Cliffside Malibu managed to create an exclusive sanctuary for recovering drug addicts and alcoholics by limiting our enrollment and by offering a myriad of cutting edge treatments. Their state-of-the-art treatment methods are also paired with the talents of acupuncturists, herbologists, massage therapists and holistic medicine practitioners.

A private and secluded Malibu housing provides expansive oceanside views and exclusive access to exciting outdoor undertakings like horseback riding, surfing and hiking.

At Cliffside Malibu the focus is to offer clients all that they will need to truly combat their addictions. The effort that they have put forth in building our private housing has allowed them to offer their guests unparalleled comfort and insurmountable service and attention.

Their selection process for doctors, nurses, and therapists is as meticulous as the one for our trainers, massage therapists, chefs and residential advisors. They do this to ensure that clients have successful recoveries that last for the rest of their lives.

They specialize in treating several mental health issues and addiction.

– Dual Diagnosis (a drug or alcohol addiction combined with a behavioural or mood disorder)
– Eating Disorders including anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Sleep Disorders
– Fibromyalgia
– Panic Disorder
– PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)
– Sex & Love Addiction

– Alcohol Addiction
– Drug Addiction
– Painkillers Addiction
– Cocaine Addiction
– Heroin Addiction
– Pharmaceuticals Addiction
– Methamphetamine Addiction

Cliffside has been praised by many experts for its patient recovery rate. The luxury rehab centre’s CEO, Kelly Stephenson has excelled in the treatment of Substance abuse for over 15 years, helping clients achieve lasting recovery.

Cliffside staff will first offer you a thorough evaluation and assessment to build a solid understanding of your specific case and background. They believe that each person is unique and thus they offer a personalized program. The process begins with a supervised and planned detoxification to rid your body of any toxins. Post detox, you will work with a qualified and experienced therapist who will be devoted to your help. The Cliffside therapist will aim to uncover the underlying causes behind your addiction and also point out any co-occurring issues. They will look to treat the issues using a wide range of evidence-based methods and techniques that include talk therapy, physical therapy, and several activities.

– The Stages of Change (Transtheoretical Psychology)
– One-On-One Therapy
– Interpersonal Neurobiology
– Positive Psychology
– Relapse Prevention Therapy

– Acupuncture
– Massage
– Yoga
– Family Programs
– Personal Training
– Nutrition
– Meditation

Nutrition experts will also prepare a unique diet that will satisfy your nutritional needs. The meals will be delicious and will give you all the nutrition needed for optimal physical and mental health. they take into consideration the taste and the metabolism of each client.

The Cliffside team will create a fresh and dynamic routine to ensure that you enjoy your treatment. They will guide you through physical activities to keep your body fresh and your mind clear. A personal trainer will offer you a program that best suits your body and abilities. They also provide meditation sessions that will help you relax. In addition, you can also enjoy a professional massage or a yoga session.

The Cliffside outpatient program will help you stay in touch and maintain the progress that you make. It can facilitate your transition from a higher level of inpatient care. Cliffside Malibu IOP will meet at the centre daily to undergo a host of treatment activities that will include twice-weekly individual intensive psychotherapy sessions and small group counselling activities.

Cliffside Malibu is a beautiful luxury rehab situated between the Santa Monica Mountains and the Pacific Ocean. The private properties offer serenity at every turn. Scenic views of Malibu and ocean breezes create a sense of calmness and wellness.

The Cliffside facilities are designed to be a safe place for recovery. There is no clinical atmosphere such. The facility is comprised of real homes – beach cabins with all the latest amenities and modern comforts. You will find in all our rooms: top-of-the-line linens; Wi-Fi, flat-screen televisions with cable, satellite, and DVR. Every day will be unique and will include new experiences and different activities.

The Cliffside rehab serves only a small number of people at any one time and has a client to staff ratio of 1:4, which means they have four staff members for each client they serve. This means that you will receive truly personalized attention that will create the foundation for a life of recovery and happiness once you leave the treatment facility.

Cliffside Malibu is also on the cutting edge of addiction research among treatment facilities. They are the only centre that has a full-time addiction researcher whose job is to find the best scientific methods and treatments.

  • Address 29160 Heathercliff Rd #200, Malibu, CA 90265, United States

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