Ibiza Calm is providing visitors with personalized treatments for addictions and mental health problems. Ibiza Calm is considered the most personalized addiction rehab and treatment clinic in Spain and Europe for behavioral addictions, mental health problems, and substance abuse. The rehab is situated in the beautiful country of Ibiza, with a pleasant environment, where the sun shines on average 300 days of the year. You’ll be surrounded by the pure turquoise Mediterranean Sea, magnificent beaches, and pinewood forests as you work on your rehabilitation.

The sunny, powerful energy of the island, as well as the calm surroundings, make it an ideal location for an effective relaxing Residential Recovery Treatment. The primary structure is “Can Fruitera,” a 500-year-old Ibizan farmhouse. The mansion is situated on 3-hectare citrus and orange grove estate. This tranquil refuge estate is located in the center of Ibiza, just minutes from various lovely communities and beaches, including Benaras, where you can watch stunning sunsets. There’s ample space for walking, relaxation and contemplation. The orchards provide us with organic fruit, which is used in delicious meals. The nearby village of Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera is titled after our estate.

The Ibiza Calm team consists of highly qualified international staff who provide therapy in both English and Spanish, with many having more than 30 years of experience in addiction treatment. The team pyramid is diverse in terms of credentials and specialty, and it is based on international regulations. Each member is committed to their mission and performs their responsibilities with compassion and care. They want to assist those who are struggling with addiction in regaining control of their physical, emotional, and mental lives. Ibiza Calm’s staff provides excellent service and treatment. Because some members of the Ibiza Calm team have personally recovered from addiction or mental health issues, they beget an understanding of how tough the process can be. The Ibiza Calm recognizes that every person is unique and that not everybody responds to the same type of treatment. As a result, upon your arrival, the staff will conduct a clinical examination to fully understand your needs and concerns.

If detoxification is required, the experts will place you on a medication-assisted plan to help you quit taking drugs as quickly as possible. The team will next construct an individualized treatment plan based on the client’s assessment and needs, which will be discussed with him or her. They use a compassion-based treatment strategy that is non-judgmental and non-blaming, and they offer assistance that promotes dignity and teaches practical self-care. CBT, motivational interviewing, an introduction to 12 step recovery, and other group therapies are among the therapeutic modalities used by the team. This includes physical movement, a healthy balanced diet, and very calm, relaxed, and refreshing properties.

At Ibiza Calm in addition to the multi-occupancy advantages of the comfortable country residence & terrains, visitors will further have a personalized treatment program that involves: → Daily 1-1 therapy → Exclusive access to a private doctor and psychiatrist → Accompanied external business & leisure trips → Enhanced security, as well as our usual guarantees around discretion & anonymity → Access to Skype, email, telephone, etc. for business and family purposes → An appropriate fitness regime within and outside of the grounds → High-class everyday complementary therapies such as Shiatsu & Indian Head Massage → Prepared meal regime employing an in-house chef and dietician → An after service package that also offers a 24 hour live in clinical choice once you finish treatment.

Should a client need support from family, the rehab offers a tailor-made solution where service is also presented for either family members, or personal staff and security. Moreover, Ibiza Calm offers family therapy to improve how family members interact with the client. Ibiza Calm also offers group therapy to assist clients to gain trust and feel more understood and welcomed. To improve physical health, the center incorporates activities such as yoga and meditation, which will also help to create a relaxing atmosphere. During this time, educational lectures are presented to promote awareness and assist customers in growing and learning. Relapse prevention and aftercare programs have been established to help clients use the skills they learned, ensuring that progress is maintained and recovery is long-lasting.

Ibiza Calm treats a wide range of issues including:

Substance addiction
→ Alcoholism
→ Psychoactive addictive drugs
→ Prescription medicine Dependency
→ Cocaine
→ Heroin
→ Methadone
→ Opioids
→ Cannabis
→ Ketamine
→ Ecstasy and MDMA

Behavioural Addiction
→ Sex addiction
→ Gambling
→ Anorexia
→ Bulimia
→ Orthorexia

Mental Health Problems
→ Bipolar disorder
→ Depression
→ Codependency
→ Anxiety disorder

  • Address Carretera San Rafael a Santa Eulalia, Km. 4, 07814 Santa Gertrudis de Fruitera, Balearic Islands, Spa