Is trauma, addiction, or a mental illness holding you back from living a happy and healthy life? Are the challenges associated with this illness causing distress for you and your family? The Cabin Thailand can provide a perfect getaway to sort out these issues with holistic and therapeutic treatment programs while helping people regain the reigns of their life.

As an innovative, dynamic, and mission-led treatment center, The Cabin has been helping individuals reach their peak potential to live fulfilling and meaningful lives. The rehab accomplishes this by curating the best treatment plans for all clients and continuously reviewing and auditing its clinical interventions to ensure that they are up-to-date and effective.

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At Thai Cabin rehab, experts believe in balancing clear thinking, action, and human connection to help their clients make a difference in the world. These treatment teams do not believe in quick fixes and focus on addressing the core issues leading to the primary issues. The time clients spend at this Thailand-based sanctuary can provide clients a space to undergo a dynamic personal transformation that leads to lifelong recovery.

The Steps of Seeking Treatment at The Cabin

At The Cabin Chiang Mai, the admissions team is always available to help those in need 24 hours a day. The members of this team hold enough experience to assist all clients and their family members with respect, dignity, and compassion. Whether a person is traveling to the rehab for inpatient treatment or needing outpatient care from their home, the care team understands how stressful it can be and how many questions would be bombarding their mind.

Therefore, the specialist admission staff at the rehab is trained to provide all relevant information while efficiently tackling customer queries. These experts discuss all aspects of treatment, beginning from intake assessment to outpatient aftercare, seamlessly and easily.

The admissions managers at The Cabin Thailand also want to determine the most appropriate level of care for all clients, depending on their unique situations. Along with answering client queries, these experts also make recommendations for outpatient and inpatient treatment. They also determine if a client can benefit from this rehab, how soon they can begin treatment and the most appropriate way to pay for this program.

Mentioned below is an overview of the admission and treatment process at The Cabin in a stepwise fashion.

Step 1: The Initial Contact Through Email or Phone Call

An individual’s journey with The Cabin begins the moment they contact the rehab through a phone call or email. During the guidance call, a representative asks all clients questions to understand their purpose in joining. Following this, they walk each client through the available treatment options while providing them with all the information they need. The phone call and the conversation are entirely confidential.

Step 2:  Phone Assessment

Following the initial guidance call, clients will receive another call from a counselor at the rehab. The purpose of this call will be to understand their medical, personal, and addiction history in detail. The information collected during this call will guide the counselors in designing an appropriate treatment plan that suits each client’s needs.

Step 3: Confirmation of Registration and Travel Arrangements

In the third step, all clients will receive an invoice and a registration form from the admission team. After sending back the filled form and making a deposit payment, the team will then start working on arranging visas and flights.

Step 4: Arrival in Thailand

Once a client lands in Chiang Mai, one of the staff members will be at the airport waiting to receive them. After collecting the baggage, they will transport the client to the rehab location conveniently located at a distance of 30 minutes only.

Step 5: Arrival at the Facility

As soon as an individual arrives at The Cabin, they will undergo a detailed psychiatric and medical evaluation at the nursing office. The purpose of this evaluation is to find out where the client currently stands and develop a treatment plan that benefits them while considering their needs and preferences.

Step 6: Commencement of Treatment

After curating an individualized treatment plan, clients at The Cabin officially begin their recovery program. Most undertake a routine involving group and one-on-one counseling, physical exercise, excursions, and various wellness therapies.

Step 7: Aftercare

Once the treatment program at The Cabin Chiang Mai ends, the treatment team will provide clients with a discharge summary and various aftercare options they can engage in once they go home. Through these aftercare options, clients can continue to receive support and guidance in the form of online video sessions, intensive outpatient programs, and a vast alumni network.


What types of addiction does The Cabin treatment center Thailand treat?

The Cabin provides treatment and management for different types of addictions which include drug and alcohol addictions. Additionally, the facility also provides help with process addiction, including addiction to sex, gambling, and eating. Clients with co-existing diseases, such as anxiety, depression, and trauma, may also seek help from this rehab.

What is The Cabin cost?

The cost of treatment at The Cabin varies, depending on the type of treatment plan a client attends, along with its duration and intensity.

How long will I need to stay at The Cabin for treatment?

The Cabin offers various programs with different durations, such as 4, 8, and 12 weeks. Experts are also open to customizing a treatment plan and its duration to best fit a client’s needs.

Is there a family program at The Cabin?

Yes, The Cabin rehab provides a Family Treatment Program to all clients without any cost. This program allows the clients’ loved ones to participate in treatment and improve the chances of recovery and success early on. The staff members also encourage all family members to participate in these sessions as much as possible. The Family Treatment Program is currently available to join on the last Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of each month.

What aftercare options are available for clients who graduate?

The experts at The Cabin understand how important aftercare is for relapse prevention. Therefore, the rehab ensures that all clients have access to this program according to their needs. In general, the treatment team provides a 2-week aftercare program to each client, including online video group therapy sessions where they can interact with the therapist and other participants. Being a part of these video sessions has proven to increase the overall effectiveness and success rate of the treatment program at The Cabin. While group sessions are free of cost to join, clients may have to pay to include one-on-one sessions as a part of their aftercare program. Additionally, The Cabin also runs physical outpatient clinics in various international cities, including Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, and London

Does The Cabin provide any extracurricular activities to its residents?

Yes, the rehab encourages all residents to participate in fun activities every Sunday by tagging along with other members on excursions. These excursions are professionally managed and come in different varieties from which the residents can choose. Depending on the duration of treatment, a client may participate in a different one every week for a wholesome experience.

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