Calda Clinic is nestled in a tranquil natural setting on the Gold Coast of Lake Zurich in Switzerland. The Calda Clinic is a private, high-end treatment center that specializes in the treatment of people suffering from depression, trauma, and substance abuse.

Calda Clinic delivers a one-to-one staff-to-client ratio and a highly private residential experience for executive clients, with world-class hotel service. Each client will be treated with the utmost care and attention by their personnel.

The Calda Clinic implements the “CALDA Concept,” an integrated medical treatment method that uses conventional, orthomolecular, and alternative medicines in the service of psychiatry to deliver the best therapies for individuals.

The facilities have been created to provide the best possible environment for rehabilitation and growth. Each room offers complete privacy and comfort to the resident.

The Calda Clinic assembled a team of professionals, including a highly qualified and experienced individual, to ensure that clients receive the best therapies available. The team members are experts in their fields of medicine and share our values of honesty, devotion, and hard work.

The Calda Clinic deals with:

– Addiction
– Affective disorder
– Ageing
– Anxiety disorder
– Burn-out
– Eating disorders
– Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
– Perioperative Destabilization
– Personality disorder
– Phobia
– Postpartum depression
– Stress
– Trauma
– Weakness in competition

Calda Clinic argues that medication is unhelpful in achieving long-term rehabilitation. As a result, the hospital tries to avoid using drugs as much as possible. The Calda Center aims to treat the patient without relying on drugs to help him or her heal. Instead, they develop one-time therapy strategies that are constantly re-invented. In order to better understand its clients, the staff conducts in-depth examinations, including an internal check-up with ECG and abdominal sonography at their private partner facility Bethanien. Additional tests, such as bicycle ergometry or lung radiography, are performed if needed. In cases of addiction, the individual will receive immediate detoxification. In addition, psychiatric Diagnostics is conducted to ascertain your mental state, your personal as well as social anamnesis (medical history), and your addiction and family anamnesis.

The same team is in charge of reaching the correct conclusions and prioritizing your therapy. Each person receives a personalized holistic treatment plan that includes the appropriate therapies, length, technique, and biopsychosocial factors. Treatments for psychiatry and psychotherapy include:
– Intensive psychotherapy (CBT, EMDR, clinical hypnosis)
– Resource activation
– Self-management
– Mood stabilization
– Disorder-specific psychoeducation
– Stress management

For the course of their stay, each client will be accompanied by a personal coach who will serve as a point of contact. This coach is well-trained and has worked in the therapeutic field. The members are in charge of helping the recuperation process 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In the event that unanticipated changes occur throughout rehabilitation, the treatment method will be adjusted to address any difficulties. Orthomolecular medicine (therapy with vitamins, minerals, and trace elements) will also help you heal by providing you with the nutrition you need to function properly. Aspects of complementary and alternative medicine are also incorporated into the treatment. The treatment elements that are most effective:

– Acupressure, acupuncture
– Breath-, Singing- and voice therapy
– Ayurveda
– Movement therapy
– Chrono-therapy
– Coaching of the 12-step program
– Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation CES
– Art and creativity therapy
– Manual therapies
– Meditation and Mindfulness
– Neurofeedback
– Horse-assisted psychotherapy
– Phytotherapy
– Yoga

You will have a good experience with the Calda Clinic therapy that will restore your mind, body, and spirit. Calda’s mission is to provide clients with a life-changing and long-lasting rehabilitation, allowing them to start over and experience happiness and calm.

  • Address In der Hinterzelg 35, Küsnacht, Switzerland