Vertava Health is a prominent national behavioral health system for mental health and substance use disorders, offering a comprehensive continuum of services tailored to each individual’s unique requirements at various stages of their health and recovery.

At every level of care, we use evidence-based therapy modalities and integrate digital health tools to improve and amplify clinical outcomes. Vertava Health, formerly Addiction Campuses, has expanded to encompass a nationwide network of accredited inpatient and outpatient facilities, a virtual care platform, and a national network of healthcare professionals.

A compassionate and experienced staff of licensed physicians, nurses, therapists, case managers, counselors, and recovery coaches make up Vertava Health. We can provide tailored treatment plans, extensive case management, and a variety of didactic, therapeutic, and experiential activities to foster active participation, practice, dedication, and community because we have a diverse team of professionals.

We provide a continuum of treatment to address the needs of patients at various phases of healing and rehabilitation. For mental health care, in-person outpatient treatment, as well as virtual treatments, are accessible. Patients will engage with a certified therapist one-on-one to learn how to manage and minimize symptoms. Substance abusers can get help at all stages of therapy, from acute detox to outpatient options like telemedicine. Our substance abuse treatment choices follow the criteria and guidelines of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) to not only select the appropriate placement for each individual but also to deliver the most effective care.

Several Vertava Health treatment centers provide inpatient treatment programs that are tailored to each individual’s needs. This sort of treatment allows the person to be completely involved in the treatment environment while yet receiving the tailored addiction treatment services that are required for a good outcome.

As a result, most people seeking treatment for drug or alcohol abuse will benefit from inpatient care. Vertava Health’s sort of treatment allows the individual to be fully involved in the treatment environment while yet receiving the tailored addiction treatment services required for a successful outcome.

Behavioral therapy, for example, is one of the most popular types of therapy. Participants at Vertava Health can use techniques like cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) to interrupt the cycle of negative thought patterns and destructive actions. Once this habit is disrupted, new, positive thought patterns and productive behaviors can take their place, resulting in reduced substance misuse.

Because addiction is a disease of persistent relapse, it’s fairly uncommon for folks in early recovery to have at least one relapse. Vertava Health assists patients in finding aftercare services, including local treatment centers that provide outpatient care, medication management at a local treatment center or at home when necessary, alumni support, 12-step support groups, and more.

Patients will also participate in a variety of evidence-based co-occurring disorder therapies at Vertava Health. For example, cognitive behavioral therapy is intended to assist patients in challenging detrimental thought processes that perpetuate these illnesses and promote their dysfunctional relationships. Patients will also discover better coping techniques in therapy that they can apply to their recovery life.