox services- to help clients cleanse their bodies of any residues of drugs or alcohol
  • Telehealth services- that make use of technology to deliver care to patients without requiring them to travel. It includes video visits, telephone-based services, smartphone applications, virtual chats, and web-based tools.

Recovery Programs

These recovery programs aim to provide continuing support to clients even when they are done with their primary addiction treatment. Some elements of these programs include:

  • Relapse Prevention through telephone-based coaching, support group meetings, and an online health portal
  • Living in Recovery, a program through which the staff at Hazelden Betty Ford connects all of its previous clients through alumni events and meetings to assist them in long-term recovery
  • Recovery Tools including relevant podcasts, webinar series, equity video series, smartphone apps, and books

Specialized Programs

Hazelden Betty Ford offers multiple specialized programs, some of which include:

  • Children’s Program targets children between the ages of seven to twelve who have been affected by substance abuse in the family.
  • Family Services caters to the loved ones of addicts to help them cope with the extended effects of addiction and improve the overall family dynamics.
  • Old Age Programs cater to people above the age of 50 with one or more addiction-related issues.
  • Women’s Programs identify the unique needs and requirements of female addicts and provide tailored treatments to make a recovery possible.
  • LGBTQ Programs provide appropriate treatment while identifying and addressing the unique challenges of people belonging to the LGBTQ communities
  • Professionals Program provides appropriate treatment to addicts with highly challenging or busy professional roles and particular emphasis on their career restoration and back-to-work issues.


What Is the Hazelden Betty Ford Model?

The earliest experts and clinicians appointed at Hazelden Betty Ford Minnesota were the first to develop multiple holistic approaches to addiction treatment, known as the Minnesota Model. These counselors have recognized and treated addiction as a disease from the beginning. Hence, they routinely combined the 12-step principles with a medical model of care for patients, even when addiction was not considered a disease but a moral flaw. This pioneering model of care kept evolving by integrating the most recent behavioral, genetic, biological, and other scientific findings to treat addiction holistically. Today, the Hazelden Betty Ford Model includes medication-assisted treatments, detailed science-based assessments, and evidence-based practices delivered with compassion and care. This collaborative care plan is tailored according to each patient’s needs and follows a feedback-informed treatment to ensure a higher success rate.

Does the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation use evidence-based treatments?

Yes, Hazelden Betty Ford addiction treatment programs use evidence-based therapies associated with high success rates. Some of the techniques that experts routinely incorporate in their treatment at this rehab include:

  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Motivational Enhancement and Interviewing
  • Medication-Assisted Therapies (MAT)

What complementary therapies can I join at Hazelden Treatment Center?

Hazelden Betty Ford offers different types of complementary therapies to support the main care programs and services. These complementary therapies include the following:

  • Relapse Prevention Skills Group
  • Animal-Assisted Programming
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Recovery Management Skills Building
  • Process-Focused Group Therapy
  • Communications Training
  • Yoga
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Stress Reduction Skills Training
  • Spiritual Care
  • Distress Tolerance Skills Training

Who is included in the care team at Hazelden, Minnesota?

Following are the members of a typical care team for clients attending Hazelden Betty Ford rehab:

  • Clinical case managers
  • Physicians
  • Psychiatrists
  • Nurses
  • Psychologists
  • Licensed addiction counselors
  • Licensed marriage and family therapists
  • Wellness and fitness specialists
  • Nutritionists
  • Financial advocates
  • Continuing care coordinators

How much time will I need to spend at Hazelden Betty Ford to get better?

The length of treatment and the pace at which it proceeds varies from one client to another, depending on their specific situations and individual milestones. People facing more complex recovery issues or severe forms of addiction may need to spend longer at rehab to manage mental health complications or any special issues and learn sober living skills and relapse prevention techniques.

Will I receive any services from Hazelden Betty Ford once I complete my treatment tenure?

Once clients finish their treatment program at Betty Ford, their treatment team provides them with several post-rehab recommendations for continuing care. The exact structure and elements of these aftercare plans may vary but commonly include:

  • Joining continuing care groups
  • Using mobile apps
  • Access to web-based recovery tools and activities
  • Participating in recovery coaching
  • Joining online social networks
  • Recovery retreats

What types of insurance are accepted at Hazelden Betty Ford treatment center?

Fortunately, Hazelden Betty Ford accepts different types of insurance plans. Though the exact coverage may differ depending on the treatment facility, some of the insurance companies it liaises with include the following:

  • Anthem Blue Cross
  • 4 Your Choice
  • Aetna
  • Adva-Net
  • America’s PPO
  • Avera
  • Blue Shield of California
  • AssuredPartners
  • Beacon Health
  • Blue Cross
  • Blue Shield

A complete list of insurance plans accepted at Hazelden Betty Ford can be found on their official website.

How much does Hazelden Betty Ford cost?

The cost of treatment at Hazelden Betty Ford is not fixed and varies depending on multiple factors, such as recommended addiction treatment, financial circumstances, and types of insurance coverage. To get an estimate, the best way is to get in touch with the patient access team at Hazelden rehab. Remember that you may need to undergo preliminary assessments and discuss your insurance coverage with the rehab’s financial advocates before getting a quote for treatment.

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