The Priory Clinic Manchester is another branch of the Priory Group established in 2013 to extend its services to the local population. The branch offers specialist rehabilitation and treatment for addictions to drugs and alcohol. Patients with cocaine, heroin, alcohol, and marijuana are commonly accepted in rehab, where they get access to evidence-based treatment for recovery.

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All treatment programs occur under the supervision of well-trained and highly-skilled staff members dedicated to helping their patients recover and live healthier and happier lives. The rehab also provides comprehensive assessments to help patients understand what is happening to them and determine the best course of action while heading forward.

Salient Features of Addiction Programs at The Priory Clinic Manchester

The Priory has been a leading provider of comprehensive treatment services for people addicted to drugs and alcohol for years. The Manchester Clinic, a subbranch of this famous rehab chain, offers the following to those who seek help from it:

  • Consultation regarding the problem and feedback for the best way forward
  • Personalized and specialized professional service that is easily accessible and strictly confidential
  • A full physical exam
  • Psychological assessments as needed
  • Treatment for any co-occurring psychological problems
  • Evidence-based psychological interventions, such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), motivational therapy, harm reduction, and relapse prevention
  • Arrangements for help with simultaneous medical issues if needed
  • Residential and medically supervised withdrawal from substances where needed
  • Prescribing medications to support the cessation of substance use
  • Support for family members

What Happens in an Alcohol Addiction Program at The Priory Clinic Manchester?

At Priory Manchester Clinic, the first step to alcohol addiction treatment involves undergoing a free addiction assessment. The assessment takes place under an addiction specialist’s care and comes without additional costs. This step aims to provide experts with in-depth information about a patient’s current information. Patients also get free assessment guides that provide information about what to expect as they come to The Priory Clinic Manchester for help.

The following are the services available at the clinic:


Depending on the severity of alcohol addiction, patients may need to undergo a medically-assisted detox process as soon as they arrive at The Priory Clinic Manchester. During detox, experts support all patients to stop drinking while managing the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms as their bodies get rid of this toxin. During alcohol detox, patients can access 24/7 care and support to remain risk-free and comfortable. Sometimes, experts may prescribe medications to help with the symptoms.


The Priory Clinic Manchester engages patients in an intensive addiction therapy program as soon as they become physically stable. Therapy occurs in individual sessions or group settings with other members undergoing similar programs.

The Priory Clinic Manchester uses multiple tried-and-tested therapies, such as dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), mindfulness, and transactional analysis (TA). Additionally, the clinic also engages patients in various well-being activities to work on improving the health of their body, mind, and spirit at the same time. These activities may include yoga, meditation, or walking.


The Priory Clinic Manchester is committed to the ongoing recovery of its patients as soon as they leave treatment. For this purpose, it offers comprehensive aftercare to everyone who has previously finished an alcohol addiction treatment program. Aftercare aims to provide ongoing support and therapy to all patients, along with connecting them to alumni events and community support so that they stick to the recovery pathway. The clinic understands how leaving primary addiction and re-entering the real world may intimidate many, so The Priory also offers a secondary addiction treatment program. However, this program is only available at another Priory-based facility called The Elphis and has yet to arrive at The Manchester Clinic.

What Happens in a Drug Addiction Program at The Priory Clinic Manchester?

The Priory Clinic Manchester also runs a comprehensive drug addiction treatment program that helps people dependent on marijuana, cocaine, and other illegal or illicit substances. Some of the components included in these programs have been briefly explained below:

Free Drug Addiction Assessment

Every drug addiction program at The Priory Clinic Manchester begins with a drug addiction assessment that is free of cost. Through this assessment, patients can voice their troubles, discuss their concerns confidently with one of the addiction specialists on-site, and explore the features of the drug addiction program at Priory. Patients can also access assessment guides to understand what to expect throughout their experience at the rehab.

Drug Detox

The Priory Clinic Manchester also offers detoxification services to people battling with long-standing drug addictions. All detox services are medically assisted, which means the medical personnel continues monitoring all patients undergoing detox. The treatment team delivers round-the-clock care and helps patients manage their withdrawal symptoms while keeping them as comfortable as possible.

Residential Drug Rehab

Residential or inpatient drug rehab requires patients to stay in the treatment center until they recover from their addiction. Throughout this time, patients benefit from group and individual therapies to find and address the source of addiction and its triggers. Along with regular therapeutic services like CBT and DBT, patients also get a chance to engage in meditation, exercise, and yoga to support their mental health in a better way. 

Outpatient Drug Rehab

In addition to the comprehensive residential treatment program, The Priory Clinic Manchester also provides drug addiction treatment through outpatient programs. These outpatient programs include attending therapy onsite every week or more, depending on how severe an addiction is. The set number of half or full days may vary from one patient to another and is usually predetermined by a specialist. Many people use this treatment option as an entry point to enter drug addiction treatment. Others, however, use it as a step-down treatment after completing residential programs.

12-Step Drug Addiction Recovery

A drug addiction program at The Priory Clinic Manchester works on the principles of the world-famous Minnesota Model. This abstinence-based program also involves the 12-step addiction treatment approach for a more comprehensive treatment, rehabilitation, and recovery experience.


Will I get confidential assessments at The Priory Manchester Clinic?

The staff members at The Priory Clinic Manchester understand how difficult it can be for someone fighting addiction to take the first step toward treatment. This is why the clinic offers free addiction assessments carried out by experienced therapists for addictions to alcohol and drugs. Remember that all of these assessments will be strictly confidential and aim to help patients identify their reasons for addiction.

How long does the treatment for alcohol addiction last at The Priory Clinic Manchester?

Alcohol addiction treatment at The Priory Clinic Manchester can vary in length, depending on various factors such as:

  • The severity of addiction
  • Duration of addiction
  • How much a person drinks per week
  • The type of alcohol they prefer
  • Whether they are suffering from other addictions
  • Whether they have co-occurring mental health issues

How much will it cost to seek treatment at The Priory Clinic Manchester?

The Priory Clinic Manchester is a privately-owned rehabilitation center offering affordable therapy. The exact price breakdown can vary from one program to another and depends on plenty of other factors, such as the level of care and the expected duration of the program. The rehab also works with many insurance companies and allows them to cover the cost of treatment.

  • Address The Priory Clinic Manchester, Rappax Road, Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA15 0NX, United Kingdom