Sierra Tucson is one of the premier treatment centers in the US, it’s located in Tucson, Arizona, and provides life-changing residential and outpatient care to adults age 18 and older of all genders who are struggling with addiction and mental health disorders. Sierra Tucson has been a pioneer in residential rehabilitation since 1983. The team consists of skilled experts who have committed their lives to improving the lives of others. Sierra Tucson is a destination of reliability and stability in the ever-changing area of behavioral and mental health.

Sierra Tucson offers treatment for many behavioural medical conditions such as drug dependence and co-occurring disorders. Sierra Tucson’s services include management of medication, medical detoxification, group and individual therapy, equine therapy and a wide range of complex behavioral health disorders in order to reach desired result. It is one of the best rehabs in Tucson az providing drug rehab tucson.

The primary goal at Sierra Tucson, a renowned substance addiction rehab center, is to provide services in such a way that everyone who comes to us for treatment can live a healthy and productive life.

At Sierra Tucson the importance of family support during and after the therapy process is crucial, Sierra Tucson motivate family involvement during the patient’s treatment. Family members are given access and urged to be involved in activities that help rekindle and strengthen bonds between members. Working together with family individuals during the treatment process will help heal broken relationships caused by the initial addiction. It doesn’t only help the patient feel unconditional support, but it also helps other members comprehend the recovery process and feel more involved in healing their loved one. This makes it one of the best rehabs in Tucson.

Globally distinguished for its successful treatments and professional team, Sierra Tucson has been a pioneer in of behavioral health care for over 30 years. The combination of proof-based techniques and integrative therapies Sierra Tucson offers its visitors the most effective treatments for addiction and other behavioral health problems. Our professional, attentive staff has helped many patients overcome a wide variety of disorders including, but not limited to substance abuse, depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders, and chronic pain. By applying a multidisciplinary approach, our team helps residents discover how to effectively handle symptoms, solve obstacles, and acquire the skills needed to return to a productive lifestyle. Situated in the mounts of the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, Arizona, Sierra Tucson’s property provides their patients with the ideal environment to begin the recovery path and follow a nourishing and assuring future.

Programs at Sierra Tucson

At Sierra Tucson we know how challenging it might be to handle the symptoms accompanying the addictions, behavioral health disorders, and other related matters on a regular basis. Hence, we understand that each client is unique and reacts differently to several kinds of treatments, which is why we suggest several treatment programs that are delivered through a wide range of treatment modalities. This diverse tactic guarantees that we adhere the needs of each client in order to be able to achieve his or her recovery goals. Our detailed treatment programs at Sierra Tucson include: Anxiety and Mood Program, Addictions/Co-occurring Program, Eating Disorders Program, Chronic Pain Program, Trauma Recovery Program, Four-Day Family Program, and The Connect365 program. Each program has its own main schedule and each patient is provided with a daily schedule that highlights his or her groups, individual sessions, and doctor visits. Additionally, every program includes several of integrative services and therapeutic activities in order to fully address each individual’s mind, body, and spirit.

Admissions Process at Sierra Tucson

Patients interested in getting treatment at Sierra Tucson, the entrance procedure starts with reaching out to our intake department. Our coordinators are available to assist you with various treatment options given at Sierra Tucson, answer any inquiry an individual you have, and to handle a pre-admission assessment to decide if our services will meet the prospective client’s specific requests. Throughout this assessment our intake coordinators will gather several data about the prospective client including: presenting concerns, psychiatric history, medical history, social history, and past treatment history. After we gather all the needed information it will be evaluated by our team who will decide medical and clinical suitability before a treatment option is recommended.

  • Address 39580 S. Lago del Oro Parkway, Tucson, AZ 85739