The Cabin is a modern rehab center in Thailand that offers help and solutions to people suffering from addiction or mental health issues. It is located in the forested foothills of northern Thailand. The Center chose this location because it is a sought-after vacation destination. The experience of being surrounded by lush mountains and exotic jungles will have you feeling peaceful and grounded. At The Cabin’s tropical, secluded location, you’ll stay in luxurious accommodation, and you will have access to a range of recreational facilities and dine at classy restaurants that serve healthy and delicious fusion cuisine. While you’re here, you’ll enjoy the creature comforts and modern-day conveniences that are needed to fully let go of the commitments and stresses of life. Every service will be delivered with legendary Thai warmth and hospitality.

At The Cabin, you’ll reside in your own spacious, beautifully designed guest room set up with a complete set of state-of-the-art amenities, including:
– King-sized bed
– Chaise longue sofa
– Modern, en suite bathroom with rain shower
– Air conditioning
– Refrigerator
– Flat-screen, cable television
– DVD player
– Daily laundry service
– Daily room cleaning

Both inside and outside of your guestroom, you’ll feel like you’re at a resort – not at rehab. Our facilities include:
– Refreshing lap and leisure swimming pools
– Spacious, fully-equipped fitness centre
– Meditation classes
– Yoga studios
– Tranquil relaxation areas
– Spas offering Thai massage
– Open-air gourmet restaurants
– Fresh smoothie and juice bars
– Computer room
– DVD and book libraries
– Board games
– Mountain bikes

To ensure you’re well taken care of during your stay, you’ll have access to our:
– Full concierge service
– Personal shopping service
– Hairstyling and manicures/ pedicures
– 24-hour on-call medical staff
– 24-hour security staff

All these services, facilities, and accommodations will help you experience a fulfilling and entertaining stay which will prove crucial to your progress and recovery.

The Cabin is one of Asia leading residential mental health and addictions treatment centre based in Chiang Mai, Thailand. To live up to their reputation they provide world-class medical and clinical treatment combined with the renowned hospitality and compassionate care from their Thai staff. They recruited a team of Western-trained professionals across our Clinical, Medical, and Holistic teams who compliment the Eastern-based philosophies of Thailand. Their multi-cultural team represents over 12 nationalities and 7 spoken languages. Each member is qualified educationally and practices their job with utmost care and devotion.

The Cabin offers a modern, intelligent, physical and holistic programme. The pathway begins with an optional detox and stabilisation phase in case of addiction. This phase prepares the client for further treatments.

Then you will undergo an acute treatment plan at the residential centre, away from stressors and triggers. At the end of this stage, which lasts from one to three months, you’ll have learned to reduce stress and respond to cravings effectively, helping you to cope with life outside of treatment. This treatment is tailored individually based on each clients needs and conditions. The Cabin specialises in the treatment of both substance addictions (alcohol and drugs in some locations), and processor behavioural addictions (sex, gambling, food addictions). They provide culturally-sensitive, evidence-based treatment model called Recovery Zones that are specially designed to effectively tailor treatments that best suit the client. After you have completed primary treatment, you may have the option of moving to our Sober House. Here, you can reintegrate with the outside world while still attending group therapy sessions and being highly supported. Addiction Treatment

The services offered include:

One Month Accelerated Programme / Two Month / Three Month Recovery Programme / Tailored-duration Programme. Treatment is available for substance addiction as well as behavioural addictions such as gambling addiction, sex addiction and internet addiction.​
Aside from regular consultation with the doctor-in-residence, clients are attended to by counsellors (group and individual therapy) as well as support staff.
Physical Therapy will be conducted by their excellent and experienced team of fitness instructors who have an in-depth understanding of the fitness issues faced by addicts.

Family Treatment Programme that involves and educates the family of the client about addiction and recovery. Regular excursions are conducted to places of interest as well as off-site activities and sports. Chiang Mai, being a popular tourist destination, offers a plethora of such options.

Concierge services are provided by the in-house Thai receptionists. All meals are fully catered for in-house and include a wide range of popular Thai as well as international cuisine. The cabin also places great importance on family involvement – client treatment includes a free 3 day Family Programme. They also offer an aftercare programme that intends to monitor and support a client’s progress for as long as he or she requires.

The Cabin stands out from other rehabs as it offers several highly specialized programs. The Rise women’s program is Asia’s first trauma-informed addiction treatment programme designed by women, run by women and for women. The Reach men’s program is a specialized addiction treatment programme geared to the unique pressures, challenges and expectations faced by men. The Cabin also offers help for young men and Arab clients with the help of the Edge program and the Salam program. Lastly, the Cabin also established the first LGBT+ specialised addiction treatment outside of the US, developed by and for LGBT+ people.

  • Address The Cabin, A, 296/1 Moo 3 T, Huai Sai, Mae Rim District, Chiang Mai 50180, Thailand

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