The Vivamayar has many centers in different locations. This health center in Altaussee, Austria, offers stunning views of the Austrian Alps and the clean waters of Lake Altaussee. Their UK center, located in the heart of Mayfair in central London, provides a beautiful and tranquil retreat. At the prestigious address of The Hamerling building in the 8th district, VIVAMAYR offers its guests and patients top-class therapy and treatment to optimize their health and strengthen their immune systems.

Vivamayar Medical Center Modern Mayr Medicine originated in Maria Wörth. These facilities, surrounded by natural habitat and with stunning views of Lake Wörthersee, will provide the ideal environment for healing and growth. Spa and leisure activities are available at the Vivamayar facilities, including a saltwater indoor pool, indoor saunas, infrared saunas, and a gym. Our cosmetics department offers beauty treatments as well as magnificent panoramic views of our charming location.

Vivamayar does not only use modern complementary medicine but rather combines it with traditional diagnostics and therapies, according to F.X. Mayr. The first step is to address your condition, followed by proper nutrition, exercise, and improved mental awareness to help you shape your new life.
The center provides the most effective and up-to-date treatments, such as:

Medical Treatments
Their medical analysis and treatment are highly personalized, and their multidisciplinary team is committed to your comfort and daily well-being.

Water Therapy
Kneipp treatments are an important component of the therapy. The VIVAMAYR program includes hydrotherapy, which is both effective and enjoyable.

Movement Therapy
Physical activity is important in reducing modern stressors. You will receive a customized program designed specifically for long-term practice and enjoyment.

Lab Infusions
A stressful lifestyle depletes the body of vital minerals, trace elements, and vitamins. Our infusions replenish the system.

Massage Therapy
Massage aids in detoxification and the release of specific mind-body blockages. They are an essential component of VIVAMAYR therapy.

Oxygen Therapy
You can achieve higher levels of fitness and vitality by using complementary methods used by top athletes.

The Vivamayar Classic Program includes a variety of examinations and treatments that serve as the foundation for happiness and rejuvenation. All additional therapies are discussed individually with the doctor, depending on your needs and wants. When you book the Classic Program, you will receive the following services:

– Initial medical examination
– Final medical examination
– Daily medical manual abdominal treatments
– Functional Myo diagnostics
– Acid-base and mineral nutrient analysis
– Free radicals (FRAS) and biological antioxidant capacity (BAP)
– Metabolic analysis
– Body impedance analysis
– Urine analysis
– Individualized dietary plan that takes into account any food sensitivities
– Nutrition counseling
– Massage therapy
– Electrolysis foot bath
– Hydrotherapy
– Cryotherapy
– Yoga therapy/movement therapy with sports scientists
– Group activities such as morning workouts, Nordic walking, and hikes

Medical lectures
The center begins by clinically examining the client so that our doctors can get an overall picture of their current state of health. The doctors investigate what is harming your body and draw out a plan that can best support and stimulate your health.

Your initial examination is followed by a multitude of other tests and examinations at VIVAMAYR:
– The outcome of an acid-base and mineral nutrient analysis performed via blood test allows them to individually balance your body by administering mineral nutrients.
– At rest, the metabolic analysis determines the ratio of fat-burning to carbohydrate burning. The body impedance test analyzes the distribution of fat, muscles, and water in the body. This allows for better planning of sports therapy and more precise nutrition recommendations.
– Simple urine analysis of the most important metabolic parameters is also included, allowing doctors to detect any infections you may be suffering from.

You will be able to overcome the stresses of everyday life and increase your productivity with the new VIVAMAYR Stress Control Program. It teaches tried-and-true techniques for dealing with mental stress, allowing the body to deal with stressful situations more effectively. A number of medical studies have shown that the therapies used have a positive effect. The Vimayar offers a weight management program that will help you achieve your ideal weight. The evidence-based program will determine your potential. The health experts will assign a program that optimally supports your body to help you achieve your desired weight.

This includes a combination of medical care, long-term nutritional advice, and a variety of other types of therapy to improve your activity, mobility, and self-healing abilities.

  • Address VIVAMAYR Maria Wörth, Seepromenade 11, 9082 Maria Wörth, Austria