Established in 1993, The Emily Program is a popular organization offering a personalized and compassionate approach to eating disorder treatment, awareness, and recovery. The founders and experts at this rehab understand the tangled complexities of eating disorders and use this knowledge to help others in need. With a highly trained team of therapists, medical staff, and dieticians, the program focuses on healing the whole person while treating them with integrity and empathy. These specialists are passionate about their work and the care they offer in the form of a full spectrum of individualized treatment, ranging from outpatient and residential to virtual programs.

Admission Process at The Emily Program Seattle

The admissions process is quite straightforward and includes the following three steps:

Step One: Reach Out

The admissions process begins as soon as you pick up the phone and dial the official landline number of The Emily Program. Alternatively, you can connect with the admissions team by completing an online contact form on their official website. The admissions team at The Emily eating disorder program is available seven days a week and is quick to respond. The team will quickly get back to you as soon as possible to collect basic information, discuss what you are going through, answer your queries, and schedule an appointment for further assessments.

Step Two: Assessment

During an eating disorder assessment at The Emily Program, a trained professional will ask you multiple questions about your relationship with your body and food. They will evaluate your symptoms, determine any unique needs, and use this information to curate a treatment plan that works best for you. Any questions or queries you may have will be answered along the way.

Step Three: Admission

Following the assessment, an Admissions Coordinator will contact you to guide you through the financial, logistical, and medical aspects of admission. They will keep you involved and informed throughout the process to make the transition smooth. Keep in mind that the admissions process may take some time due to an unprecedented rise in the demand for eating disorder services.

Continuum of Care at The Emily Program

Since the journey to recovery differs for each client, experts at Emily Program Minnesota adapt their programs to fit the current mental and physical concerns, treatment needs, and age of every client. Moreover, the fact that eating disorders rarely occur without any coexisting treatment also warrants the need for diverse program types to cater to the needs of different clients.

Following are the types of services currently offered at the Emily Program:

Day Treatment

Day treatment at the Emily Program in Cleveland, Ohio, is further divided into two settings: 

  • Partial hospitalization is an all-day program offered to people stepping down from residential care or those requiring more intensive treatment on an outpatient basis. Under this program, each client spends at least 30 hours per week in therapy.
  • Intensive outpatient programs offer care to those stepping down from partial hospitalization programs. This program requires clients to step up to 12 hours per week in therapy.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment at The Emily Program allows clients to seek help in a homelike environment that is safe, quiet, and comfortable. The dedicated and experienced staff members, including dieticians, therapists, psychiatrists, and physicians, work together to curate a personalized plan for every client requiring residential rehabilitation. A typical residential treatment program combines several evidence-based therapies, such as Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, art and movement, and family-based treatments. Individual and group therapy sessions and nutrition education are also offered to reinforce the recovery process.

Outpatient Care

Outpatient treatments at The Emily Program help clients gain insight into recovery, whether they enter this setting directly or while stepping down from residential programs. In addition to working on recovery, clients can continue their routine school or work activities. Following are some elements of outpatient care offered at this rehab: 

  • One-on-one sessions with a therapist with a specialization in eating disorders and the consequent health complications
  • Group therapy with other individuals facing similar issues
  • Nutrition education
  • Family therapy involves partners, spouses, parents, siblings, children, or any other loved one in the healing process
  • Provision of psychiatric and medical services as required, especially while transitioning from a higher level of care to a lower one
  • Individual sessions with a trained dietician specializing in eating disorders

Virtual Treatment

The comprehensive treatment model at The Emily Program has evolved to include virtual services to assist clients in a better way. This program involves delivering necessary care in a secure and comfortable online environment to maximum clients who cannot physically attend the treatment sessions. At the moment, virtual treatment programs offer treatment at the following levels of care: 

  • Outpatient treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Partial hospitalization programs

Irrespective of the setting, the virtual treatment allows clients to connect with multidisciplinary care providers to pursue recovery. 


How long will I need to wait to enter treatment at The Emily Program?

Waiting times can vary depending on your required program and your preferred location. An Admissions Coordinator will contact you as soon as there is an opening in the program. These coordinators will get in touch with you once you are done with your assessment and keep you posted until you finally enter treatment.

What should I do as I wait for treatment?

The care team at The Emily Program encourages clients on the waiting list to stay in touch with their community-based providers or any mental health professionals on a regular basis. Meanwhile, they can also consider giving written consent to their professionals to share their information with The Emily Program by completing a Release of Information form available on the official website. This exchange of information can help make important treatment decisions.

Does The Emily Program accept insurance?

Yes, many insurance companies provide coverage for treatment at The Emily Program, and the staff at this rehab can help determine the aspects of treatment your insurance plan might cover. The official website of The Emily Program also has an insurance verification tool that guides you to speak to your insurance provider regarding the benefits.

Can I join residential treatment at the Emily Program if I am vegan?

Yes, The Emily Program welcomes vegans and vegetarians at all levels of care, including inpatient and outpatient services. Their dietary preference is considered seriously, and they are provided with an eating plan that accommodates their eating lifestyles.

How much does The Emily Program Cost?

The Emily Program cost varies depending on your insurance benefits and the rehab’s contract with your insurance company at the time you seek treatment. Moreover, the type of treatment, along with its duration and the appropriate level of care, also influences the final costs. Hence, it is impossible to give clients an estimated cost without an assessment and evaluation of their circumstances.