For those suffering from substance use disorders, the Urban Recovery Center provides top-notch medical care and evidence-based treatment. Urban Recovery is a waterfront bar and restaurant in Red Hook, Brooklyn, including a rooftop lounge with views of the Statue of Liberty and the New York Bay. The five-story structure has 36 inpatient beds (including six detox beds) and offers private residential treatment for a variety of co-occurring disorders.

Urban Recovery takes a multidisciplinary, evidence-based strategy. Medication-assisted treatment (MAT), seeking safety therapy, and DBT are examples of treatments. Following detox, participants will get 35 hours of weekly counseling treatment. This covers 7 days of group counseling and 1 hour of individual counseling every week. This intense treatment allows the client to jumpstart their recovery and work each day to improve their situation.

Urban Recovery features a full-time staff of psychiatrists, counselors, and wellness professionals in spirituality, arts, and fitness, as well as 24-hour nursing. An in-house chef, exercise center, music studio, art room, and private rooftop deck are all available on site. Yoga and Pilates classes are available with expert instructors. CARF-accredited Urban Recovery is a for-profit organization.

Withdrawal symptoms are frequent when someone stops using drugs or alcohol. These symptoms are alleviated by the detox professionals at Urban Recovery. They assist the patient in completing a safe and comfortable detox process. Staff members seek to reduce the risk of relapse and facilitate the transition into long-term addiction treatment. Our highly qualified team collaborates to provide clients with the greatest treatment experience possible.

If an addict completes detox but does not seek additional addiction treatment, they are most likely to relapse. After detox, the Short-Term Residential program at Urban Recovery is an important next step in ensuring a steady transition into long-term recovery.

Clients will receive 35 hours of counseling treatment each week in addition to round-the-clock, 24-hour addiction treatment at Urban Recovery. This covers 7 days of group counseling and 1 hour of individual counseling every week. This intense treatment allows the client to jumpstart their recovery and work each day to improve their situation.

At Urban Recovery detoxification happens when the body works to rid the system of waste toxins caused by excessive, long-term alcohol intake. Alcohol detox is frequently supported by medicine, medical supervision, and counseling in a therapeutic setting at Urban Recovery.

Tapering, or gradually weaning off of benzodiazepine use, is a popular technique to start a benzodiazepine detox. It’s better to complete this detox with the help of a doctor so that just little amounts of benzos are removed each day, providing your body the best chance to rid itself of them and withdrawal symptoms can be controlled appropriately. The best-in-class medical staff at Urban Recovery will make the detoxification process as painless as possible.

Opioid detox is a medical procedure for removing opioids from the body. Medical supervision, drugs to help with withdrawal symptoms, and regular monitoring are all provided during inpatient detox in a treatment facility. Inpatient opioid detox is the safest and most likely to be successful in the short and long term.

When you come to Urban Recovery, one of our intake coordinators will warmly meet you. They will give you with all of the necessary documentation for admittance and will assist you with it.

After that, one of Urban Recovery’s compassionate nurses will assess your vitals and ask you about your medical history, including any drugs you’re taking. A urine sample will be requested by the nurse in order to determine the substances present in your system and to better guide and educate your detox and treatment needs. The staff will then perform an inventory of your personal belongings to confirm that they comply with our policies, and will keep your valuables safe in the safe.