Six Senses retreat is a chain of hotels and resorts in various locations and situations. Guests can embark on a discovery journey through the Kingdom’s western and central valleys, celebrating spirituality, culture, and nature. In Europe, you can spend time in France, Portugal, or Turkey. Enjoy the tranquillity of the romantic and beautifully renovated Six Senses Douro Valley, which overlooks vine-covered rolling hills, and the river below Six Senses Residences Courchevel is located in the heart of Courchevel 1850 in the world-famous Three Valleys – ski into the world’s largest linked ski area. Six Senses Kaplankaya is located on the undulating, cypress-clad Aegean coastline and combines cutting-edge wellness with natural beauty and ancient history.

In the Middle East and Africa, visit the Musandam Peninsula, which is home to the extraordinary, village-style Six Senses Zighy Bay and private marina. Alternatively, you can visit the Six Senses Zil Pasyon, an ecological jewel on the private island of Félicité that provides every comfort thanks to its talented chefs and sensational spa.

The Six Senses has enlisted the help of some amazing experts to help us develop the best food, mindful experiences, engaging movement practices, and exceptional sleep infrastructure in the hotel rooms. Wellness is integrated into your entire Six Senses experience, from the food you eat to the way you sleep and the earth beneath your feet. The resort strives to improve every aspect of your stay so that you feel immediate, tangible benefits no matter how long you stay. Handmade mattresses, organic bedding and linens, specialized Sleep programs, and plenty of quality sleep are all available.

Natural, local, and sustainable ingredients, less is more: food that is good for you and the environment. Signature therapies, locally inspired treatments, Alchemy Bars, in-house experts, and Visiting Practitioners are all available. Group and private wellness classes, functional fitness, running trails, and jungle gyms: staying active is beneficial to both the body and the mind. With mindfulness, positive intentions, and appreciation techniques, you can have less stress, clearer thoughts, and more brainpower. Children’s activities that focus on the dimensions of wellness: social, environmental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual.

Six Senses wellness experts will use cutting-edge smart technology to assess your inner health, movement, and sleep patterns, ensuring that your program is tailored to your specific needs. Your screening will reveal any stresses and strains on your body and mind. This non-invasive analysis is quick and easy, and it could be your first step toward making long-term improvements. The readings, along with a discussion of your lifestyle, are used to develop a treatment plan or bespoke multi-day program tailored to your specific needs. The team will create a workout plan that optimizes your training performance while lowering your risk of injury and ensuring your body is aligned. The wellness program includes a variety of holistic and medical treatments that will heal both your mind and body.

Boost Your Immunity
To build a strong body and immune system, it combines key elements such as diet, sleep, and movement.

Mind Your Brain
Mind-focused activities, breathing, journaling, and sleep support are all included to help your brain.

Love Your Heart
A day of reflection to let go of old baggage set new goals, and learn how to connect with one’s heart and what it means.

Movement is emphasized, with high and low-intensity training combined with recovery treatments, meditation, and sleep.

Individualized sleep improvement protocol combining sleep tracker data with a personal consultation, yoga Nidra and meditation, relaxing treatments and amenities, wellness therapies, nutrition advice, and low-intensity training.

Non-invasive yogic cleanse with low-intensity training, detoxifying therapies, and mind-body practices are employed.

Discover Yoga
Hatha yoga, guided meditation, and breathing exercises, as well as signature massages and energy treatments, are all included in private sessions.

Holistic Anti-Aging
Celebrates outer beauty, enhances inner beauty and thrives on brain beauty to combat the effects of lifestyle aging.

Weight Management
Evaluates your current situation before combining cleansing treatments, fitness, and wellness activities, a healthy diet, and practical advice.

Mind Detox
Combine deeply relaxing ancient practices with breathing exercises and healing treatments to declutter your mind.

Ayurvedic Rejuvenation
Boost your energy, fortify your immune system, and learn about Ayurveda, the ancient science of life and longevity.

Mindfulness Journey: Cultivating Inner Peace
Allow your body to rest and return to natural time, where distances are measured by the length of your stride, food is eaten one bite at a time, and your mind is free to wander and the nervous system can shift down into a lower gear.

Self-Care Journey: Nourish Yourself
A soul-nourishing program centered on self-care for the mind and body. While staying at Six Senses, nourish yourself with self-love and care.

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