First Steps Recovery is a popular addiction treatment based in Clovis, California. The rehab is committed to providing comfort and safety while supporting clients towards recovery by offering full-continuum programs for addiction management. The facility claims to provide clients with all sources they require to overcome their addictions to drugs and alcohol. Moreover, they also equip them with tools to learn how to start enjoying life once again. Regardless of what an individual is addicted to, the extensive range of programs at the First Steps Recovery treatment center can help them live without dependence on substances.

The experts at First Steps Recovery understand that true sobriety extends beyond practicing abstinence and involves healing the mind, body, and soul together. Hence, these treatment specialists carefully guide every client through transitioning back to an addiction-free life for a wholesome and long-term recovery. Each staff member at the First Steps Recovery rehab has been specially trained to provide compassion and judgment-free care.

What is Offered at First Steps Recovery?

At First Steps Recovery, Clovis, California, you have a variety of treatment options to choose from. Some of these options include:


Upon arrival at the facility, each client will be provided with comfortable accommodation and access to all on-site facilities, such as board games, televisions, outdoor space, and other recreational activities. The first 24 hours in every First Step detox program are critical; each client is constantly monitored by one or more detox specialists every 20 to 30 minutes. Medical interventions are also available to reduce discomfort associated with withdrawal as and when needed. The goal of detox at First Steps Recovery is to reduce as much discomfort and pain as possible, help clients relax, and manage individual symptoms accordingly.

As withdrawal symptoms begin to subside, clients can use the amenities at the campus and socialize with other residents. All clients receive comprehensive medical care in a calming atmosphere throughout the detox program. Client comfort and safety are the top priority, and the experts continue to monitor them until they are out of the danger zone and ready to enter their formal treatment.

Inpatient Program

The inpatient program at 1st Step rehab offers patients long-term treatment during which they live on-site for therapy. This allows them to benefit the most from a highly individualized and high-quality treatment program that involves constant monitoring by treatment experts, physicians, experienced clinicians, detox experts, and nurses.

Even though every inpatient program is personalized, it mainly comprises a combination of evidence-based psychotherapy and counseling. Other holistic approaches and supplemental treatments are available to address the client’s needs broadly.

Intensive Outpatient Program

The intensive outpatient program at First Steps Recovery is perfect for people who are engaged in their job duties or are raising a family and hence, cannot leave their homes for weeks to get addiction treatment. These programs include group therapy sessions, psychotherapy, and other holistic offerings like art therapy, equine therapy, and music therapy to make a recovery quicker and easier.

Online Programs at the First Step Recovery Centers

First Steps Treatment Center now offers online programs for clients who cannot travel to the facility to undertake them. These online programs are of different types, including:

Online Partial Hospitalization/ Intensive Outpatient Programs

Clients who enroll in this program at First Steps Recovery will get access to all amenities and therapies offered by their inpatient counterparts. The only difference is that this access will be through a smartphone or a computer. Some key features of these programs include:

  • One-on-one virtual case management
  • Virtual medical consultation
  • Online addiction management in a one-on-one setting
  • Online First Steps Café (a platform to connect with others in the program)
  • Online Clinical Group Sessions (featuring up to 12 clients in a single session

Family Therapy

Family therapy allows clients to achieve recovery with their loved ones’ support. At First Steps Recovery, all family-based interventions are offered online through a virtual space which is more convenient for everyone. Some key features of family therapy include:

  • Online Family Support Café to connect with family members of other clients
  • Online family support meetings, conducted once a week

Alumni Programs

Alumni programs at First Steps Recovery include meetings and activities for the old graduates, allowing them to access community support more efficiently. The program includes:

  • Online support meeting, conducted once a week
  • Online Alumni Support Café to connect with other alumni members


How long will I have to stay at the First Steps rehab?

The time required to complete an addiction program at the First Steps Recovery varies depending client’s needs and response to treatment. However, an estimated timeline has been mentioned below depending on the type of program:

  • The detoxification program lasts for a minimum of 7 days and chiefly depends on the type of substance a client is detoxing from
  • Residential treatment lasts for 30 days or more depending on the authorization policy and insurance company
  • A partial hospitalization program lasts for 20 days or depending on the authorization policy and insurance company
  • The intensive Outpatient Program continues for 60 days or more, depending on the authorization policy and the insurance company.

To get an estimate on the duration you’ll be spending at the rehab, get in touch with the admissions team.

Can I keep in touch with my family once I enter residential treatment?

First Steps Recovery does not permit its clients to carry mobile phones on the premises. It provides a landline number for clients to connect with family members. Each client can call their loved ones up to three times a week only if their relationships are supportive, healthy, and beneficial for recovery. Calls may be unapproved for clients not on good terms with their family members. Similarly, phone calls may also be denied to clients who are not behaviorally compliant with the rehab rules. The family may also be denied the right to call if the client requests it.

Does First Steps Recovery Fresno offer alumni services?

Clients who complete their treatment at the First Steps Recovery program are regularly invited to join the rehab’s alumni program. This program includes multiple recovery graduates of the same rehab who participate in their meetings and events intended for alumni. As alumni, these clients can benefit from special events and services exclusively available to those who have previously been enrolled in the treatment center. The purpose of establishing and continuing this program is to maintain relationships with former residents, support them to keep practicing sobriety and provide them with social events and fun activities to participate in.

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