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Established in 1974, Teen Challenge Victoria is a non-profit organization that has been providing long-term residential rehabilitation and treatment to young men over the age of 18 years. The facility primarily caters to people fighting addiction and other life-controlling issues and supports overcoming them. This Christian-based organization believes that recovery from addiction requires a spiritual foundation. The care team also recognizes its clients as spiritual, physical, and emotional beings who can achieve long-term success and freedom through a holistic approach.

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At Teen Challenge Australia, the experts have the vision to help all people put their lives back together and get them on the pathway to success. In addition to providing rehabilitation services, participants aim to integrate into their community with healthy control over their lives. The popular residential program at Teen Challenge is provided in the Goulburn Valley and has been helping thousands of men re-establish their identity and personal relationships. With a capacity of 24 beds, the facility also has a team of committed staff members ready to offer support and help as and when required.

Phases of Residential Program at Teen Challenge Victoria

The treatment program at Teen Challenge treatment center is based on a holistic, faith-based plan that aims to help people become mentally, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually well. Following are the phases through which individuals can seek help from this program:

Phase One: Intake Phase

This phase takes place before an individual enters the program. It involves a detailed interview and assessment conducted by the intake coordinator in which they explain the program in detail. All necessary paperwork regarding admission is also completed during this phase. Detox, if required, is also a part of the intake phase.

Phase Two: Orientation

The orientation phase begins as soon as a person enters the treatment program. Lasting for 30 days, this phase bars clients from keeping in touch with family and friends. The goal is to help clients settle well into the program while familiarizing themselves with the facility’s daily routine.

Phase Three: Foundation

This phase focuses on laying the foundation for clients to build their recovery. This phase goes on for 14 weeks minimum and allows patients to call their family members or friends once a week for 10 minutes. Those with children can make two phone calls per week and can call visitors on Saturdays after seeking approval.

Phase Four: New Learning

Continuing for at least 30 weeks, this primary phase of the treatment program focuses on developing character while learning new life principles that focus on daily living. This phase involves dealing with spiritual, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral aspects.


Once a patient goes through the four phases, they officially graduate from the Teen Challenge Program.

Servant Leadership Training

This additional component of treatment is available for those who wish to keep working on their leadership skills. It includes a plan for 12 months which involves adequate training and assessments to help clients stand out. The program’s suitability is determined through an application form followed by an interview.

Additional Services Offered by Teen Challenge Rehab

In addition to the famous residential program, Teen Challenge Rehab also provides the following services to its clients:

The “Jesus Factor”

This service sets Teen Challenge apart from the rest of the traditional recovery centers. This rehab focuses on faith-based recovery to help clients heal and transform from within. Moreover, the program also offers SOAP bible studies (Scripture, Observation, Application, Prayer) and a chance to attend church and chapel services.

Personal Studies

Personal Studies for New Life in Christ (PSNC) is an individual program offered by the international office of Teen Challenge Victoria. As a part of this program, students and their mentors develop a particular study program that tends to their unique concerns, needs, and issues they are actively struggling with. All students work through all components of PSNC and learn from them at their own pace. The PSNC contract also includes elements like topical studies, reading assignments, and script memorization and helps students apply them to their unique circumstances or issues.

Group Studies

Group Studies for New Life in Christ (GSNC) includes 14-week-long series that the Teen Challenge treatment center offers. These classes provide a core framework to teach clients biblical principles and help them develop a deeper understanding of Jesus.

Peer-To-Peer Group Sessions

These sessions provide a platform for students to acquire good communication skills in a welcoming and safe environment. Experts also encourage students to share their struggles and triumphs with their peers and extend support to each other.

Fitness Program

All clients participate in group fitness, gym, and other recreational sports. They also have access to the on-site gym in their leisure time.


Who funds Teen Challenge Victoria?

Funding for Teen Challenge Rehab comes through multiple channels, such as grants, sponsorships, donations, fundraising, foundations, and client fees.

Where is the Teen Challenge facility located?

The rehabilitation center is at 510 South Boundary Road, Kyabram, Victoria.

How can I get admission to Teen Challenge?

To begin the application process at Teen Challenge, call the rehab on its official number or fill out the admissions form available on its official website. A representative from the rehab will talk to you in detail to assess your circumstances and decide how they can best help you. Moreover, the representative will also discuss the programs, requirements, and expectations with you. Once the discussion has led to a productive outcome, both parties can mutually decide on a start date.

What can I expect at the rehab?

Teen Challenge Australia offers a holistic, faith-based residential program that continues for 12 months and aims to help people become emotionally balanced, mentally sound, physically well, spiritually alive, and socially adjusted. The rehab uses different techniques, such as class work, mentoring, and personal studies, to achieve this aim. The program is fully structured, supervised, and scheduled and focuses on work duties, good work ethics, and new skill building.

Can I qualify for admission to Teen Challenge?

Teen Challenge Victoria is open to males at least 18 years or older who are battling substance use disorder with a sincere desire to change their lives. These individuals must be willing to abide by the rules and regulations of the rehabs. Each client must be on Centrelink or have family support funding. The medication must be appropriate for the treatment facility if they are on medication.

Can I smoke during treatment?

Teen Challenge rehab also provides smoking cessation help to all clients. It sets a fixed number of daily smokes for each client and slowly drops this amount throughout the six months. After this duration, no client will be allowed to smoke.

How much does the program cost?

Each client has to pay a fixed, non-refundable deposit of $950, which they must spend at least 24 hours before their intake day. Clients can also bring the amount in cash and pay the facility on arrival. Failure to pay the funds or delay in the process can postpone or even decline admission.

  • Address 510 South Boundary Rd, Kyabram, VIC, Australia, Victoria