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The Lanserhof Tegernsee is set in a beautiful natural environment with stunning architecture. It is one of Europe’s most modern wellness resorts, with 21,000 square meters of healthy living and well-being treatments. It’s the ideal location for finding peace and calming the body and mind. The rooms were created with the guests’ needs in mind. You will find your resting place in their elegant double quarters, studios, and suites. In 1984, the first Lanserhof in Tyrol opened its doors. Because of its holistic view to naturopathy and modern medicine, the resort has been a pioneer in Europe since then.

The Lanserhof team has created a future-oriented and unique health definition based on decades of research: The LANS MED CONCEPT is an insightful synthesis of modern medicine, naturopathy, proven therapy techniques, and cutting-edge scientific science, all delivered in a relaxing environment. This delicate blend is designed to help guests regenerate physically and mentally while also removing unwanted baggage. Lanserhof, as a design, has a one-of-a-kind status of excellence and performance. TheLANS Med Concept is built around the body’s detoxification and deacidification. A body that has been detoxed is one that is able to change. The body, mind, and soul will all benefit from this modern detoxification treatment.

This cutting-edge detoxification treatment encourages the body, mind, and soul to stimulate their natural healing abilities. Today, more than ever, health awareness and regeneration are critical. Only those who are physically fit and mentally fit feel mentally fit.

With treatments tailored to your individual needs, the Lanserhof doctors and specialists will help you live a more vital life.

– Healing & Holistic Medicine Lans
– Lanserhof cure Lans
– Detox Lans
– Nutritional Therapy Lans
– Burnout Therapy Lans
– Fasting Lans
– Pain Therapy Lans
– Dermatologic Natural Cosmetics Lans
– Energy Healing Lans
– Health Centre Lans

Each treatment is provided with the utmost professionalism and consideration. The Detox program at Lanserhof Lans is followed by a physical test in which a team of experts assesses your overall health. Since there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution, each guest needs a unique self-cleaning strategy. Their practitioners recognize coherence between various forms of human beings and their respective constitutions as a result of their many years of practice. Furthermore, they screen for various food intolerances and allergies, as foods that aggravate the body often compromise the immune system and reduce our energy reserves.

Pain management is a highly successful short-term passive physical therapy. The body’s short-term effect of -110 ° C inhibits the nerve’s ability to transmit pain while still acting as an anti-inflammatory agent.
The whole-body ice shock blocks signal to the brain in the nerves and delays the development of inflammatory cells in the blood, similar to an ice pack. Whole-body cryotherapy has a variety of medical applications, including:
– Rheumatism
– Arthrosis
– Sports injuries like tennis elbow or inflammation of the Achilles tendon
– Chronic pain
– Psoriasis and atopic dermatitis
– Burnout syndrome, depressions, insomnia
– Age- or stress-related functional limitations of the immune system

The Lanserhof recognizes the value of skin and has developed Lans, a line of customized skin treatments tailored to your skin type. Their medical cosmetics help to regenerate the skin while still giving it a natural glow. Lanserhof Lans specializes in skin care for both men and women. Individualized facial and body procedures aid in the detoxification process and help to reduce hyperpigmentation and fatty tissue.

Many of the therapies mentioned above have been developed and tested to ensure that they are effective in improving physical and mental health. The Lanserhof will change your perspective on life by instilling mindfulness and guiding you to appreciate individual moments. You can gain control and learn to fully appreciate things and people as a result of this deliberate effort. Furthermore, you will be able to split problems down into smaller ones, which will aid in their resolution.

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