On our 50-acre site, the Menninger Clinic Houston provides an oasis. Swimming in our saltwater pool, walking the labyrinth, walking or jogging in our lovely courtyard, and working out in our fully equipped gym – which includes a full-court basketball court – are all options. You can visit our non-denominational chapel or contemplate in our sculpture garden if you want to take some time for spiritual meditation.

The Menninger Clinic Houston is ranked No. 9 on the Best Hospitals list for psychiatry by U.S.News World Report and has been on the list every year since its inception in 1990. The report rates the best hospitals in the country for dealing with complex patients. Since 1925, we’ve been successfully treating patients with severe mental illnesses. A psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, psychiatric nurse, psychiatric rehabilitation expert, and, if necessary, a professional chemical dependence counselor were all part of each therapy team. The teams have offices on their units so that patients can reach them.

The Menninger Clinic believes in a biopsychosocial approach to treatment at Menninger. Here, you’ll receive holistic treatment aimed at identifying underlying issues that are negatively impacting your mind, body, relationships, and even spiritual life.

Multi-layered treatment with an interdisciplinary clinical team is required to address these diverse parts of your life. Each member of your team – psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, counselors, nurses, and, if necessary, addictions or eating disorders professionals – collaborates to help you based on their own unique education, training, and experience. You round out the Menninger Clinic group by contributing your own perspectives, experiences, and objectives.

Each team member enhances the care provided by the others, and they all work to see how their professional relationship with you might enlighten your specific challenges, resulting in insights that can’t be gained in a week or ten days.

Our dedication to longer-term care distinguishes The Menninger Clinic from many other psychiatric or behavioral health clinics. Inpatients frequently stay for up to 40 days – a hefty investment that pays off in the long run.

After a few weeks in therapy, you’ll have more time to create trust in your team, and once you’ve formed a treatment alliance, breakthroughs are possible. It also provides you time to practice new skills, which boosts your self-assurance that you’ll be able to keep improving when you leave The Menninger Clinic Houston.

The Menninger Clinic will track the results of your outcomes evaluations during your therapy to see how far we’ve gone in reducing your symptoms and improving your overall well-being. Our treatment outcomes data is unrivaled, demonstrating that our paradigm of care is effective for the vast majority of patients. We can do more to help you get well and stay well if we have more time on our hands – and yours.

We have a strong outpatient program that includes outpatient therapy for adults, young adults, children, and adolescents. Add to that, the Menninger Clinic Houston offers medication management; group therapy for adults, young adults, and adolescents; psychological testing, addictions treatment, and more as part of our continuum of care.

We also provide a full outpatient examination for adults, young adults, children, and adolescents, as well as a step-down therapy in two community integration programs, Pathfinder and Menninger 360, for a final diagnosis and stepdown treatment.

Regardless of which outpatient program you choose, you can count on the Menninger Clinic team to examine the biopsychosocial components of your life in depth. We can create a permanent change in your life if we have a thorough grasp of your relationships with others and yourself, your sense of self-worth, your life goals, and your pain points.

The Menninger Clinic group provides significant support, comfort, and encouragement whether you’re recovering from depression, anxiety, substance misuse, or any other mental health issue. During the COVID-19 epidemic, Menninger clinicians will be there to assist you to review and reinforcing the self-care skills you gained in treatment.

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