Located in the vibrant city of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Prevail Recovery Center is a rehabilitation center known for providing evidence-based, compassionate treatment to individuals struggling with addiction. With a commitment to personalized support, this center offers specialized care and time-tested treatments to aid those wanting to achieve lasting sobriety.

At Prevail Recovery Center, the focus extends beyond the immediate struggles with substance abuse. The dedicated team goes into the depths of each patient’s history, seeking to examine the underlying traumas and fundamental issues that have shaped their path toward addiction. Such a holistic approach forms the cornerstone of their comprehensive treatment methodology.

Understanding that every patient is different, the center provides various care options to address diverse needs. From mild cases to more severe dependencies, Prevail Recovery guides clients through a personalized recovery process, helping them reclaim control over their lives.

Nurturing Transformation – Prevail Treatment Center’s Vision

At Prevail Recovery Center, the vision goes beyond mere rehabilitation. It encompasses a commitment to providing the highest quality therapeutic services. Recognized as a top-rated drug rehab facility, the center sets itself apart through a visionary approach that prioritizes several aspects that make up its vision, such as:

12-Step Based Approach

Central to Prevail’s vision is a steadfast commitment to a 12-step approach to addiction treatment. Embracing the time-tested principles of the renowned 12-step program, the center acknowledges the significance of a structured and proven methodology in recovery. The approach helps guide individuals through acknowledgment, reflection and sustained sobriety. Prevail firmly believes that the 12-step framework lays the foundation for lasting transformation and empowers individuals to overcome the challenges of addiction.

Treating Multiple Fronts

Crucially, Prevail Recovery Center’s vision extends beyond conventional rehabilitation. The center adopts a holistic perspective, recognizing that true recovery involves treating individuals on multiple fronts—mind, body, and spirit. By addressing the interconnected aspects of an individual’s well-being, Prevail aims to create a personalized treatment experience.

Holistic Healing

The center’s commitment to holistic care reflects a profound understanding of the complex nature of addiction. Prevail acknowledges that successful recovery requires more than just overcoming substance dependence. It involves addressing the underlying factors that contribute to addiction. By embracing a holistic approach, the center endeavors to uncover and heal the root causes of addiction, fostering a sustained and resilient recovery.

In pursuit of its vision, Prevail Recovery Center employs dedicated professionals who share a passion for transformative care. These professionals believe that each individual is unique and, therefore, customize treatment plans to meet the needs of each client. Prevail integrates a diverse range of therapeutic services, from evidence-based therapies to experiential modalities, to ensure a comprehensive and effective approach to recovery.

Comprehensive Addiction Treatment – Addressing A Spectrum Of Dependencies at Prevail Therapy Center

Prevail Recovery Center provides scientifically-backed treatment for various types of addictions. With a commitment to comprehensive care, the center specializes in treating many substance dependencies, recognizing the challenges presented by each addiction. Some of the dependencies treated at the facility are:

Benzodiazepines Addiction

Among the addictions treated at Prevail, benzodiazepines (benzos) occupy a significant focus. These medications, commonly prescribed to manage anxiety and sleep disorders, can lead to dependence and severe withdrawal symptoms. Prevail’s specialized approach caters to individuals struggling with benzo addiction, providing customized programs that address both the physical and psychological aspects of dependency.

Cocaine Addiction

Cocaine addiction, known for its powerful stimulant effects, poses another challenge. Prevail Recovery Center employs evidence-based therapies and personalized interventions to help individuals overcome the grip of cocaine dependency. The center’s comprehensive approach aims to not only manage withdrawal symptoms but also address the underlying triggers contributing to continued use.

Opioid Addiction

The opioid crisis has affected countless lives, and Prevail is dedicated to aiding those battling fentanyl, heroin, oxycodone, and other opioid dependencies. Prevail’s multidisciplinary approach combines medication-assisted treatment, therapy, and counseling to support individuals in breaking free from opioid addiction. Recognizing the severity of opioid withdrawal, the center provides compassionate care to ease the process of detoxification while ensuring a supportive environment for long-term recovery.

Meth Addiction

Methamphetamine addiction is a pressing concern that Prevail Recovery Center addresses with specialized care and customized treatment programs. Methamphetamine, a highly addictive stimulant, poses significant challenges due to its potent impact on the brain and the body. Understanding the intense grip meth can have on individuals, Prevail provides a supportive environment for detoxification, pharmacotherapy, and psychotherapy, ensuring safety and comfort during the critical phase.

Prevail offers a safe space for individuals to explore the underlying issues contributing to their addiction. Through therapy sessions, counseling, and holistic treatments, the center helps individuals address trauma, mental health concerns, and co-occurring disorders linked to their addiction.

Flexible Payment Solutions For Recovery – Prevail Recovery Center’s Payment Methods

Prevail Recovery Center prioritizes accessibility to its life-changing treatment programs by offering flexible payment methods to accommodate individuals seeking addiction recovery services. Some of these payment options are:

  • Insurance Coverage: Prevail Recovery Center accepts various insurance plans to ease the financial burden of treatment. The center collaborates with numerous insurance providers, allowing individuals to utilize their insurance coverage for addiction treatment services. Understanding the complexities of insurance policies, Prevail’s team assists clients in navigating the insurance verification process. Such support ensures that individuals can make the most of their insurance benefits, maximizing coverage for treatment programs.
  • Private Payment Options: Prevail Recovery Center provides private payment options for individuals without insurance coverage or those seeking additional confidentiality. The center offers flexible payment plans and various payment methods, allowing individuals to manage the cost of treatment according to their financial capabilities. Prevail’s transparent billing practices ensure that individuals are fully informed about the costs associated with their treatment, facilitating a smoother financial process.
  • Scholarships or Financial Assistance Programs: To make treatment more accessible to those in need, Prevail Recovery Center may offer scholarships or financial assistance programs. These programs support individuals who face financial constraints but are committed to seeking help for their addiction. The center evaluates each case individually, striving to assist those who qualify for such programs.

Prevail’s commitment to inclusivity and providing many payment options reflects its dedication to making quality addiction treatment accessible to individuals from diverse financial backgrounds. By offering different payment options, Prevail strives to remove financial barriers that might otherwise hinder individuals from seeking the life-changing treatment they deserve.


What therapies are available at Prevail Recovery Center?

Prevail Recovery Center offers various therapies customized to meet individual needs. Therapeutic modalities include cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), motivational interviewing, trauma-informed therapy, family therapy, and holistic approaches like yoga, meditation, and art therapy. These therapies address various aspects of addiction and facilitate holistic healing.

Does Prevail offer relapse prevention and ongoing support?

Prevail Recovery Center places significant emphasis on relapse prevention and ongoing support. The center believes that sustained recovery requires continued guidance and support post-treatment. Prevail equips individuals with relapse prevention strategies, coping mechanisms, and tools necessary to navigate life after rehabilitation. Ongoing support is available through aftercare programs, support groups, counseling, and connections to community resources, ensuring individuals have the necessary support network for a successful recovery.

How can one join the Prevail Recovery Center for treatment?

Joining Prevail Recovery Center for treatment involves a straightforward process. Individuals or their loved ones can initiate contact via phone, email, or the center’s website. Upon contact, an admissions coordinator guides prospective clients through an initial assessment to understand their requirements and determine the most suitable treatment program. The coordinator assists in verifying insurance coverage, discussing payment options, and scheduling an admission date. Prevail’s compassionate team ensures a smooth transition into the treatment program, supporting individuals every step of the recovery.

  • Address 3223 NW 10th Terrace Suite 607, Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States, Florida