With a history of more than three decades, Wilmington Treatment Center has been providing highly-tailored and well-structured intensive programs to its clients. It enables its clients to re-establish interpersonal relationships, improve their self-esteem, strengthen their family interactions, and acquire a renewed and much healthier lifestyle. With a wide range of healing services, including inpatient detox, outpatient rehab, and partial hospitalization programs, each client at Wilmington gets the opportunity to acquire a wholesome recovery. All residents of the rehab work in close proximity with specialists that allow them to experience an intricate and more personal healing process.

For Wilmington Treatment Rehab, the priority is the provision of the best experience, including the most superior treatment plans to its pool of clients. The staff at the rehab invests in developing compassionate relationships with their patients to help them overcome their past destructive habits while moving towards a positive future. It also strives to eliminate the patterns of destructive behaviors so that every client passes out from rehab with the ability to live a healthy and everyday life.

About Wilmington Treatment Center

Operating two outpatient and one residential facility in North Carolina, Wilmington Treatment Center is a popular choice for seeking rehabilitation. Its main campus offers a variety of treatment programs for people struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring issues. These programs include:

Medical Detox

The detox program at Wilmington continues between five to eighteen days, depending on the severity of the participant’s addiction. Once the detox process is complete, the team transitions the client to inpatient or residential care.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment programs usually last for 28 days and are well-structured with elements like an individual, family, and group therapy, recreational therapy, 12-step Meetings, and medication management. Additionally, the experts at Wilmington Treatment Center utilize evidence-based therapies like cognitive processing therapy and EMDR to manage specific symptoms.

Group therapy in residential treatment often takes place with the help of developmentally appropriate techniques. For this purpose, the residents are split into two groups depending on their age: The young Adult Group and the Middle Age Group. Therapy for the former group emphasizes communication, while that for the latter focuses more on cooperation and life skills development.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Once clients are done with residential treatment, they often step down to partial hospitalization programs. While the PHP includes the same modalities as the residential programs, they are less intensive.

Specialty Programs at Wilmington Treatment Center

At present, Wilmington rehab offers the following two types of specialty programs.

Operation Recovery

Wilmington Treatment Center takes pride in serving retired and active-duty military members. The rehab provides the best and the highest quality of care to people willing to fight for the country’s freedom. As a part of this program, all participants receive highly individualized, comprehensive, and multidisciplinary treatment plans that include cognitive processing therapy, PTSD management, and pharmacotherapy. It also introduces the veterans to local support group meetings on the rehab campus and outside. The program also incorporates monthly presentations from local veterans and Military One Source to inform of services.

Young Adult Program

This program aims to help individuals between the ages of 18 to 26 years and their families cope with an underlying active emotional or behavioral issue. The team responsible for delivering this program includes a recreational therapist, a psychotherapist, medical and nursing staff, and a discharge planner.

Exploring Wilmington Treatment Center Reviews

With decades of experience providing psychiatric services to individuals in need, Wilmington Treatment Center has received multiple reviews from different sources. The content of these reviews and how they rate this treatment facility are explained below.

Reviews from Alumni

Most reviews posted by people who sought treatment at Wilmington Treatment Center indicate how the rehab provides solid therapy with a few weak areas. The program’s overall efficacy and accommodations at Wilmington have been rated between four to five stars. Some clients have praised the compassionate environment that Wilmington works in that allows them to talk and discuss what’s on their minds without any stress. However, a few have lamented how the rehab has not provided enough time with counselors.

A few key problems, as highlighted in reviews, include too much free time, not enough options for leisure activities, and a lack of programming options.

Reviews from loved ones

Reviews from the friends and family members of people who sought treatment at Wilmington Treatment Center are mixed, with very positive ones to highly negative ones. With an average rating of 3.8, most of these loved ones have praised the staff members by describing them as compassionate, kind, and understanding. The facility has also been deemed clean, and the treatment has been called effective. Some negative aspects highlighted in these reviews include a lack of follow-ups, fewer options for leisure, and a shorter length of treatment programs


Where does Wilmington Treatment Center operate from?

Wilmington Treatment Center is situated at 2520 Troy Drive, Wilmington, NorthCarolina.

Does Wilmington NC Treatment Center accept insurance?

Yes, Wilmington rehab does accept the following insurance plans to cover the cost of treatment:

  • Medicare
  • Magellan Health
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield
  • Aetna
  • Cigna
  • Beacon

If your insurance provider is not mentioned above, call the rehab team directly to confirm your status regarding payment coverage.

Is Wilmington Treatment Center accredited?

Yes, Wilmington holds accreditation from the following agencies: 

  • Joint Commission
  • American Society of Addiction Medicine
  • TriCare
  • The Jason Foundation

What type of amenities and accommodation will I get at Wilmington Treatment Center?

As per the rehab’s official website, it offers 139 beds for clients entering residential care. The photos on the website indicate that the rooms are clinical and shared between residents. The facility also offers access to outdoor and indoor community spaces along with specially prepared meals per the guidelines issued by the American Heart Association. Visitors are also allowed to come to meet their loved ones on the weekend.

Who is included in the treatment team at Wilmington Recovery Rehab?

All detox processes are conducted under the supervision of expert medical personnel. The rehab medical director is also a licensed general practitioner and internist holding a certification from the American Society of Addiction Medicine. The rest of the team comprises physician’s assistants, registered nurses, licensed clinicians, substance abuse counselors, family therapists, recreational therapists, and an art therapist.

What is Wilmington Treatment Center cost?

The cost of treatment at Wilmington Treatment Center is not fixed since no two clients benefit from the same recovery program. The price of every program depends on its duration, intensity, and level of care along with the insurance coverage of each client

  • Address 2520 Troy Dr
    Wilmington, NC 28401