The River Source is a detox and addiction treatment center spread across different areas of the U.S. to offer high-quality and easy access to people needing support. The treatment team providing care to patients at The River Source understands how addiction can inflict a high amount of suffering and pain in life. Hence, it uses an integrative approach to help them heal through evidence-based treatments combined with naturopathic care. With an inpatient campus in Arizona City and an outpatient campus in Gilbert, the rehab claims to create a comfortable and safe place for everyone to observe and practice long-term recovery and accept everyone without discrimination.

Why Choose The Riversource Rehab?

For people who are confused about whether or not they should join The River Source Rehab, the facility holds the following critical qualities in its favor:


A reputable and reliable addiction treatment center always holds valid certifications by national organizations and state licensing to ensure quality care. In the case of The River Source, the facility backs its claims of delivering high-quality, evidence-based care and treatment through its accreditation by The Joint Commission. Moreover, it also holds a license from the Department of Health Services. Other freely working websites, such as LegitScript, also recognize it as a legitimate center.

Staff License and Credentials

It is imperative to look at the credentials and licenses held by the staff members as they prove that those providing care to patients in need have enough training and experience to kickstart their recovery journey correctly. To ensure that each patient receives empathetic and professional care, each therapist at The River Source Treatment Center holds at least a master’s degree. Most of these staff members also have licenses from the Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners. The clinicians may be up to the ranks of Ph.D. while some hold specialized certifications and training, such as EMDR.

Multidisciplinary Treatment Team

The River Source Arizona City offers a multidisciplinary team of individuals covering a broad range of specialists to target all patients’ mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional needs. Ensuring a target expert-to-client ratio of 1:10, the team at River Source consists of the following experts:

  • Naturopathic medical doctors
  • Licensed master or independent licensed clinicians
  • Registered nurses
  • Medical doctors
  • Psychologist
  • Smart recovery facilitation
  • Psychiatrist
  • Psychiatric nurse practitioners
  • Case management
  • Massage therapist
  • 12-step facilitation

Implementation of Evidence-Based Practices

The River Source Treatment Center claims to use evidence-based practices backed by scientific research to guarantee recovery for its clients. Some of these treatments include the following:

  • 12-step programming
  • Case management
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Individual and group therapy
  • Trauma-informed care

Specialized Programs

Experts at The River Source understand that everyone fighting addiction needs different treatment programs and facilities, and a cookie-cutter approach to care is not feasible in such circumstances. Hence, the rehab claims to provide a program tailored to each client’s needs. It includes different specialty services, such as a 12-step modality, naturopathic medicine, and continuing care to support clients in achieving sobriety and maintaining it for years.

Recovery Guarantee

Recovery guarantee lies at the heart of treatment at The River Source. Suppose someone who completes treatments at the rehab relapses within a year. In that case, the rehab welcomes them back to the program again at no additional expense as it believes in the provision and efficacy of long-term treatment. Moreover, it also aims to provide care to everyone regardless of any financial constraints.

The Process of Treatment at The River Source

Those interested in seeking help from The River Source can expect to go through the following sequence of events to seek support and treatment.

Making Contact

To get help from The River Source, a potential client must make the first step by contacting the rehab team. For this purpose, the rehab offers free consultations over the telephone throughout the week at all hours. A dedicated team of experts is available to take these calls and answer any client’s questions before committing to one of the addiction treatment programs. These experts also thoroughly understand each person’s problems and unique situations and use this information to evaluate how addiction is affecting their lives. Furthermore, they offer guidance on how to go around with the application process to join the rehab.

Getting Assessment

Following the initial contact with The River Source, interested people can complete an application online or by phone. These applications can help the rehab team better understand the type of medical or clinical services a person requires during recovery. Moreover, it can also tell if the facility has enough resources to provide them with the best recovery results. The rehab also verifies insurance plans and coverage as a part of this process and offers affordable private pay and other financing options to those without insurance. A welcome package is provided to everyone, which includes information about their recovery.

Starting Treatment

All patients have different treatment plans at The River Source, as their circumstances differ. The rehab offers individualized treatment plans depending on the needs of each client. These programs may include one or more of the following:

  • Detox: These services provide 24/7 clinical and medical support in a closed environment while allowing clients to slowly cleanse their bodies and get rid of all traces of drugs from the system.
  • Residential: This includes treatment while staying on campus in a rigorous environment.
  • PHP: This program allows clients to spend 36 to 40 hours weekly in an outpatient facility for recovery services.
  • IOP: This program engages clients in recovery activities for 9 to 10 hours weekly.
  • Lifetime Alumni Program: This program is for patients who have completed an entire course of treatment at The River Source but wish to remain connected for lasting recovery and support.


Will patients get individual counseling at The River Source?

Personalized treatment plays a critical role in the recovery programs at The River Source. Because each individual has unique circumstances, they are subjected to individual therapy, where they work alongside experts to identify and work on their problems.

Does The River Source accept any insurance?

All campuses accept insurance to pay for treatment at The River Source. The rehab is currently associated with around 40 different insurance providers. The best way to find out if a particular insurance company works with the rehab is by calling the rehab for free insurance verification.

How long does treatment last in The River Source?

The treatment team at The River Source Treatment Center acknowledges the uniqueness of each person’s struggle with addiction and mental health issues. It provides a full continuum of care, including both inpatient and outpatient treatments, but emphasizes the importance of engaging in more extended stays. In general, a patient who opts for this whole continuum of care stays with the ward for up to 150 days, of which approximately 30-37 days are spent in inpatient care while the rest are spent in outpatient services. However, this may vary from one person to another.

Can friends, family members, and loved ones visit patients getting treatment at The River Source?

For the first week, the rehab does not allow family and friends to visit as it aims to help people concentrate on their recovery with minimal distractions. However, loved ones are free to contact the staff to receive updates on patient progress if they consent to releasing their personal information. After seven to ten days, patients are allowed visitors during scheduled times.

What is the success rate at The River Source?

According to rehab, people who join the center witness up to a 35% increase in their recovery chances with an 86% decrease in relapse risk. However, because each recovery journey is different, success may vary from one person to another. The River Source team closely connects with their clients even after treatment. It provides them with various tools to monitor different aspects of recovery, such as financial stability, improved family ties, etc. These regular assessments by the rehab also allow clients to identify potential pitfalls and steer clear of triggers.

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