Black Bear Lodge is in a safe and organized environment, Black Bear Lodge tackles substance abuse and mental health disorders. The dual-diagnosis center is dedicated to meeting clients where they are in their recovery journeys and establishing tailored treatment plans that include a wide range of techniques and services. Clients are encouraged to find themselves, learn new and healthy coping skills, and set personal objectives for a happy and sober life.

Black Bear Lodge was a resort property that provided a retreat for those seeking a stunning natural landscape for holidays and weddings before joining the Foundations Recovery Network family. The ornately furnished lodges served as unique respites from the hectic pace of life, and we like to think that individuals who participate in our program benefit from their legacy of peace and quiet. The Black Bear campus’s high-quality architecture tucked away on a wooded hillside, seemed to us to be the ideal place for new beginnings.

Motivational Interviewing is a technique that we employ to involve patients in the treatment process and work with them to set and attain personal objectives at the Black Bear Lodge. Because everyone’s demands are different, we tailor our plans to them, and we track each patient’s progress using a level system that allows them to go through stages of transformation at their own pace.

Black bear Lodge strives to provide our patients with overall health and wellness, which includes nutrition, mindfulness, fitness, recreational and team-building activities, social skills, and therapeutic knowledge. We place a strong emphasis on the development of life skills, trauma resolution, relapse prevention, communication, coping skills, and family therapy.

Allowing someone to be enslaved by addiction and untreated mental health disorders can destroy that person’s life, as well as yours. The Black Bear Lodge can provide you with a discreet assessment of your situation and pair you with an experienced interventionist whose experience fits your needs. An interventionist is just a family mediator who can assist you and your loved ones in navigating this difficult situation.

The Black Bear Lodge also knows the effects of personal lives of the human’s state. In times of sadness, it’s simple to see how substance misuse could be tempting. For a few hours, sedatives may help a person sleep easier and forget about their loss. Stimulant medicines, on the other hand, may assist people to breeze through work activities instead of feeling sluggish and slow. Some people who are mourning find that medications help them cope. Drugs, on the other hand, have the potential to cause chemical changes in the brain that lead to compulsive use or addiction.

Many medications increase the production of substances that the brain uses during pleasurable periods. The Black Bear Lodge knows how the individual then experiences immense joy, but it is accompanied by serious repercussions. The brain eventually quits responding to low dosages of the medication, and it may even stop making neurotransmitters entirely if the medicines are not present. When drugs are present, even mild grieving might erupt into profound sensations of despair or melancholy.

Because no two people are similar, the Black Bear Lodge tailors treatment programs to match the specific needs of each person in recovery. To help each individual in recovery cleanse their bodies of drug poisons, all programs begin with subacute detox. Medical teams provide round-the-clock care to assist you or a loved one manage with withdrawal symptoms in a secure, medically supervised setting.

We believe in treating the full person—body, mind, and spirit—at Black Bear Lodge. To process feelings and thoughts, our residential programs employ conversation therapy, recreational therapy, and time alone. Many of our group activities are held outside, allowing residents to reconnect with the outside world. Residents go on hikes with their peers on a daily basis, where they have conversations that inspire them to perceive their life in new ways. During treatment, our residents learn important life skills that can help them stay drug-free for years. The most crucial aspect of our therapy programs is that you have options.

  • Address 310 Black Bear Ridge
    Sautee Nacoochee, GA 30571