The Sanctuary Byron Bay is specializing in treating addiction and mental illnesses, the Byron Bay Sanctuary is a private therapeutic retreat and rehabilitation clinic. They treat alcoholics, opioid addicts, anxiety, sadness, grief, trauma, eating disorders, and chronic pain. Located in Byron Bay on Australia’s east coast, it is famous for its sandy beaches, sub-tropical rainforests, and spectacular mountain ranges. Being the ideal place for clarity and development, visitors from all around the world flock to Byron Bay.

Warm weather is due to a sub-tropical temperate zone; summers are hot and winter days are bright while the nights are chilly. Residents of Byron Bay are known for their warmth, hospitality, and relaxed demeanor. Recovery is ensured best with the critical role that the environment plays; it’s why this location was picked by the rehab. Our location in the Northern Rivers region is really stunning. Outside your door, you’ll find a broad range of settings, ecosystems, and activities, and the natural world’s stunning beauty is easily and frequently accessible. At the Sanctuary Byron Bay, each guest gets their own private home, which is fully furnished with everything necessary for a pleasant and healing stay.

A diverse team of professionals in the healthcare sector is guided by a desire to assist and encourage those in need. All practitioners are trained or licensed and have a thorough understanding of the profession’s requirements, for they carry their duties with diligence and dignity, knowing that they are dealing with human life and wellbeing.

Investment in the teamwork, support, and preparation that various professionals need is a top priority as a cohesive and organized team.

The Sanctuary Byron Bay is a leading rehab with the one-on-one treatment of the following issues:

– alcoholism;
– opioid abuse, including prescription drug addiction;
– detoxification;
– gambling and other addictions;
– anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder management;
– pain management;
– sadness and loss;
– general stress and post
-traumatic stress

They can also provide the following:
– weight management programs;
– family programs or just family participation in programs;
– quitting smoking programs.

The sanctuary provides comprehensive, well-coordinated care to assist you in regaining your health and happiness. Prior to beginning your treatment program, a consultation is conducted to obtain a more accurate assessment of your health as well as an idea of what can be accomplished in various time periods. When you want to proceed, we will also contact some of your current treating practitioners with your consent to get a better understanding of your treatment history and needs before you arrive. The treatment is given one-on-one to each client, who receives personalized attention and care.

The curriculum will include the most recent and effective healing techniques, and it will be dynamic in order to remain effective as the condition improves. Employing a variety of interventions and procedures, including psychotherapy, bodywork, body coordination, diet, and other therapies, the clinical team works from both a medical and complementary health perspective.

The Sanctuary Byron Bay offers a variety of therapies, like medical practitioners, including physicians and registered nurses. Psychotherapy and physiotherapy as well as massage therapy are included. They also provide shiatsu, qigong, and deep tissue;

– Acupuncture;
– Yoga and Meditation;
– Personal fitness training;
– Personal care; and
– Personal chef/nutritionist.

Some patients require additional modalities and those can be requested and integrated into each program. Some of the additional modalities are:

– Psychiatric review
– Craniosacral Therapy
– Naturopathy
– Kinesiology
– Reflexology
– Osteopathy
– Pilates
– Dentistry

Your own team of therapists and personal support staff will accompany you during your stay. Said team typically consists of 12 to 15 therapists and personal workers, including carers, physicians, nurses, psychotherapists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, yoga instructors, acupuncturists, and, if required, naturopaths and psychiatrists, as well as any other therapies considered suitable for your customized program. We help our clients by adding fun, guiding them to engage in their surroundings, and discover greater meaning in their lives. To rekindle enthusiasm for being a part of a living, preserving the environment, and promoting involvement, a variety of activities is encouraged.

The aforementioned activities include dance, painting, martial arts, and music, which foster creativity and concentration. A balanced diet is a vital part of your overall health, so you will be served fresh ingredients and all menus will be prepared to nourish and fortify your body.

The rehab also understands the value of having a pet companion, so it has a pet-friendly policy that must be scheduled in advance.

  • Person Intake Manager - Barbara Ellan
  • Address Address: 17 Tasman Way, Byron Bay NSW 2481, Australia