The Meadows Outpatient Center is a chain of rehabilitation centers that works under the Meadows Behavioral Healthcare. As part of an industry leader, this rehab center deals in the treatment of different issues, such as drug and alcohol addiction, intimacy issues, sex addiction, emotional traumas, and eating disorders. Offering a full continuum of programs, clients aiming to join the Meadows Outpatient Center provide personalized treatment plans and services of the same quality as the inpatient programs available in its sister branches. All staff members are highly trained and follow the “Meadows Model” to deliver trauma-informed care and heal a wide range of issues, such as trauma, addiction, and other co-occurring problems.

The Meadows Scottsdale Model For Recovery

The treatment staff at Meadows Outpatient Center follows the Meadow Model, which includes the following:

Developmental History

It focuses on the developmental history of a patient to track their emotional development.

Emotional State

Therapists at Meadows Outpatient Center assess whether a patient’s emotional state is optimal or less than optimal.

Patient Actions

Therapists at Meadows Center identify all patient actions that lead to their relational problems and unmanageability.

Younger Ego

As a part of this step, patients learn when they are triggered or activated into younger ego states.

Residual Energy

In this phase of the model, patients learn that their past gives them residual energy.

Born Valuable

Patients learn that everyone has a value when they are born, in addition to understanding that they are expected to be dependent, vulnerable, open, spontaneous, and imperfect.

Gain Tools

This stage of the Meadows Model helps patients gain tools to keep track of their progress while developing the vocabulary to describe their emotions.

Increased Resiliency

Increased resiliency helps with availability in relationships while allowing patients to live in the present, explore options, create stability, and understand their choices.

What to Expect From Treatment at The Meadows Outpatient Center?

A person considering seeking treatment may find it difficult to imagine what a program may look like. To make the process easier for clients, The Meadows Center offers virtual tours of their physical locations and information on treatment programs and methods. Moreover, it also provides introductions to some staff members that a client will likely encounter during their treatment.

Following is the 8-week curriculum that experts at The Meadows Outpatient Center offer to help clients understand what topics they will cover and how treatment works. The schedule is constantly rotating to help newcomers join the program at any point.

Week One: Boundaries and Communication

Experts at The Meadows believe that as people learn to communicate, they start setting boundaries for containment and protection. When these boundaries are violated emotionally or physically, trauma happens. During week one, experts focus on helping patients learn how to safely communicate and function about themselves and others. Moreover, it helps them identify realistic boundaries and how to set them.

Week Two: Trauma

When a person experiences trauma, it is easy to experience shame related to what happened to them or the feeling that they are unable to stop and change it. Consequently, they may end up developing vulnerability. To avoid this, identifying trauma from the past and analyzing its psychological and physiological effects on development, growth, and brain function is imperative. In week two, experts focus on this aspect to help their patients heal and recover.

Week Three: Shame and Vulnerability

Trauma and the consequent shame can make some people feel too vulnerable and force them to put up walls to stop it. Sometimes, they may turn to addictive behaviors and substances to numb the pain secondary to trauma and shame. To help such people, the curriculum from week three focuses on assisting people to understand shame and acquire tools to be appropriately vulnerable.

Week Four: Addictions and Out Of Control Behaviors

During this week, experts help patients understand how substance use disorder can affect every part of a person and make them realize the intent or reasons behind why they adopt addictive behaviors. Once this is established, patients work on acquiring tools to help with lasting recovery.

Week Five: Mood Disorders

Mood disorders are prevalent in the general population, especially those struggling with unresolved trauma or addiction. These problems are often linked to poor coping skills due to a lack of communication or boundary violations rooted in trauma, vulnerability, and shame. During week five, experts explore different mood disorders along with their symptoms in addition to looking at behavioral modifications that patients can adopt to keep them under control.

Week Six: Loss and Grief

The loss and grief that one feels over their pre-traumatic selves or anything they may have done as a part of their addictive behaviors need addressing before moving on. For this purpose, it is imperative to understand what successful grieving may look like and how support and therapy can lessen the pain associated with it. As a part of the week six curriculum, experts work with patients to explore different facets of loss and grief while examining how to move past them healthily and productively.

Week Seven: Emotions

By processing loss and grief correctly, it is possible to understand emotions that have been denied or shut down. Experts use mindfulness and self-awareness techniques to help the association between one’s feelings and thoughts.

Week Eight: Recovery Management

Healing from trauma, grief, addiction, or any loss requires developing recovery management skills. This may include healthy communication and boundary setting of emotions to manage addictions and mood disorders. Experts from The Meadows use the curriculum from week eight to develop personalized plans for continued wellness, growth, and relapse prevention.


How can I pay for treatment at the Meadows IOP program?

The intensive outpatient programs at the Meadows Outpatient Center accept different payment options. The rehab also works in liaison with other insurance companies. Interested individuals can visit the official website to find the complete list of insurance companies collaborating with the Meadows.

What is the success rate of the treatment programs at The Meadows?

Experts at The Meadows believe no definitive cure exists for any illness. Hence, they offer clients the best chance to practice ongoing recovery and base their success rate on their high rating in three different areas: the number of referrals the center gets from other treatment facilities, the number of alumni suggesting the center to their friends, and family members, and the number of patients referred to the center by medical practitioners.

Will The Meadows Scottsdale involve the family in treatment?

Family involvement remains imperative in treatment at The Meadows, which has fixed time for the family members to visit their loved ones, participate in treatment programs, and attend lectures. Experts at The Meadows also understand that many psychiatric issues, such as addiction, stem from issues and problems within the family; hence, understanding family dynamics while providing them a safe space to communicate and heal.

Who are Senior Fellows at The Meadows?

Senior Fellows at The Meadows Outpatient Center are industry experts with years of experience and research in helping people overcome their underlying issues. These fellows refine the team and educate other teammates, including healthcare professionals, staff members, and even the family members of the patients. These senior fellows directly involve themselves in the formulation of the IOP model.

Who should join the virtual IOP at The Meadows?

With telehealth gaining momentum in today’s world, The Meadows Outpatient Center allows people to seek help remotely without having to visit the center in person. This program is a good option for people who:

  • Need a safe space to heal
  • Wish to enjoy the convenience of a virtual option
  • Cannot travel for treatment

Where is The Meadows Outpatient Center located?

The Meadows is currently working from different locations, such as the following:

  • Address 19820 N 7TH ST. #205
    PHOENIX, AZ 85024,
    United States