Ascendant NYC is an addiction treatment rehab run by a team of highly-trained and dedicated healthcare professionals who deliver exceptional care to all patients. The team takes care to respect their patients’ privacy, personal needs, and dignity throughout the course of treatment. Each program takes place in a supportive and safe environment. The rehab team works collaboratively with patients, their physicians, and their families to ensure their well-being and comfort. Each patient gets an individual assessment to ensure that they join a treatment program that tailors well to their needs.

Highlights of Residential Programs at Ascendant New York

Ascendant New York offers treatment care at several levels, including inpatient, detoxification, intensive outpatient, and holistic management. Regardless of the program type, each has the following key characteristics that make them appropriate for all patients.

Personal Attention

The staff members at Ascendant NY understand that every client has a personal recovery journey. Hence, they focus on each patient’s individual well-being and health the minute they enter the rehab. Loved ones and family are also welcome to participate in the recovery plan and support patients in every possible way. Both patients and their families can benefit from comprehensive treatment plans, including yoga, counseling, massage, and group therapy.

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Each Ascendant rehab program focuses on work and home life during their initial assessments and treatment plans. Moreover, the rehab also ensures a high staff-to-patient ratio to ensure enough staff members are available to cater to the needs or concerns of patients during their stay. The admission process at Ascendant is available throughout the week for convenience and ease.

Comfortable Environment

The Ascendant detox programs take place in a safe place that promotes healing in the most comfortable environment. The facility helps clients experience a sanctuary they need to focus on improving. The infrastructure has been designed to maintain a peaceful environment that resonates with a holistic wellness experience. The rehab also has dedicated private areas for examination and consultation and separate places for socializing or exercising.

Ascendant Rehab NYC provides high-quality residential accommodation and three healthy meals daily. A speciality chef prepares the meals in a way that nourishes both mind and body. Additionally, each client has access to snacks all the time. After completing an inpatient program, the rehab supports all patients through in-house appointments to ensure a smoother transition to outpatient care.

Discreet Care

Professionals at Ascendant understand that the decision to join a residential detox facility can be intimidating and stressful. They value their patient’s need for privacy as they continue to work on the most important decision of their life. Moreover, the team offers a unique approach that allows it to access treatment and care in a way that best suits them and their loved ones. All steps of treatment take place in complete privacy. From the minute a client contacts Ascendant until their discharge and even after, the staff maintains complete privacy and protects their personal information.

The treatment plan at Ascendant can vary depending on how personal a client wants it to be. The rehab offers single and double rooms, allowing clients to decide the level of privacy they wish to have throughout treatment. A network of specialists onsite can assist patients in understanding their rights as a patient.

Professional Approach

Patient health and well-being are of paramount importance at Ascendant New York. Each care plan is tailored to fit individual needs and is constantly overseen by a team of clinicians in a supportive and safe environment. The comprehensive approach includes several steps, such as assessments, counseling, treatment, and aftercare planning, ensuring enough resources to promote recovery. The rehab team partners with their clients’ doctors to more accurately determine their needs. Moreover, they also connect with other professionals in different areas, such as Rochester, Brooklyn, Albany, and Buffalo, to assist clients with concerns, such as continued rehabilitation and workplace issues.

Ascendant NYC has many accreditations from professional organizations, attesting to their focus on providing high-quality care. Some of these organizations include the following:

  • National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers
  • New York Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services
  • Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Behavioral Health Care

Why Choose Ascendant NYC?

Ascendant NYC provides the following pointers as reasons to choose this facility for healing and recovery:

Availability of medically-supervised detox

The medically supervised detox at Ascendant New York provides the care that most people struggling with addiction need to manage their withdrawals safely and comfortably

A luxurious place to heal

The campus is well-built and comes with many facilities that make the overall experience comfortable and pleasant.

A unique location

Ascendant Detox NYC operates from the city’s heart, giving clients access to superior care with all facilities nearby.

Good staffing

The rehab has plenty of staff members on its team to ensure that every patient gets the individual attention that they deserve.

A collaborative approach

The treatment team at Ascendant works collaboratively with patients, their providers, and loved ones to craft an individualized plan that works well for them.

A fully-licensed rehab

Ascendant NYC is fully licensed to work as an addiction treatment centre and appoints high-qualified staff with expertise in addiction medicine.

Easy and convenient admissions

The rehab is open seven days a week and allows easy access to new patients even during the evenings.


What is the detox experience like at Ascendant Rehab?

Ascendant New York strives to make the detox experience more comfortable, successful, and safe for its patients. Most people remain onsite for up to 7 days, getting medications and therapies to make withdrawal as comfortable as possible. Round-the-clock attention and supervision are available to monitor their well-being and health. Since every person is different, their treatment plan is according to their circumstances. Family members and primary care physicians can also provide their input to the rehab staff to make the treatment plan more beneficial.

How much will it cost to detox at Ascendant?

The cost of treatment at Ascendant depends on individual needs. The rehab accepts most insurance coverage as an out-of-network provider in addition to private pay. The professional staff team helps determine the cost of treatment depending on their insurance coverage and needs.  

How long will I need to stay at Ascendant Rehab?

The duration of a treatment plan depends on the individual circumstances of a patient. Once the experts have assessed a patient, they utilize the collected information to determine the best course of treatment for them. On average, most people remain in the detox program for 4 to 7 days. However, some stays might be long or short depending on the type of substance a person uses, their length of use, and individual patient health.

What happens when I leave Ascendant NYC?

When a patient is ready to leave the rehab, the staff members start working with them and their physicians to curate an aftercare plan. This aftercare plan entails information about how to support them as they transition back into normal life. Depending on individual circumstances, this aftercare plan may vary.

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