Life Works is an inpatient rehab facility in Surrey, England’s scenic countryside. It provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to treating addiction and mental health disorders by offering personalized services designed to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. At the center, clients receive 24-hour care from a team of experienced and compassionate healthcare professionals specializing in addiction and mental health treatment. The facility offers a warm and welcoming environment conducive to recovery, featuring comfortable and well-appointed living quarters, serene outdoor spaces, and state-of-the-art treatment facilities.

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The rehab addresses the underlying causes of addiction and mental health disorders rather than just treating the symptoms. The program helps clients build a foundation for lifelong recovery by addressing issues related to trauma, mental health, and substance abuse. Upon arrival, clients undergo a comprehensive assessment to determine the most appropriate course of treatment. The team of healthcare professionals develops an individualized treatment plan that includes a range of evidence-based therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and family therapy. Additionally, the facility offers alternative therapies, such as art therapy, yoga, and mindfulness meditation, to help clients explore their emotions and connect with their inner selves.

One of the most significant features of Life Works Surrey is its focus on dual diagnosis treatment, which addresses both addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Many people who struggle with addiction also suffer from underlying mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, or trauma. Clients can achieve more significant and long-lasting recovery outcomes by addressing both conditions simultaneously. The program at Life Works rehab is designed to provide a continuum of care, beginning with inpatient treatment and continuing with outpatient services, support groups, and ongoing therapy. This approach ensures clients have the support they need to maintain their sobriety and mental health after leaving the facility.

Overview of Accommodation and Facilities At Life Works Treatment Center

Life Works rehab provides a range of world-class facilities and well-being activities to support clients on their journey to recovery. The center’s serene and picturesque setting in the heart of Surrey, England, provides the perfect backdrop for healing and relaxation.

The facility offers comfortable and well-appointed living quarters with all the amenities necessary for a comfortable stay. Clients can choose from private or shared rooms designed to provide a peaceful, calming environment conducive to rest and relaxation.

The center’s grounds promote wellness and healing with expansive green spaces, tranquil gardens, and walking paths. Clients can spend time outdoors, enjoying nature and the fresh air, positively impacting mental health and well-being.

In addition to its comfortable living quarters and beautiful surroundings, Life Works rehab offers various activities to promote physical and emotional health. Clients can take part in yoga classes, mindfulness meditation sessions, and other forms of exercise to help them manage stress, reduce anxiety, and improve overall health.

The center also offers healthy and nutritious meals prepared by experienced chefs, focusing on fresh, organic, and locally sourced ingredients. A balanced and nutritious diet is essential to physical and emotional health. The center’s chefs work closely with clients to develop meal plans that meet their unique dietary needs and preferences.

Life Works provides numerous additional facilities to support clients’ health, such as a gym, swimming pool, and spa. Clients can engage in physical activity to promote physical health and fitness, relax and unwind in the sauna or steam room, and enjoy a range of spa treatments to help them feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Family Support At Life Works Rehabilitation Center

Life Works center recognizes the family’s important role in the recovery process. Addiction and mental health disorders affect not just the individual but also their loved ones, and family members must receive support and guidance throughout the recovery journey. The center offers a range of family support services designed to help families navigate the challenges of addiction and mental health disorders. The team of experienced therapists and counselors works closely with family members to address their concerns, provide education about addiction and mental health disorders, and offer support and guidance throughout recovery.

Family therapy is a critical component of our treatment program. Family therapy sessions help family members understand how addiction and mental health disorders affect the individual and the family. Family members learn communication and coping skills during family therapy that can help improve relationships and promote healthy communication. In addition to family therapy, the rehab offers other family support services, including family education sessions, individual counseling for family members, and support groups. These services are designed to help family members develop the skills and knowledge they need to support their loved one’s recovery while caring for their emotional and mental health.

Life Works also offers family visits, which allow family members to visit their loved ones and participate in therapy sessions and other activities. Family visits allow family members to engage in the recovery process and provide support and encouragement to their loved ones. At the rehab, the staff understands that addiction and mental health disorders can be complex for families. The family support services help families address the challenges of addiction and mental health disorders and support their loved one’s recovery journey. The approach is based on the belief that addiction and mental health disorders are best treated through a holistic approach that addresses the individual’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. By providing comprehensive care that includes family support services, the facility helps our clients achieve lasting recovery and improve their overall quality of Life.


Does Life Works offer aftercare services?

Yes, Life Works rehab offers a range of aftercare services to support clients’ ongoing recovery after leaving the facility. These services may include ongoing therapy, support groups, and access to community resources.

How do I know if the rehab is right for me or my loved one?

Choosing the right rehab center can be a difficult decision. Speaking with a healthcare professional or addiction specialist is essential to determine if Life Works rehab is the right fit for you or your loved one. The center’s experienced and compassionate staff can provide guidance and support throughout the decision-making process.

Does Life Works rehab accept insurance?

 Life Works rehab accepts a range of insurance plans. It is recommended that clients speak with their insurance provider to determine their coverage options. The center’s admissions team can also assist with insurance verification and billing.

What are the qualifications of the staff at Life Works Treatment Center?

The staff includes addiction specialists, therapists, counselors, and other healthcare professionals with years of experience treating addiction and mental health disorders. All of the staff members are qualified and licensed to provide care.

How long is the treatment program at Life Works Rehab Surrey?

The treatment program’s length varies depending on the individual’s needs and circumstances. The facility offers short-term and long-term treatment programs, and the length of treatment is determined based on the individual’s progress and goals.

Is confidentiality ensured at Life Works?

Yes, confidentiality is ensured at Life Works rehab. The center takes confidentiality seriously and complies with all applicable laws and regulations to keep client information confidential.

  • Address Life Works, The Grange, High Street, Old Woking, Surrey, GU22 8LB, United Kindgdom