More About White River Manor Luxury Rehab

Located in the heart of the spectacular African bushveld, White River Manor is a recovery center at White River that provides a peaceful environment for discerning people requiring professional assistance with burnout, trauma, and addiction management. The rehab has taken pride in its decade-long experience in addiction and wellness treatment since its establishment back in 2015. Working inside a classic country hotel that stands tall in a century-old lush garden, this treatment facility offers state-of-the-art facilities and a dedicated commitment to recovery alongside luxury accommodations and comfort.

The founders of White River Manor, Giles and Jerry, and Jeanine, started this rehab with a vision of providing a facility that offers world-class treatment in a five-star atmosphere. The core values of this rehab include treating all clients with respect and dignity while catering to their needs. Following these values, White River Manor offers its clients a therapeutic process that may become a life-changing experience for many.

Services Offered at White River Manor

As the top-rated provider of rehabilitation services in South Africa, the two common programs offered at White River Manor include the following:

Dependency Program

Dependency programs are curated and guided by experienced therapists who ensure that each treatment program is custom-tailored according to the specific needs of every client. The experts understand that every client is unique; hence, they are dedicated to ensuring everyone gains maximum benefit from their stay at White River Manor. The holistic approach to the dependency program at this resort-style rehab offers a perfect balance of treatments and techniques that guarantee deep transformational healing.

Offered in a luxury environment, the dependency program at White River Manor may include some or all of the following:

  • Trauma-Specific Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Spontaneous Healing Intra-Systemic Process
  • Mindfulness Therapy
  • Solution Focused Therapy
  • Music & Art Therapy
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR)
  • Adult-Child Therapy
  • Pastoral/Spiritual Counselling
  • Introduction to the 12-Step Programme
  • Psychiatric evaluation and medical management
  • Complementary therapies

Wellness Programs

Sometimes, all an individual needs is a time to reset their mind and gain some perspective to move forward. For such people, guidance from experienced professionals in a specially curated wellness program at White River Manor luxury rehab may suffice. The rehab offers 7,10, 14, and 21-day-long detox and wellness programs tailored to each client’s unique needs. Upon admission, every client undergoes a detailed psychosocial assessment where experts pinpoint their individual therapeutic requirements and use them to create a treatment plan.

The multidisciplinary team delivering these wellness programs is highly experienced and qualified in the areas of addiction, dual diagnosis, and burnout. It often uses holistic approaches to ensure the restoration of their mind, soul, and body by equipping the clients with the necessary tools.

An Overview of Amenities at White River Manor Luxury Rehab

The Wellness Programmes take a holistic approach and combine a perfect balance of therapeutic techniques and treatments. This guarantees deep transformational healing and ensures your mind, body, and soul restoration.

Spa services

Each client’s wellness package at White River Manor includes multiple facials, full body massages, pedicures, and manicures in an onsite spa. They also have an option to add as many extra spa treatments as they like.


The team at White River Manor strives hard to provide each client with a full African adventure with activities like elephant encounters and a tour of the Kruger Park safari, along with other adventurous activities.

Luxury accommodation

Each client is provided with an ultimate luxury experience at the White River Manor’s comfortable and hotel-like accommodations. Clients can choose from a wide variety of accommodations, including luxury suites, preferential Manor suites, private standard rooms, and private executive villas.

Health and nutrition assessment

White River Manor routinely includes physical wellness as an important part of recovery. Hence, they often arrange private assessments of clients with their dieticians and nutritionists to help bring their bodies back to supreme health.


During residential treatment, all residents are given access to gourmet meals from a delicious menu to cater to their culinary pleasures. These meals are prepared by professional chefs using healthy and fresh ingredients that ensure that all your essential nutrients in the body are adequately restored.

Housekeeping facilities

Housekeeping facilities are available in the evenings so that you can solely focus on recovering and relaxing after a tiring day in therapy sessions.


Where is White River Manor located?

White River Manor is a famous rehab in South Africa situated alongside the White River in the quaint town of the same name. It nestles on a spectacular five-star lodge in a century-old garden. With only a few miles away from Kruger National Park, the rehab provides an excellent setting for recovery that combines all the amenities of a western luxury rehab with the mesmerizing natural beauty South Africa offers.

What does the White River recovery center treat?

The high-class multi-professional team at White River Manor holds decades of experience and vast knowledge in addiction, restoration, and dual diagnosis management. It routinely offers in-depth assessments followed by individual treatment plans curated to meet its client’s specific needs and therapeutic desires. The treatment plans offered at this luxury resort target a broad range of psychological, physical, and emotional issues, including:

  • Addiction
  • Alcoholism
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Burnout
  • Love and sex addiction
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • Trauma
  • Stress

What are the benefits of joining a residential treatment program at White River Manor?

The significant benefits of joining a residential treatment program at White River Manor luxury rehab include their trained staff members’ level of care, confidentiality, compassion, and 24/7 supervision. It also offers specialist support and care round the clock to provide clients with a safe and healing environment where they can recover without the distractions and chaos of everyday life. Moreover, residential treatment at this resort includes well-structured schedules combined with intensive therapies that ensure recovery and minimize the risk of relapses.

How long will I stay in treatment at White River Manor?

A standard treatment program at White River Manor South Africa lasts around 28 days. However, most clients stay at the rehab for up to 120 days for a better and well-rounded recovery. The exact time you will require to complete your treatment program depends on your individual needs.

What treatment approach does the staff at White River Manor follow?

White River Manor constantly strives to find a healthy balance in all areas of its clients’ lives. As a result, their holistic approach considers every element of the client into consideration. The team at the rehab look at the emotions and psychology of a person, along with their spiritual aspects and physical well-being, to curate individualized treatment plans.

Which specialists are available on site?

  • A general practitioner
  • General hospitality staff
  • Professional nurses
  • A personal trainer
  • A dietician
  • A Pilates instructor


  • Address Jatinga Road, Plaston, White River, 1240, South Africa