Ambrosia Treatment Center is a highly regarded addiction treatment facility that provides comprehensive and individualized care to individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction. Founded in 2009, Ambrosia has become a trusted name in addiction treatment, with a reputation for providing high-quality, evidence-based care to those in need.

Located in beautiful and serene locations across the United States, Ambrosia Centers offer a warm and welcoming environment where individuals can feel safe and supported as they begin their journey toward recovery. Each location boasts its scenery and has different facilities. From the tranquil shores of Florida to the rolling hills of Pennsylvania, it provides the perfect backdrop for individuals to focus on their healing and well-being.

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At Ambrosia rehab, the focus is on treating the whole person rather than just the addiction. The highly skilled and compassionate team of medical professionals, therapists, and support staff work together to develop customized treatment plans for each individual based on their requirements and circumstances. These plans may include various therapies and holistic treatments such as meditation, yoga, and acupuncture to help individuals heal on all levels – physically, mentally, and spiritually.

The rehab understands that addiction is a complex and multifaceted disease, so their treatment approach is multidisciplinary and integrative. In addition to traditional therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and group counseling, they also offer cutting-edge treatments such as neurofeedback and brain mapping, which can help individuals better understand their addiction and how to overcome it.

One of the hallmarks of Ambrosia is its commitment to ongoing support and care. Their alum program offers ongoing support and resources to individuals long after they have completed treatment, providing a lifeline of support and accountability as they navigate recovery challenges. This level of support is crucial for long-term success, as it helps individuals stay connected to a community of peers who understand their struggles and can offer guidance and encouragement along the way.

Levels Of Care At Ambrosia Rehab Florida

Ambrosia Treatment Center in Florida offers various addiction treatment programs that provide a continuum of care. The different levels of care at Ambrosia include:


 Detox is the first step in the treatment process and involves medically supervised withdrawal from drugs or alcohol. Ambrosia’s detox program is staffed by medical professionals who provide 24/7 monitoring and support to ensure a safe and comfortable detoxification experience.

Residential treatment

After detox, individuals may enter the residential treatment program, which provides a highly structured and supportive environment for intensive treatment. The program includes individual and group therapy, educational sessions, and recreational activities to help individuals learn new skills and coping strategies to support their recovery.

Partial hospitalization program (PHP)

The PHP program is for individuals who have completed residential treatment but still require high support and structure. Participants in the PHP program attend therapy sessions and other activities during the day and return to a sober living environment at night.

Intensive outpatient program (IOP)

The IOP program is a step down from PHP. It is suitable for individuals who have completed higher levels of care but still require ongoing support and treatment. It includes individual and group therapy sessions and may involve participation in 12-step groups or other support groups.

Outpatient program

The outpatient program is the least intensive care offered at Ambrosia West Palm Beach, Florida. This program is designed for individuals who have completed higher levels of care and are transitioning back to their normal lives while still receiving ongoing support and treatment. Participants in the outpatient program attend therapy sessions and other activities on a part-time basis.

Why Choose Ambrosia West Palm Beach For Treatment

If you have a loved one struggling with addiction, it can be a difficult and overwhelming experience for you and your family. However, joining Ambrosia Florida can give your loved one the tools and resources they need to overcome addiction and achieve lasting recovery. Here are a few reasons why your loved one should consider joining the rehab:

  • Comprehensive treatment: Ambrosia offers various scientifically-backed treatments and therapies to address addiction’s physical, psychological, and emotional aspects. They provide a holistic approach to treatment, addressing not just the addiction but also the underlying causes and contributing factors.
  • Experienced professionals: The staff at Ambrosia Rehab are experienced and compassionate professionals dedicated to helping individuals achieve lasting recovery.
  • Safe and supportive environment: Ambrosia Treatment Center provides a safe and supportive environment where individuals can focus on healing and recovery. The facilities are welcoming, with amenities like fitness centers, outdoor spaces, and comfortable living accommodations.
  • Family resources and support: Addiction is a family disease, and the center understands the importance of family involvement in recovery. The rehab provides different family resources and support, including counseling, family therapy, and weekend programs. These resources can help you and your family understand addiction and learn how to support your loved one in their recovery.
  • Ongoing support: Ambrosia offers ongoing support and resources to individuals long after they have completed treatment. Their alum program provides a community of support and accountability, helping individuals stay connected to peers who understand their struggles and can offer guidance and encouragement.

In addition to these reasons, the treatment center also provides other resources and support to help individuals and families navigate the recovery process. These include educational resources, online support groups, and access to a network of local recovery resources.


Does Ambrosia Rehab accept referrals?

Ambrosia accepts referrals from healthcare providers, therapists, and other professionals. Call their admissions team to refer someone to the rehab or complete a referral form on their website. The admissions team will follow up with the individual to assess and determine their treatment needs.

What types of addiction does Ambrosia West Palm Beach treat?

The South Florida drug rehab treats various addictions, including alcoholism, opioid addiction, stimulant addiction, and addiction to other substances. They also offer programs for individuals with co-occurring issues that may contribute to drug use.

Does Ambrosia Rehab Florida offer dual diagnosis treatment?

Ambrosia offers treatment programs for individuals struggling with co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders. These programs address the complex interplay between addiction and mental health and provide comprehensive care and support to help individuals achieve lasting recovery.

How much does the treatment cost?

The cost of treatment at Ambrosia can vary depending on the individual’s needs and circumstances, as well as the type and length of the program. The rehab accepts most insurance plans and can work with individuals to develop payment plans and financing options to make treatment more affordable and accessible.

Does Ambrosia Florida provide treatment for pregnant women?

Yes, Ambrosia Treatment Center specializes in treating pregnant women struggling with addiction. They offer medically assisted detoxification and evidence-based therapies and treatments to support the health of both the mother and the baby.

What is the relapse prevention program at Ambrosia?

 The relapse prevention program at Ambrosia Rehab helps individuals identify and address the triggers and underlying causes of their addiction. It includes education and skills training, as well as ongoing support and resources so that individuals can stay sober and prevent relapse.

How long does treatment last at Ambrosia Treatment Center?

 The length of treatment for Ambrosia varies depending on the individual’s needs and circumstances. Detoxification may take a few days to a week, while residential treatment may last several weeks to several months. Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) and intensive outpatient programs (IOP) may last several weeks to months, depending on the individual’s progress and needs. Depending on the individual’s needs, outpatient treatment may last several months to a year.

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