Paracelsus Recovery-The Most Expensive Rehab Center In The World

Paracelsus Recovery is a luxury addiction and mental health clinic providing seven-star facilities to its clients as the world’s most expensive rehab. With a team of more than fifteen doctors and therapists, this discreet facility focuses on one client at a time to provide highly individualized care plans. Clients can choose between their centers in Switzerland and the United Kingdom, where world-renowned experts ensure their recovery and adequate healing. The care teams work up to 12 hours daily with clients in an exclusive setting in luxury penthouses and apartments. Facilities like a private maid and chef, concierge services, access to spa and wellness centers, etc., are also provided to make the entire experience luxurious.

Treatment at Paracelsus Rehab Zurich: What Programs are Offered?

Paracelsus rehab currently offers four different types of treatment programs to its clients. The details about these programs, along with their costs, are mentioned below:

4-Week Residential Program

The care team at Paracelsus Recovery provides an exclusive 4-week-long residential treatment program to address multiple addictions and mental illnesses. Each program is tailor-made to suit the client’s unique needs and desires and delivered in a luxurious environment in one of their clinical residences, hotels, or private homes. Before commencing the program, the care team completes a comprehensive physical and medical check, including extensive lab tests and a broad range of assessments. These assessments typically include nutritional and lifestyle assessments, functional medicine, and psychiatric assessments. Based on the results of these tests, the lead doctors curate a treatment plan that spans over four weeks and involves other multidisciplinary team members.

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The cost of a 4-week residential program is CHF 80,000 per week, all-inclusive.

Seven-Day Executive Detox Program

The seven-day detox and restoration program is an intensive program that targets to reverse the damage caused by excessive use of drugs, alcohol, or medications. The program takes place in a safe environment to make the withdrawal process more manageable and alleviate side effects while re-energizing the mind and body. Throughout the detox, experts provide nutritional supplements, regular infusions, and other treatment methods to repair the damage on a cellular level while uplifting the client’s vitality and well-being. Some other elements commonly included in the detox program include fitness training, nutritional counseling, and yoga. Psychoeducation sessions are also provided to cover client-specific issues and other general health issues.

The cost of an executive detox program is CHF 100,000 per week.

Rehabilitation Aftercare Treatment Program

Aftercare at Paracelsus luxury rehab center Switzerland refers to an individualized treatment program implemented after the completion of residential treatment. This program aims to help clients transition back to an environment with potential triggers and other challenges. Some common elements of the rehabilitation aftercare program include the following:

  • Specialized individual therapy
  • Face-to-face or remote sessions with a trained psychiatrist
  • Family and couple therapy
  • Ongoing management of medication and nutritional supplements
  • Physical health management (optional)
  • Comprehensive health management aimed at continuous recovery and illness prevention

The fee for an aftercare program depends on its duration, intensity, and complexity. It usually comes with a therapist who is available 24/7 at clients’ homes or during their travels at a rate of CHF 2000 per day.

Online Treatment Program

For clients who lead busy lives and find it challenging to balance their daily responsibilities with treatment, Paracelsus clinic offers an online treatment program. Through this program, the rehab provides support in a way that suits each client and may include regular and flexible sessions as and when they require it. The team of experts overlooking these programs is well-trained in effectively engaging with clients through online platforms and can help them overcome their specific challenges smoothly. Before an online treatment program commences, each client is matched with a suitable therapist depending on their needs and requirements. The entire program occurs in a discreet setting, and all conversations are kept strictly private.

The price for online programs varies from one client to another. To get a quote, get in touch with the admissions team today.

Types of Accommodations at Paracelsus Klinik

As one of the most expensive rehabs in the world, Paracelsus Recovery offers various types of luxurious accommodations, including:

Exclusive Penthouses

These exclusive penthouses are located on Zurich’s lakefront in a discreet setting to offer complete privacy to the clients. These penthouses are spacious at 250 square meters and luxuriously furnished with all essential clinical and medical infrastructure. Clients can enjoy a magnificent view of the swiss mountains and the beauty of Zurich Lake directly from their window.

Paracelsus Recovery Apartments

The recovery apartments at Paracelsus rehab come with a master bedroom, an attached bathroom, and a separate living area for a live-in psychotherapist. The therapist is available 24/7 to support the client as and when required. There is a fully-equipped kitchen, and each client has access to several rooms designated for treatment, therapy, and entertainment.

Miscellaneous Accommodation Options

Clients who do not wish to live in the recovery apartments or penthouses can live in other accommodations arranged by the rehab. These include lakeside villas, modern penthouses, old-town residences, countryside chalets, and more. 


What conditions are treated at Paracelsus Recovery?

Paracelsus rehab offer treatment programs for the following issues:

  • Mental health conditions, such as depression, stress, phobias, OCD, ADHD, burnout, and anxiety
  • Eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and orthorexia nervous
  • Addictions, including alcohol addiction, prescription drug addiction, illicit drug addiction, behavioral addiction, sex, and love addiction, codependency, and gambling addiction
  • Chronic conditions and disabilities, including long COVID

Is aftercare included in the regular treatment program?

No, Paracelsus Recovery provides aftercare to its clients at an additional cost.

What is the difference between treatment programs in Zurich and London?

Paracelsus Recovery utilizes the same treatment mode in both of its branches. It follows the same principles of treating one client at a time using custom-tailored programs according to their specific needs. In Zurich, most team members are likely to see their clients in their clinical residences, while in London, some appointments take place in private consultation rooms.

Who is included in the care team at Paracelsus Recovery?

At Paracelsus Recovery, clients will have access to a multidisciplinary team to overlook their treatment program. This team includes a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a live-in therapist, nurses, functional medicine specialists, medical doctors, a nutritionist, and more. Moreover, a separate hospitality team includes a personal driver, chefs, housekeepers, and a client relations manager.

Can Paracelsus Recovery help me get a visa?

Paracelsus clinic provides invitation letters for medical visas to any Swiss embassy, likely to speed up the visa application process for its potential clients.

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